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Are Custom Orthotics Better Than Generic Insoles?

Made From The Molds Of Your Feet

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Designed for an active lifestyle.

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Designed for normal day-to-day use.

Generic insoles are made for a mass audience, the goal being that as many people as possible will purchase one type so that the price can be low. With a custom orthotic, you will get something that is designed for your foot.

Out of these two, which one do you think will be more effective at making your feet happy and healing problems?

While there are a lot of great over-the-counter and generic orthotics for you to choose from, they are not tailor-made for your foot. They may provide some cushion and some of the relief that you need, but if you have a specific need to consider, then they may not be a good choice for you.

Are Custom Orthotics Better Than Generic?

As you are taking a look at all of your options for orthotics, you will notice that there are two categories that you can choose from. You can go and see a podiatrist and learn more about custom orthotics, or you can order an over-the-counter orthotic and get it to your home in a few days.

Many people claim that custom orthotics are the better of the two options for them to choose from. There are benefits to going with each one, so how are you supposed to choose?

Custom Orthotics Are Designed Specifically for Your Feet

Custom products, including a pair of custom orthotics, will always be designed in order to fit your needs and any unique requirements of your foot. You will go through a comprehensive exam, a gait analysis, and have a scan done on your foot to make these orthotics.

This ensures that you can correct any of the unique foot abnormalities that are present. Generic insoles can be great, but they will not be custom-made to deal with some of the unique issues of the foot.

Over-the-counter insoles provide general support, rather than specific support, to the foot. If you have specialized issues that are causing pain and discomfort, then the pair of custom orthotics are the best options for you to choose from.

Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics Are More Comfortable Than Generic Orthotics

Custom orthotics are able to provide you with some of the customized support that you are looking for. While generic insoles can be comfortable and may work for some patients, custom orthotics will put the padding and cushioning in the exact locations you need for optimal comfort throughout the foot.

A custom orthotic is crafted in a manner so that it will fit the unique structure of the foot. Since your feet are unique and do not match anyone else’s, a custom orthotic will provide better results when it comes to your comfort levels compared to some of the general insoles that you may wear.

If your major problem with the feet is that they are painful and uncomfortable and you need not only to support but more cushioning to prevent jolting and pain, then custom orthotics are going to be the best option for you.

Custom Orthotics Are Better For Your Activity Level

Another reason that a pair of custom orthotics can be a great option is that you can get them designed for the specific activity level that you spend most of your time doing. Are you a big runner who needs to prepare for an upcoming marathon? You can get custom orthotics designed for that.

Are you someone who has to stand and walk around on hard surfaces all day long as part of your job? Then you can work with your doctor to make the right custom orthotic to provide the necessary support and comfort.

No matter the type of activity you like to do, you will find that a custom orthotic can be designed to alleviate some of the foot pain and pressure that you experience. You will need to discuss some of these activities with your doctor ahead of time to ensure you get the pair of custom orthotics that your feet deserve.

Custom Orthotics for Activity

Generic Orthotics Aren't As Good As Custom Orthotics

When you compare general orthotics with custom orthotics, you will instantly be able to tell there is a difference in the quality that you are getting. Even though you can find some great general orthotics, they are still mass-produced for a lower cost.

This means that the materials placed inside of them will be lower than what you find in custom orthotics. However, custom orthotics are made out of much higher quality materials that you will be able to find with the over-the-counter variety.

The materials and fabrics in custom orthotics will be manipulated to fit your foot better and sometimes they will need to go through higher temperatures for the molding process. Due to the higher quality of the materials, you will find that they last a long time.

These higher-quality materials will deliver the fit that you need to handle any condition of the foot and relieve pain, while also lasting a long time. You can rely on custom orthotics that lasted for 3 to 5 years, compared to generic orthotics that may only last a few months. This can make them worth the higher cost too.

Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics

When foot pain strikes, generic insoles from the drugstore might seem like a quick fix. But for lasting relief and targeted support, Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics offer a whole new level of care. Here's why they outperform generic options:

  • Precision over One-Size-Fits-All: Generic insoles are mass-produced and lack the ability to address your feet's unique needs. Bilt Labs takes a personalized approach, crafting orthotics from custom molds of your feet. This ensures a perfect fit that cradles your arches and aligns your biomechanics precisely. Generic insoles often offer minimal arch support, leaving flat feet and other foot types unsupported.

  • Targeted Relief, Not Just Cushioning: While generic insoles might provide some cushioning, they don't address the root cause of foot pain. Bilt Labs orthotics go beyond mere comfort. They provide targeted support to correct imbalances, redistribute pressure evenly, and promote proper foot alignment. This reduces pain in your feet, ankles, and even your knees and back, for a holistic approach to well-being.

  • Comfort and Choice You Can't Find Off-the-Shelf: Bilt Labs understands that comfort is paramount. They offer a variety of top cover materials to suit your lifestyle, from moisture-wicking options for active individuals to softer materials for everyday wear. Additionally, their orthotics come designed for various activity levels, ensuring optimal support whether you're a casual walker or a dedicated athlete. Generic insoles offer limited options, often sacrificing comfort for a one-size-fits-all design.

With their focus on customization, targeted support, and diverse comfort options, Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics stand out as a superior choice for those seeking lasting relief from foot pain. They provide a level of personalized care that generic insoles simply cannot match.

Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics Are Better Than Generic Orthotics in Terms of Quality

When you are dealing with chronic problems with your feet, you want to make sure that you are giving them the best support and comfort possible. This can travel through the body and provide relief to many other parts that may cause you pain as well.

Depending on the problem, a pair of custom orthotics could be the right option for you. Our team will be able to work with you to create a pair of custom orthotics that are just right for your feet.

We have the experience to step in and ask questions, complete a comprehensive exam, and finish the rest of the process to give you a pair of custom orthotics that are just right for you. Give us a call or leave your information to get started today! Take our free quiz today to find out which orthotic type is best for your feet.

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