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6 Signs You Need Arch Support

Everyone is going to deal with some foot pain on occasion. Maybe you were injured while trying out a new activity, or you work a job that asks you to stand on hard surfaces or move around quite a bit.

For most patients, the pain they feel is temporary. Usually, with a bit of rest and medication, they will be able to return to their normal activities.

However, there are times when the foot pain will not go away, no matter how much you try. When this happens, it is time to address the problem and ensure that you find a good solution to avoid damage to the foot.

The easiest way to do this is with an insole that goes into your shoe. But how do you know whether it is time for you to consider arch support for your sore feet?

The good news is that many common issues that cause foot pain can be solved if you support the arches of the feet. When you add some arch support to your feet, you can take some of the pressure off the sore points and give them some of the help they need.

Signs You Need Arch Support- And Where to Find It!

There are a few signs that you should look for to help you determine whether arch support is the right choice for you. Some of these signs will include:

6 Signs You Need Arch Support

#1: Pain or Swelling in the Feet

When you are on your feet all day, or you participate in a new activity, you may have some pain and swelling in the feet. When you can go home and put your feet up to give them a break, that is often enough to make them feel better and to get you back to normal.

For some patients though, the pain and swelling are going to get worse and may be a constant in their lives. When the pain and swelling will not go away and is something that you notice all the time, then it is best to visit a foot clinic immediately. Picking out a good pair of arches could be the solution that you are looking for.

#2: High Arch or Flat Feet

Some patients will have issues with flat feet, and others will have a high arch. Both of these can cause some issues with your feet and may make you feel a lot of pain when you walk around and try to do normal day-to-day activities.

When you struggle with either of these conditions of the feet, it may be time for you to look into arch support. For those with a small arch, or flat feet, you may start to notice some pain in the foot, and in many cases, the foot will start to roll a bit inward, which can cause some issues with your alignment.

You may suffer from the opposite issue too. When you have a high arch, you could have increased pain, issues with the toes, and calluses that are painful as well.

No matter which of the two conditions you suffer from, it is possible to add some arch support to relieve the pain and make yourself feel more comfortable. In fact, with custom orthotics or a good insole, you will be able to notice the change almost instantly.

#3: Issues with Balance

While some people start to experience problems with their balance as they age, when you notice that the balance tends to go out quickly and suddenly, this could be a sign that your arches are struggling and you need to do some work on them. Older adults may struggle with flat feet as well, which allows the arches to collapse.

For many patients, flat feet can be common and painful. The pain gets worse if you are not able to support the arches in the feet with a good insole.

When it is left untreated, it can cause a significant amount of balance issues too. A good way to fix some of the issues that you feel with the balance due to flat feet is to find the best arch support to help.

#4: Shoes Have Uneven Wear

Another thing that you can do to see whether you need more arch support or not is to take a look at your shoes after you have worn them for some time. If you notice that the wear and tear that shows up on the shoes is uneven, then this is a sign that you are walking unevenly and you need some extra support in the arch.

If you do go in to see a specialist about your foot pain, they will often ask you to bring in the pair of shoes that you tend to wear the most often. They will be able to take a glance and see whether you need that extra support. They can then provide you with help determining the right arch support for you.

#5: Active Lifestyle

If you spend a lot of time walking or standing during the day or do a ton of physical activities, then you are more likely to develop foot issues of the foot and you will need to take the time to look into arch supports.

There are several occupations, like factory workers, teachers, and nurses, where the employee will need to stay on their feet for hours at a time. This can put extra pressure on your arches and cause a few different conditions.

Arch support will help give you some support and make you feel better as you walk and stand through the day, without all the pain.

#6: Being Overweight

When you are overweight, you are going to be at a higher risk of conditions that can impact your feet and how healthy they are. Excess weight will place pressure on the lower body, which will contribute to a good deal of pain in the legs, back, and even feet.

This pain is just going to get worse over time without intervention. While losing some weight is probably the most effective way to deal with this problem, you can also use arch supports to make things easier.

Arch supports will provide your feet with some of the additional support that they need to stay healthy. These can make you comfortable enough so that you can walk around and not have all the pain.

How Can I Get More Arch Support?

custom orthotics for arch support

There are a few methods that you can use to help make sure your feet are getting the arch support that they need. The first one is for you to wear the right type of shoes.

When you know the type of arch that you have, you will be able to choose an arch support that is perfect for your needs. Some tips to make this a little easier include:

  • Those with flat feet should go with shoes that are formed with a lot of cushioning in the soles. You want to get lacing that will help restrict the movement of the foot in the shoe to make sure the foot stays in place.
  • For those with normal arches, go with soles that are firm and thick, with the right cushioning where it feels good. You want to make sure that the heel is stable at the back of the shoe and will not wobble around.
  • Those with high arches will need shoes that have some extra cushion in them to make sure the feet have relief from uneven pressure points. You can look into high arch supports to absorb some of the impacts when you run, walk, and stand.

In addition to some good shoes to help you walk around, you should also consider whether a pair of insoles or orthotics will be the right option for you.

These can be added to your shoes and designed to work with the specific foot condition that you have, providing you with a lot of comfort to fight off foot pain from diabetes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and other foot conditions.

Taking Care of Your Feet

Adding more arch support to your feet can be the tool you need to take care of them and make sure that they stay strong and healthy for a long time to come. A simple insole or a custom orthotic can provide that arch support, and can even reverse the need for surgery or worrying about your feet feeling worn out and sore all the time.

Our team will be able to help you when it is time to pick out the right arch support for all of your needs. We have worked with patients for years to ensure that they can take care of their feet and make them as healthy as possible. You can even take our free online quiz now to find out which orthotics will be best for your feet.

We can work with you to discuss the most common causes of your foot pain, and help you narrow down the custom orthotic that is best for you. Give us a call or leave your information so we can help you get the arch support you deserve.