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Same custom orthotic insoles we give to doctors' - at half the cost.

Same custom orthotic insoles we give to doctors' - at half the cost.

Podiatrist Approved Foot Orthotics

Podiatrist Approved Foot Orthotics

Join our group of 50,000 happy feet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 710 reviews
Alexandra S. (Decatur, US)
Highly recommend

Terrific product. These orthotics have made a world of difference in my joint health. I can stand and walk without foot and hip pain now. Customer service is excellent too.

Jill W. (San Angelo, US)
Best orthotics I've used

I have worn orthotics for my flat feet with accessory navicular bone issues since I was about 8 years old. I am now 47. I have been through many over the counter and professionally made orthotics over the years. These have been the most helpful to keep me active. I like to walk/hike/jog and my foot conditions make that very difficult if I don't have the right support.

H.E. (Newark, US)
I will recommend Bilt Lab

I will recommend Bilt Labs, they have a good product and excellent customer service. Laura and Justin are great people and always willing to accommodate and follow up until you have the right orthotics. I cant thank them enough for a wonderful experience and excellent customer service..

Gregory L. (Richmond, US)
Great product

Our local store selling this type of product was 8 times the price for a set of 3 inserts that you worked up to the final one. I have been using for 2 weeks and love the Bilt labs product!

L.M. (Lee, US)
Excellent Service

In an era of poor customer service it was a pleasure dealing with Bilt Labs. I had several adjustments and the advice given by Laura was very helpful. Needless to say I’m very pleased with my orthotics.

Kevin W. (New York, US)
Amazing product

These inserts immediately solved my flat foot issue. I can now walk all day without pain whereas previously at the end of an active day my ankles and feet ached and I was limping. I was shocked at how well these work.

M.K. (Cañon City, US)
Well worth the money

These orthotics are just as advertised. You definitely had to wear them for a few hours to break them. They are very comfortable and fit well.

J.P. (San Jose, US)

I have worn custom inserts for 40 years. I ordered 2 pairs from BILT LABS and received them this week. They are constructed well and fit like a charm. I a s happy.

V.C. (Lineville, US)
Great customer service

I was looking for some insoles and saw this company on Google. I decided instead of buying some aftermarket insoles like I usually do that maybe these custom ones would be better so I pulled the trigger. I immediately had buyers remorse thinking what if I spend this money and it's not what I want. They said full refund if not satisfied but you know how that usually goes. So they sent the materials and I did the impressions and soon enough my custom insoles arrived. At first they seemed too thick because it made my shoes tight but after walking around a little they felt better. I had to trim them to fit my shoes and they weren't perfectly shaped when I got done with them but fit my shoes nevertheless. When you order these they send paper for you to trace your current insoles on so they can get a good idea of the shoe they'll be going in but tracing an insole can be challenging because they aren't flat and I didn't do a great job so they were a little long. They told me to trim them and I did so after wearing them a day or two I sent the unused pair back to them with a pair of insoles that came in the shoes so they could trim them right and they did and sent them back to me so I sent the pair that I trimmed back to them and wore the ones they trimmed and they made the ones I trimmed look good so now I have both pairs trimmed. All of this shipping back and forth was paid by them. I would tell them my intentions and they would email a label to me. So after wearing them a couple of weeks they were kinda too stiff for me so they said send a pair and they would put the active cover on them and they would be more flexible and they did and I did so when I got them back I still wasn't completely satisfied and decided to just send them back and they emailed a label to me and I sent them back and got a FULL refund. So they actually lost money on me, and believe me, I'm picky, but they always were kind and courteous and helpful and did everything they said that they would do. How can you go wrong with that? I would advise anyone that orders to send a pair of your current insoles that came with the shoes that you are going to use to get accurate measurements the first time when you send the fitment kit back. I would recommend this company 110% and I talked to Laura at customer service most every time and she was fantastic! Great Business!

Date of experience: June 07, 2024

Kristen (Los Angeles, US)

Most importantly, the customer service here is great. My first order wasn't quite right a few years ago and they remade them quickly and without issue. I've ordered additional insoles since then and am about to order another pair. The insoles work very well for me. I have a pair in the shoes I take on multi-day backpacking trips and they help prevent foot pain even when carrying a heavy pack up long, rocky trails.

Direct Lab Savings

Bilt Labs is a U.S. custom orthotic lab that offers medical-grade, doctor-approved orthotic insoles, but we make them easily accessible and affordable.

Direct Lab Savings

Bilt Labs is a U.S. custom orthotic lab that offers medical-grade, doctor-approved orthotic insoles, but we make them easily accessible and affordable.

Easy, At Home Process

Dr. William Naughton

Board Certified Podiatrist

Bilt Labs is proud to have Dr. William Naughton as our Podiatrist. He personally oversees each custom orthotic design & build to confirm that they will address your specific needs & concerns.