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How Much Are Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are specialized shoe inserts fabricated to support, align, and improve the function of the feet and lower extremities. They are custom-made to fit the unique shape and biomechanics of each individual.

They take into account foot size, arch height, foot shape, gait pattern, and any existing foot or lower limb conditions. There are many treatments for conditions such as plantar fasciitis, overpronation, and metatarsalgia.

Custom orthotics can also reduce pain and alleviate pressure, making balancing everyday life much easier. Some may wonder, “How much are custom orthotics?” The short answer, they can be costly, but here you can learn why the investment is worth it.

Despite their price, custom orthotics are one of the best options to help alleviate pain from an assortment of disorders, as they are made specifically for an individual’s needs. Although some treatment options for the conditions listed below are cost-free, learn how additional custom orthotics in a treatment plan will speed up the healing process, and why they are worth the cost.

How Much Are Custom Orthotics, And Are They Worth It?


How Much Are Custom Orthotics?


Custom orthotics can be more expensive than store-bought insoles, but they can provide significant relief for a variety of foot conditions. While store-bought insoles are relatively inexpensive for basic support and added comfort, custom orthotics are a more personalized solution designed to address specific foot problems and provide long-lasting relief.

The price of custom orthotics can range anywhere from $200 to $800, but buying multiple pairs to put in different types of shoes will often reduce the price. Custom orthotics are specially made from a 3D scan or an impression taken of your foot to combat several foot conditions.

Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of Custom Orthotics?

Insurance companies do not typically cover the cost of custom orthotics unless a physician deems it medically necessary. To determine whether your insurance plan covers custom orthotics, you should check with your insurance provider. You may need to provide your insurance with a prescription or a letter of medical necessity from a healthcare professional.

It is important to note that even if your insurance covers custom orthotics, you may still be responsible for paying a portion of the cost, such as a copayment or deductible. Be sure to check with your insurance provider about any out-of-pocket costs you may be responsible for.

Who is Qualified to Make Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are typically made from a prescription you get from your doctor, and Bilt Labs works closely with podiatrists to ensure you get the care you need. Although we do work with many healthcare professionals, our orthotics are DPM (Doctors of Podiatric Medicine) Approved, and open to the public for purchase.

If you are buying orthotics, it is best to purchase custom orthotics from a manufacturer with experience. requires a combination of technical knowledge, attention to detail, and practical experience.

Through the years, designers can develop a deep understanding of how different materials and design elements can affect the fit, function, and comfort of orthotics.

They can also develop a sense of how to customize orthotics for patients based on factors such as their activity level, foot shape, and medical history. Experienced custom orthotic designers may also be able to work more efficiently and effectively, creating high-quality orthotics with fewer errors and requiring fewer adjustments.

The Customization Process

Many benefits make custom orthotics well worth the price. Bilt Labs gives you the same premium quality and professional process they give their professional clients and the custom orthotics are designed and overseen by a podiatrist.

With their advanced 3D imaging process and software, these orthotics are entirely customized for your needs and activity level. They are made with a mixture of impact-absorbing poron, polypropylene, and topped with high-quality perforated EVA.

They even have vegan leather options available. Bilt Labs will also provide custom offsets, metatarsal pads, and heel lifts, which are also included in the price.

Stage 1- Your Paperwork Gets Processed

An email confirming that we received your completed kit back at our lab is sent to you. We begin to process your kit. We first scan and log in your paperwork.

Stage 2- Foot Mold Impression Box Scanned

Your foot mold impression box will then be scanned into our advanced orthotic software. It allows our experts to analyze countless points in addition to the foot pain history you provided about your feet.

Stage 3- Your Personal Design Started

We will then begin to use your 3D files to create and customize a design to your specific foot needs.

Stage 4- Design Complete and Orthotic Base Build

Your design is complete and the lab will begin to build your custom orthotics to help improve your feet pain and symptoms. All your information is used to create high-quality orthotics with precise accuracy.

Stage 5- Tops Covers Added and Trimmed

We will now begin putting the top covers onto the orthotic bases. This is also where your tracings/ inserts/ insoles come into play (if provided). The top covers are trimmed using our grinding machine so your new custom orthotics can fit better into the shoes you will be wearing them in.

Stage 6- Finishing Touches and Shipping Day

The finishing touches are being added. As soon as your new custom orthotics are shipped out, tracking information will be emailed.

Let’s Compare Store-Bought Insoles and Custom Orthotics

Custom Insoles Foot Pain Relief

Store-bought insoles and custom orthotics are both designed to provide additional support to your feet, but there are many differences between the two.

Over-the-counter insoles are mass-produced to fit as many feet as possible, while orthotics are customized to fit the unique shape of your feet. Custom orthotics are generally more beneficial than store-bought insoles for people who have specific foot problems that require individualized treatment.

They are designed to correct underlying foot or gait abnormalities that may be causing pain or discomfort. Custom orthotics focus on alleviating foot pain, improving alignment, and reducing pressure on the feet. Improving overall foot function is most manageable with custom orthotics, as opposed to generic alternatives.

Although not everyone will require custom orthotics, they are the best treatment for those who suffer from specific foot conditions. Orthotics are also made with higher-quality materials and are likely to last for several years, whereas store-bought options are less durable and may only last a few years.

Finding the Best Orthotics for Your Needs

Bilt Labs makes custom orthotics for doctors, chiropractors, and other specialists, but opened their services to the public to make them readily available and cut out doctors’ markups. Some custom orthotic manufacturers have incentives that ensure their products are worth the cost.

For example, Bilt Labs offers a 6-month money-back guarantee on their products and a lifetime breakage warranty on the orthotic shell. If at any time during ownership your custom orthotic shell breaks or cracks, we will remake or replace your orthotics at no cost to you. Please note that the top cover is consumable and will wear regardless over time.

We always quote 2-3 years of use out of the top cover, but the base/ orthotic itself has a lifetime warranty against breaks and cracks. Chat now or email your questions and find out today how orthotics are worth every penny!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are custom orthotics worth it?

Yes, Custom orthotics are a great option to help alleviate pain and target specific needs.
2. Why are foot orthotics so expensive?
Custom orthotics are specially designed to fit and treat different foot conditions. They are also made with higher-quality materials and last much longer than typical over-the-counter orthotics.