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Are Custom Orthotics Worth It? Benefits & Treatments

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Purchasing custom orthotics can be a great idea for your feet. They are designed to fit on your feet well, providing a lot of great support and making sure that you will fight off a lot of pain and discomfort along the way.

When you take a look at your custom orthotics, you will notice that the price is higher than other insoles and you may wonder if it is worth it. Compared to the insoles that you can find online, which often cost between $30 to $50 a pair for some of the good ones, you may have to spend upwards of $200 to $800 for a custom orthotic.

This is quite a bit more, even if the device is going to last you a lot longer than some of the insoles. Are custom orthotics worth it?

You will have to take a look at the benefits and negatives of these orthotics to decide.

Let’s take a look at some of the average costs of custom orthotics and determine whether the relief and healing that they can do for your feet are worth it.

What are the Costs of Custom Orthotics?

There are a lot of variations that happen when you pick out a custom orthotic. The materials that you choose, the form of the orthotic, and even the size will all factor into how much you will pay for the device.

For example, when you choose to go with a prefabricated insole, the cost can fall somewhere between $20 to $80 for most of them. These insoles are already made ahead of time and can work on some minor issues.

OTC insoles do not provide the long-term comfort that you need and they will often fall apart in a few months, rather than lasting a few years. A better option to go with is a custom orthotic. These are made out of a replica of your foot at your podiatrist’s office.

Since they are more exacting than other options, they will help more major issues of the foot compared to some of the insoles that you would choose. Due to this, they are going to cost a bit more as well. Many factors go into how much you will pay for your custom orthotics.

You should expect to pay somewhere between $200 to $800 for a pair of custom orthotics for your feet. Insurance will often help to cover these costs, at least part of them, and the relief that you can give to your feet is often worth it.

Cost of Custom Orthotics?

Why Are Custom Orthotics More Expensive?

When you compare the price of a custom orthotic to some of the insoles that you can purchase online or over the counter, you will notice a big price difference and wonder why this is so.

Are the custom orthotics that much better than some of the store-bought insoles that you can choose? Some of the reasons custom orthotics will cost so much more include:

The Production Process

The first reason that your custom orthotics will cost more is the production process. When you get these orthotics, you will need to go and visit your doctor who will do a full physical assessment of the foot. They will ask about your symptoms in the foot and complete a personal history as well.

While you are at the doctor’s office, they will take the time to do a foot cast or imprint that can then be used to help create the orthotic that you will then start to use when walking around. It is important to research and find a podiatrist who has the right experience when you are getting your custom orthotic to ensure the best results.

Consultations With A Specialist

Not just anyone can create a custom orthotic for you and give you amazing results. You need to work with a specialist who has experience.

Usually, these custom orthotics will be created by a podiatrist or another specialist who is familiar with many types of foot issues and will understand the intricacies of how the foot works. This helps aid you in getting the right custom orthotic.

Several specialists can provide you with a customized orthotic. These may include a podiatrist, a sports medicine specialist, and an orthopedic surgeon to name a few. Since you are working with a specialist, rather than a traditional doctor, to aid in your feet and make them healthier, you will often find that the cost is higher.

The Resources

Depending on the particular needs you would like for your feet, you will find that the price of the custom orthotic can go up or down. The more resources that you need within the orthotic, the more it is going to cost.

For example, if you just want a little extra cushion in the orthotic, then the device could cost less than some of the other options. If you need to work on heel pain and handle plantar fasciitis at the same time, then the cost to make the orthotic will often go up as well.

As the doctor is creating the custom orthotic, they will want to take into account your current foot issues, your current habits, and even your lifestyle to make sure the orthotic will be as efficient as possible. The materials placed in the orthotic need to be strong enough to endure all of the strain you place on the feet while being appropriate for the foot condition you have.

You and your doctor will be able to discuss some of the different components that need to go into your orthotic to ensure that you can get the best one for your feet. The exact orthotic that you choose will help to determine how much you will spend on your custom orthotic.


It is possible to add some great personalization to the custom orthotic that you would like to choose. There are several personalizations that you can choose for the orthotic such as support in certain areas to help you out.

Customization will require more time to complete, which is going to increase the price that you are going to pay for the orthotic as well.

Are Custom Orthotics Worth It?

When you hear that a pair of custom orthotics can cost between $200 to $800, you may feel worried that it is going to be too expensive and you will not be able to afford them at all. Are these custom orthotics worth the higher price or are you going to do just as well picking out a pair of insoles that you can get online or over the counter?

However, you will find that the cost of a custom pair of orthotics can be worth it. This is a medical treatment that is designed for you, something that an insole is not able to do for you. And since these are done by a specialist and will last for several years, rather than several months, you will find that these custom orthotics are worth the cost.

If you have a minor issue with your foot, then you may want to go with an insole that you can purchase online or over the counter. But if you have a major issue with your foot, find that the insoles are not working, or are tired of dealing with all of the pain from walking around, then paying a bit extra to get a custom orthotic that will last a long time and provide relief.

You can shop around to find different prices for the orthotics that you are purchasing. You may find that each doctor will charge a different amount and you can consider whether certain materials, personalization, and more are going to be worth it for the foot issues that you have going on.

Another thing to consider is whether your insurance is going to pay for the orthotic or not. Many insurance plans will assist with the cost of your custom orthotic, which can help to keep it as low as possible and give you the comfort that you need. Check with your insurance provider ahead of time to see whether they offer this or not.

Are Custom Orthotics Worth It?

Choosing a Pair of Custom Orthotics

When you are tired of the aches and pains in your feet getting worse and making it difficult to move around, you may find that a pair of custom orthotics can be worth the cost.

These are going to be specially designed to work with the pressure points and issues found in your foot, making them more effective than some of the insoles and other medical devices available. Picking out a custom orthotic can be one of the best decisions that you make for your feet.

They are simple to create with your podiatrist or with a manufacturing company like Bilt Labs using a scan or a mold to ensure the feet are as comfortable as possible. When you are ready to create your custom orthotic and see how great they can make your feet feel, give us a call or leave your information here.

Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics

Foot pain can significantly impact your daily life, limiting your mobility and enjoyment of physical activities. If you've tried generic shoe inserts without success, custom orthotics from Bilt Labs might be the solution you've been looking for. Here's a closer look at why they might be worth the investment:

  • Targeted Support: Unlike generic insoles, Bilt Labs orthotics are custom-molded to your feet, providing targeted arch support and pressure relief specific to your needs. This can significantly improve comfort and reduce pain caused by conditions like flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and overpronation.

  • Improved Biomechanics: Custom orthotics can help realign your foot and ankle bones, promoting proper posture and gait. This can not only reduce pain but also improve your overall balance and stability, enhancing your performance in athletic activities.

  • Long-Term Benefits: By addressing the root cause of your foot pain, Bilt Labs orthotics can help prevent further damage and complications. This can save you money and discomfort in the long run compared to relying on temporary pain relief solutions.

  • Material Quality: Bilt Labs uses high-quality materials like cork, EVA, and polypropylene to create orthotics that are both durable and comfortable. They also offer different orthotic types like Everyday, Active, and Classic, to suit your specific needs and activities.

Considering the potential to improve your comfort, mobility, and overall foot health, Bilt Labs custom orthotics could be a worthwhile investment. However, it's important to consult with a podiatrist or other foot specialist to determine if custom orthotics are the right solution for your individual situation. Take our free quiz today to find out which orthotic type is best for your feet.

Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is intended for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before making any decisions about your health. If you have any questions about your health or are experiencing any medical problems, please contact your doctor or other healthcare provider immediately. Do not delay seeking medical attention based on the information provided in this article.