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What Can Custom Orthotics Help With?

conditions are bespoke orthotics prescribed

At some point, you have probably suffered from foot pain. Whether you had a rough day on your feet or you have another type of condition to deal with, it is important to give your feet the very best and make sure they are as protected as possible.

Finding the right way to get this done can be the hardest part of protecting your feet. The problem is so bad that the American Podiatric Medical Association reports that half of Americans had to miss a day of work because their feet problems were so bad that they needed to rest.

It is no wonder that so many people want to get some relief from the problem to feel better. One of the solutions that will help give your feet a bit of a break and make sure that they feel better is custom orthotics.

What Can Custom Orthotics Help With?

These are simple medical devices that you can add to your feet to correct some of your walking patterns, take on some of the shocks of walking around, and keep your feet as strong as possible. As you take a look at these orthotics, you may wonder what types of conditions they can help solve in the first place.

Are they good for all types of foot conditions or just some of the more severe? Are there foot conditions that can’t be helped with custom orthotics? Let’s take a look at some of the conditions that you can use custom orthotics.

Many conditions will be relieved when you choose to go with custom orthotics. In many cases, they will be used to help handle some of the most common types of foot pain out there.

Some of the pain that you can heal and work on when you choose a custom orthotic include:

  • Pain that you may experience as you age
  • Pain that comes with untreated diabetes
  • Pain that happens when you play sports, walk, or run often
  • Pain that happens when you have a bunion or when you are dealing with a sprain or an injury
  • Pain that shows up in your arches
  • Plantar fasciitis or other pain in the heel

No matter the type of pain that you are dealing with, it is a good idea for you to look into some of the solutions that will help make the pain go away as soon as possible. A custom orthotic designed in one of our offices could be the solution that you need, providing relief and making you feel better overall.

A Few Examples of Conditions Treated With Custom Orthotics:

What Can Custom Orthotics Help With?

Orthotics can be useful for a lot of different conditions. Many patients will use these after they have had lower back, hip, or knee surgery, especially if the patient is also dealing with a problematic foot type, such as a high arch or a flat foot.

These devices can be useful in protecting the lower body and will help with healing.
In addition to providing some relief for foot injuries and problems, these orthotics can help out those who stand or walk for extended periods during their daily job.

If you are a chef, waitress, teacher, medical professional, or someone else who walks or stands most of the day, then a custom orthotic will be useful to help keep the feet protected and healthy.

Those who are overweight may find that a custom orthotic is a great choice for them as well. The custom orthotic will be designed in a manner to counteract some of the stress that goes to the feet with that extra weight.

Since minor problems can be magnified when you have extra weight, these orthotics will provide some of the relief that you are looking for.

Custom Insoles for Improved Athletic Performance

Even athletes can get some relief if they are dealing with a custom orthotic. The regular movements that athletes do as part of their sport will sometimes put a ton of pressure on the foot.

If there is a slight imbalance in the foot, which may not be noticeable in normal situations, could make the athlete more vulnerable to injury. A custom orthotic can help.

As you can see, there are a lot of situations where a custom orthotic will be able to help the patient feel better and keep them safer as well. You may even find that wearing an orthotic daily, even if you do not have a noticeable issue with your feet, could be the solution to keep your feet safe and make sure they can move you through life.

Why Do Custom Orthotics Work?

With all of the great benefits of choosing a custom orthotic, it can bring up the question, “Why do these orthotics work so well?” Why can’t you just walk around in your regular shoes and get the same benefits?

And are custom orthotics that much better than some of the insoles that you could purchase online? A good pair of shoes can be important to keeping your feet happy and preventing injury.

You should always go for a supportive and strong pair of shoes to move you through the day. However, insoles and shoes you can purchase at the store are not customized to your feet and can still cause some problems. If you want to deal with your foot problems, then you need a customized orthotic.

The insoles that you can purchase online can be great options as well. They will provide a lot of support and there are so many different types out there that you can choose for your needs.

However, they are not designed specifically for your foot, so their efficiency will not be as good as some of the other products you may want to use. Custom orthotics work because they are made exactly for your feet.

When you go to the podiatrist, you will get a scan or a mold done of your foot, focusing on the exact pressure points and other issues that will be present in your foot that may not be present in other feet. This will ensure that the custom orthotic will help your unique foot condition, no matter what it is.

Choosing the Right Custom Orthotic

There are a lot of conditions that can go with your foot if you are not careful. Without taking care of your feet, you will need to deal with foot pain that is much worse than before.

The right custom orthotic will make a big difference in the comfort of your foot and how great it feels along the way. They can give you some of the foot relief that you deserve.

Take our free quiz to help determine what type of orthotics will be best for you. When you are ready to see whether custom orthotics are the right solution for you, give us a call or email your questions so we can get you started on your journey to healthier feet and happier life.