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You Should Wear Insoles During Work | Reasons Why

If you are in a career that asks you to stand or walk around for many hours to get the work done, you may not be aware of how all of this can affect your mobility and posture. This is something that is easy to forget because we often assume that we are standing and walking in the proper way and issues can show up without us realizing it.

The solution to helping you avoid pain in the feet and ankles and to make sure that you have better mobility and posture for your day could be as simple as picking out the right insoles for your feet.

No matter the position you hold, whether a nurse, a chef, a teacher, or someone else, a pair of insoles can provide you with some of the relief that you need.

Why Should I Wear Insoles to Work?

Custom Insoles For Foot Pain Relief Nurses

You may assume that you will not need to wear a pair of insoles to keep your feet safe and secure during work. You may assume that you are fine walking around like normal, avoiding issues like pain and not doing anything to make them better. Fortunately, a good pair of insoles can make walking and standing during the day so much better.

There are many reasons why you should wear insoles to work for your feet. Some of the reasons to wear these insoles to work include:

  • At Work, Insoles Provide the Right Arch Support

Even though most of the good shoes that you pick are going to provide some kind of support to the foot in the soles, these can flatten out and may not be the perfect arch for your foot and its needs. You need to get the right type and amount of arch support to help deal with the impact of your feet hitting the ground, and insoles will help get that done.

Insoles are designed to provide you with strong arch support, ensuring that each step you take to the ground will be stable and not harmful to the feet in the long run. Walking and standing for many hours during the day can cause the feet to get flat and add too much stress. Good arch support can prevent that from happening or issues with plantar fasciitis.

  • Wear Insoles to Work Because They Relieve Foot Pain

You Should Wear Insoles During Work | Reasons Why

When you pick out those insoles that provide a good amount of arch support, you will stop experiencing a lot of the pain that others can have when they walk or run on hard surfaces all the time. You will notice this pain at the midsection of the foot if you wear flat shoes all of the time.

This will end up being a result of constant stress when the feet are not able to distribute the force of walking on the hard surface and it gets concentrated in just one area of the foot all of the time. This can make for constant stretching that will train the ligaments and muscles, which will make you feel a lot of pain as well.

The good news is that a pair of insoles will be able to redistribute the pressure. Rather than it falling to just one small area of the foot and wearing that is out, you will find that the insoles can align the foot in such a way that the pressure is distributed better and the foot will have less of an impact as well, relieving pain and making you feel better.

  • Plantar Fasciitis Can Be Avoided by Wearing Insoles

When you take a look at a healthy foot, you will notice that it has a natural arch support that will help connect the heel all the way to the toes. This tendon is known as the plantar fascia.

The main function of the plantar fascia is to absorb all of the shocks that go through the body when you run or walk, but it can be put under too much stress and result in a painful foot. When the pain gets severe from this tendon being stretched and inflamed, you will have a condition known as plantar fasciitis.

The pain can come and go, but it may limit the amount of mobility that you have on a daily basis. The best way to avoid the problem is to wear an insole that will support the foot around the arch, especially if you stand or walk all day long.

  • Insoles Help With Posture and Health

While your feet can take a beating when you need to stand the whole day long, you have to consider the other parts of the body as well. The way that you stand and position yourself will be able to affect the rest of the body including the knees, lower back, and hip.

When the feet get uncomfortable, it is possible that you will shift, which can put everything out of alignment. It may provide a little bit of relief to the feet for you to move around a bit and not stay in the same position all day long, this can be a bad thing for the knees, legs, hips, and even back.

When you choose to go with a pair of insoles, you will be able to keep the feet comfortable, which is going to assist with alignment and keep the rest of the body safe and supported. With good insole support, especially in the heel and the arch, you will find that there is no longer a need to compensate to maintain good posture and to use the muscles properly.

  • Wearing Insoles at Work to Relieve Foot Pain is Also a Cost-effective Solution

Custom Orthotic Insoles For Work

Insoles can be an affordable solution for you to choose from. When you are standing on your feet all day long, you may find there are a number of issues to deal with including sore feet, lower back pain, heel pain, bunions, and blisters.

Medical treatment for these is not inexpensive and prevention is going to be better than some of the solutions for these conditions. If you would like to handle some of these conditions, the best option is for you to choose a pair of insoles.

These are more affordable, with many costing $30 to $80. Even if you need to go with a pair of custom orthotics, you will spend a lot less than you would have with surgery and some of the other treatments.

  • A Good Pair of Insoles Will Help You to Have More Endurance

A good pair of insoles will be able to provide you with better endurance, helping you to stand and walk around for longer when they are in place for your shoes.

The right insole is going to provide the support and cushion that the feet need, allowing the softness to provide some of the safety and comfort that the feet need and making it easier to make it through the day.

If you are finding it more difficult to make it through the day with your current shoes, you will need to consider a good pair of insoles. These will keep your feet safe and secure and can help make it easier to stand or walk around all day long.

Choosing the Best Insoles to Wear at Work

Many people have to stand and walk around during the day and picking out the right insoles for your needs can help provide arch support, relieve pain, and provide the other benefits from above.

Finding the right insole for your feet will make a big difference in how well you can perform your job and avoid problems with injuries and pain too. Take our free quiz to help determine what type of orthotics will be best for you.

If you have decided that a pair of custom orthotics makes the most sense for your feet, chat with us now or email your questions so we can provide you with the relief that you need!