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Special Offer - Today Is A Good Day For A Good Day

Want to Add Another Pair?

Before Lab Fabrication Begins.

Note: Your order is being processed and designed and this does not slow down nor interrupt your current order.

  • We have a short window before your order gets to the fabrication team where we can offer you this special offer. We can combine shipping, processing, and handling costs to offer this one-time-only discounted deal on your custom made & hand finished orthotics.
Free Shipping, Returns & 6 Months Money Back Guarantee Applies.

Valid Only For 7 Days From Our Lab Receiving Your Kit.

  • (Dates provided in the 2 emails sent. No exceptions. Add-ons will be refunded if not valid.)

Add On | By Activity Level, Condition or Sport

By Activity Level

Everyday | Add On

Designed for an active lifestyle.

Active | Order Again

Designed for normal day to day use.

By Condition

Add On | Plantar Fasciitis

Relief from plantar fasciitis foot pain.

Add On | Flat Feet

Pain relief from flat feet foot pain.

Add On | High Arch

Pain relief from high arches.

Add On | Overpronation

Pain relief from overpronation.

Add On | Supination

Pain relief from supination.

Add On | Achilles Tendonitis

Pain relief from heel pain.

Add On | Heel Pain

Pain relief from heel pain.

Add On | Morton's Neuroma

Pain relief from Morton's Neuroma.

Add On | Metatarsalgia

Pain relief from metatarsalgia.

By Sport

Golf | Add On

Golf players foot pain relief.

Running | Add On

Runners foot pain relief.

Hiking | Add On

Hikers foot pain relief.

Tennis | Order Again

Tennis players foot pain relief.

Pickleball | Add On

Pickleball players foot pain relief.

Mixed Sports | Add On

Foot pain relief for Mixed Sports.