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Where to Get Custom Orthotics

There are a lot of reasons to choose a pair of custom orthotics to help your feet. Many patients are finding that these orthotics are comfortable and provide them with a lot of support and comfort.

This will ensure that the pain they experience daily with their feet and ankles can go away without needing to worry about an expensive and painful surgery. If you are struggling with issues in your feet, including chronic pain or healing from an injury to the foot or leg, then a pair of custom orthotics will be able to provide you with some of the relief you are looking for.

With the right support, you will find that walking around and doing daily activities can be much easier than it was before. With that in mind, you may wonder where you can get a pair of custom orthotics.

You want to make sure that you go for the custom orthotics, rather than some of the foot insoles because these provide more support and are designed to work with your feet, rather than being mass-produced for a lot of people to wear. The good news is that there are a few different places where you can purchase a pair of custom orthotics.

The one that you choose will depend on what you are comfortable with the area where you live and what is open for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best places for you to get your pair of custom orthotics for all your needs.

Where to Find Custom Orthotics

Where to Get Custom Orthotics

Once you have decided you have had enough with your foot and leg problems, it is time to take a step forward and pick out a pair of custom orthotics that will match your foot and make you feel amazing at the same time.

As you take a look at your choices for custom orthotics, the next question to consider is where you can find a pair for your feet. There are several options that you can choose to go with. Some of the most common will include:

A Podiatrist is a Perfect Person to Create a Custom Orthotic for Your Feet

The best place for you to choose to get your custom orthotic designed is at your podiatrist’s office. These specialists are trained to understand the mechanics of the foot and how it can control all of your other movements as well. They will work with you to come up with the perfect custom orthotic for all of your needs.

When you visit a podiatrist or another similar professional, you will need to go in for several appointments before you can get the orthotic that you need. They will take the time to discuss your medical history and learn more about what you do daily, such as whether you stand on your feet or are an athlete.

The doctor can then take some time to create a mold on your foot. This can be done with plaster or sometimes with a 3D scan. There will be several different views taken to make sure the orthotic does its job, no matter what activity you are doing.

This is followed up with a gait assessment to see what conditions need to be fixed overall. Once the doctor is done with that, the information is sent to the lab, in most cases, to create the custom orthotic that you will then be able to wear.

This can take one to two weeks depending on the lab. You must then come back into the office to try on the orthotic, bringing the pair of shoes that you plan to wear the most often with the orthotic too.

The doctor can check that the orthotic is going to perform well and many times can make minor tweaks that will help adjust it if something is not quite right. When you leave, you will have a great custom orthotic that is meant to last and will fit your foot perfectly for years to come, giving you the relief that you need.

  • Where’s Your Podiatrist? Custom Orthotics Benefits
    • You can get a custom orthotic made by an expert.
    • The exam is more comprehensive, ensuring the custom orthotic will fit better.
    • Easier to make adjustments if something is wrong.
    • Covered by insurance since it is done by a professional.
    • Made of higher quality materials overall.
  • Know Podiatrist Office Drawbacks
    • It can take some time to get the custom orthotic created.
    • There are several appointments you need to go to.
    • It is hard to get an appointment set up with a professional.

    Overall, when you want to make sure that you are getting a custom orthotic that is going to fit you well and last a long time, then working with a podiatrist or another foot specialist is probably your best bet, especially if you live in an area where you can get to one quickly. The other options aren’t bad, but it is nice to know you get to work with a professional.

    Find Custom Orthotics From the Specialty Stores

    Where to Get Custom insoles

    Another option that you can choose is to visit a specialty store. This can be a convenient option to choose for several reasons. They are often located in areas that are easier to get to and you may find that it is easier to get an appointment and have the orthotic made compared to waiting for a professional to have an opening available for you to use.

    They may also have other options available like shoes and insoles as well. However, if you do choose to go this route, you need to be careful and make sure that you pick a company that knows what they are doing.

    It is especially important to determine if the specialty store has biomechanical experts who handle the custom orthotic creation to ensure that it works with your foot and will not cause more damage and pain than before.

    • Custom Orthotics Specialty Stores Advantages
      • More convenient.
      • Easier to get an appointment or walk right in.
      • You can get a custom orthotic designed quickly.
      • Found in locations that are easier to get to.
      • May have other products available.
    • The Drawbacks of Specialty Stores
      • May be made out of lower-quality materials.
      • The company may not have a biomechanical expert to help make the orthotic.
      • The orthotic may still be sent off to a lab, which can take longer.

      If you are not able to get in to see a podiatrist or another foot specialist or you would just like to see what a custom orthotic is all about, then choosing a specialty store is a good place to start. However, it is not always the best choice, especially if you can’t verify that some professionals and experts come in to craft the orthotic.

      You Can Find Custom Orthotics Online

      Custom insoles

      With the changes in technology all around us, it is no wonder that you can pick out a pair of custom orthotics online, without having to leave the comfort and safety of your own home. These can be an amazing option if you live in a more rural area and can’t easily get to a podiatrist’s office or to a specialty store to find your orthotics.

      The process is similar to what we would see in the other options. You can pick the company you would like to work with and then answer some questions to let them know a bit more about you. These can include some of your medical history as well as some of the activities that you partake in during the day.

      From there, the company will send you a mold that you will be able to use to get a good idea of how your feet work. They will send instructions on how to use it including how you should stand and any walking or movement that they need to get the perfect indentation of your foot at the same time.

      When you are done, you would send this back to the company to get started. The idea is that the company will be able to send this into the lab and make a good cast of your foot, which is then turned into the orthotic that you would then be able to wear.

      They will then send that orthotic to you and you would be able to put it on and wear it throughout the day. There may be some issues with accuracy, but it does allow you to do it from home.

      • Advantages of Custom Orthotics Online
        • Easy to do.
        • Lots of options online to look through the companies and pick one.
        • All can be done from the comfort of your home.
        • Cost-effective for most solutions.
        • The technology is reasonably good and you should get a decent custom orthotic from it.
      • Disadvantages of Custom Orthotics Online
        • It is hard to get an accurate representation of your foot without having a doctor take a look.
        • You could do something wrong with the mold.
        • Hard to make adjustments once the orthotic is sent to you.
        • Some companies are better than others so you must shop around.

      Overall, this is a great option to choose if you live nowhere near a specialty shop or a podiatrist or you just don’t have time to go in, but would still like some of the benefits of a custom orthotic for your feet. Most will agree that going with one of the other options on the list will provide more accurate results.

      Which Choice Should I Go with For Custom Orthotics?

      Now that we have taken a look at these sources for custom orthotics and everything that they can offer, you may wonder which one is going to be the best for your needs and where you should go. Sometimes this is a matter of where you live and which one is the easiest, and other times it may have to do with personal preference.

      You will want to choose to work with a podiatrist or another foot specialist for your custom orthotic when:

      • You want to make sure that the orthotic is going to fit perfectly.
      • You have a unique issue with the foot that needs special attention.
      • You were referred by your regular doctor and want to get it right.
      • You live near a podiatrist or another foot specialist so it is easy to get over there when necessary.

      There are also times when visiting a specialty shop can make a lot of sense too. These are a little harder to find and you must make sure that you pick a company that will work with professionals to give you the best in custom orthotics possible.

      Some of the times when you would want to work with a specialty retailer include:

      • You don’t live anywhere near a podiatrist or foot specialist and would like to get a pair of custom insoles.
      • You know the company has a good reputation and works with professionals to put together orthotics.
      • You struggle to find time to get an appointment with another foot specialist to help you get custom orthotic insoles.

      While it is not as common, it is possible to purchase custom orthotics online and get a great pair that will last you a long time. These will provide a good deal of support and can be made out of high-quality materials as well if you take the time to find a good company.

      Some of the situations where you may want to order your custom orthotics online include:

      • You like all of the convenience that comes with it.
      • You don’t have time to go somewhere to get a pair of custom orthotics.
      • You have a minor foot problem and would like to get it solved with a pair of custom orthotics.
      • You live in an area where visiting a specialist can be difficult.

      As you can see, all of these options will provide you with a way to get a pair of custom orthotics that are perfect for your feet. You just need to pick the one that is right for you and then follow the necessary steps to make it happen.

      This will ensure that you can solve many different steps with each one to ensure that you can get the best results.

      How Long Does It Take to Manufacture a Pair of Custom Orthotics?

      Before purchasing from any of the options that are listed above, you may want to consider how long it will take to get the custom orthotic designed and ready for your foot. Each location you go to will have different lengths of how long it will take them to get it done.

      For the most part, it can take at least a few weeks for you to get a pair of custom orthotics designed. This allows time for the mold to be created and sent in and for the whole device to be created and sent back to you.

      Thanks to some of the technology available online, some of the online retailers will be able to get the orthotic back to you in two weeks. Be careful about getting the orthotic back too quickly though.

      It does take a professional time to craft this medical device and if they make promises that you will get the orthotic back in just a few days, you are likely getting an insole.

      The specific amount of time it takes to get custom orthotics made can vary depending on the following factors:

      • The complexity of your orthotics: Some orthotics are more complex than others, and may require more time to fabricate.
      • The workload of the lab: The lab may be busier at certain times of the year, which can delay the fabrication process.
      • The shipping time: The orthotics need to be shipped from the doctor or podiatrist's office to the lab, and then back to the office. This can add a few days to the overall process.

      How Long Will It Be Before I Need New Custom Orthotics?

      The amount of time that these custom orthotics will last depends on the type that you get and what activities you use them for. If you are very athletic and have to use orthotics to help with that, then it is not surprising that they may only last for one year or wear out faster. Some companies offer a recover/refurbishment program to replace the top cover materials which is cost-effective if you use them heavily.

      For most patients though, a custom orthotic can last closer to 2 to 5 years. You will need to pay attention to the signs that the custom orthotic is starting to wear out on you and then consider whether it is time to replace them.

      If you notice there is a good deal of wear and tear or the orthotics start to cause you discomfort and pain, it is time to replace them. Compared to the insoles that you can purchase online, these custom orthotics are going to last a whole lot longer.

      Most insoles will last maybe 4 to 6 months with regular use. They will cost a lot less than the custom orthotics, but since they last a fraction of the time, it may not be worth it for the lack of support too.

      How Much Do Custom Orthotics Cost?

      The amount that you will need to spend on a pair of custom orthotics will depend on several factors. The good news is that with the change to being able to purchase these custom orthotics online as well as through a podiatrist, there is more competition for the same product, which helps to bring the overall cost of these inserts a little more affordable.

      The amount that you will need to pay for a pair of custom orthotics will often range from $200 to $800. The amount that you will have to pay for them will depend on where you go to get them, and even the materials that are used.

      Some factors that help determine the final cost of your custom orthotic include:

      • The exact foot condition that you would like to treat with the custom orthotic.
      • The materials that need to be added to the custom orthotic.
      • The amount of cushioning you would like to add to them.
      • The activities that you would like to use the orthotics for.
      • Your weight and other factors will change how they are designed.

      If you would like to add more accessories and other additions to the custom orthotic, then it will naturally cost you more money than having a basic orthotic. You will find that the custom orthotic is going to be more expensive than a regular insole, but since it does provide more comfort and specialized support, the costs can be worth it.

      Should You Spend the Extra Money on Custom Orthotics?

      As you take a look at some of the costs associated with a pair of custom orthotics, you may wonder if the additional price is going to be worth it for the support that you get. There are a ton of benefits to choosing a pair of custom orthotics, making them worth the amount that you will need to pay.

      For example, if you are overweight or like to participate in some strenuous sports, then picking out a custom orthotic can make a lot of sense. These orthotics will be able to help improve your strength and stamina while also alleviating some of the stress on the foot due to the additional weight you carry around.

      When you are active, the orthotic can give you a break. A pair of custom orthotics is also able to help you deal with a lot of conditions that can show up in the feet, giving you some relief from the pain and making you feel better overall.

      It can help with persistent foot pain, flat feet, and arthritis to name a few. The right pair of orthotics will be able to relieve some of the pain you feel while improving your mobility.

      There are so many things that a pair of custom orthotics will be able to help you with, as long as you choose the right one and work with a professional to pick out orthotics that will keep you moving strong.

      Does Insurance Cover Custom Orthotics?

      In many cases, your insurance will provide coverage for your pair of custom orthotics. They may see these as a medical device that helps to improve your standard of living and keep you mobile for longer than you could do without the custom orthotic in the first place.

      You will need to check with your insurance provider. However, not all insurance providers will cover the cost of the orthotics.

      Some insurance providers will be very particular about the reasons that you can get orthotics. For example, they may not provide coverage because your feet hurt but may provide coverage if you need orthotics because of diabetic problems.

      You will need to check with your insurance provider to see when and if they cover these custom orthotics and which doctors or facilities they will help with. Many insurance plans will not cover online retailers, for example, though this is slowly starting to change and we may see more coverage options in the future.

      Do I Need a Custom Pair of Custom Orthotics?

      Before we are done with our discussion on where to get a pair of custom orthotics, we need to finish off by looking at whether you could benefit from a pair of these medical orthotics or not. The answer is going to depend on the patient and there isn’t a one size fits all solution for you to choose.

      Some examples of when you need a pair of custom orthotics include:

      • You are suffering from chronic foot pain.
      • You have recently gone through an injury and need help protecting the area.
      • To correct issues with your alignment that may happen over time.
      • When you have another medical condition such as severe arthritis or diabetes.

      These are just some of the situations where a pair of custom orthotics will be able to step in and provide you with some of the relief that you need.

      Rigid and semi-rigid orthotics are not suggested for those with diabetes, due to nerve damage and the possible resulting injury of wearing them. You can talk to your doctor to learn how these work and then make a decision on whether you need a pair for yourself or not.

      Choosing a Set of Custom Orthotics

      There are so many different conditions that a pair of custom orthotics will be able to help your feet with. It makes sense for many patients to consider whether these orthotics will alleviate foot pain, help with Achilles tendon problems, solve plantar fasciitis, and so much more.

      In many cases, the custom orthotic will give you relief when other methods have failed. When you are ready to get a new pair of custom orthotics, you must shop around and see which options are available for your needs.

      One option that we discussed above that will ensure that you get a custom orthotic perfect for your feet, without any mistakes, is at your podiatrist’s office. That is where our team can come in.

      At Bilt Labs, we are here to provide you with some of the best when it comes to custom orthotics for your feet. We understand how important the health of your feet can be to helping you move through the day and feel amazing. Take our free quiz today to find out which orthotic type is best for your feet.