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Benefits of Arch Support for Flat Feet | Cause and Solution

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What is a Flat Foot?

To start, flat feet are a condition of the foot that will often happen while the patient is walking or standing. In this condition, the arch of the person is going to collapse when there is weight put upon the foot. The arch of the foot will be held up with the help of the tibialis posterior muscle that is in the lower leg. When the tendon starts to become inflamed and stretched too much, then it will not be able to perform its functions well and this can lead to issues with flat feet.

What are the Symptoms of Flat Feet?

Several different symptoms can show up when you are dealing with flat feet. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Pain in the area of the tendon, which is usually on the inside of the ankle and the foot. Sometimes it is accompanied by swelling.
  • Pain that gets worse with more physical activity. You may notice that higher-impact activities like running make it worse.
  • Pain to the outside of the ankle. This is due to the heel bone shifting a bit.
  • Hip and knee pain because the feet start to overpronate and the body will get out of alignment.
  • Slow healing sores, cuts, and wounds in the foot.
  • Sharp and burning pain that happens in the heel and arch area of the foot. You could struggle with running, jumping high, standing on your toes, and swollen ankles.
  • Formation of bunions.

When you start to notice more of these signs on your feet, it could be a sign that you are dealing with flat feet and need to get the condition handled as soon as possible.

Patient Suffering from Flat Feet

What Can Cause Flat Foot?

Many things can cause you to suffer from flat feet as well. This is often a condition that will happen over time and you may not catch it until the pain gets too much to deal with. Some of the leading causes of flat feet will include:

  • When you have flexible muscles of the foot or a foot deformity.
  • When there is trauma to the foot or the posterior tibial tendon.
  • As you age, you may start to be at higher risk of this condition. This is most common for women, especially when they are pregnant.
  • Being overweight. Having more body weight can strain and stretch out the tibialis posterior tendon, which can then flatten the feet.
  • When the tendon starts to inflame, it will wear out faster as well.
  • Bad footwear is worn too often and can start to take away some of the arches.

Picking out the right custom orthotic and wearing a good pair of shoes will make a world of difference in how healthy your arches can be. You need to take good care of your feet to ensure that they will stay strong and support you for years to come.

What Are the Benefits of Arch Support When it Comes to Flat Feet?

When you are suffering from the condition of having flat feet, you may notice that your arch is not getting the support that it deserves. The arch will begin to go flat, pulling on the tendon at the bottom of the foot and making it stretch out and feel inflamed for a long time. This is where a lot of the pain will come from when you have flat feet. It is important to have the proper arch to the foot. 

Arches are going to be strong and stable because they are meant to convert the load forces to compression forces as you move around. Flexing at the arch will allow the impact force and the weight of your step to get processed better, without causing as much damage to the foot. Your arches are meant to be efficient shock absorbers. Having a healthy and strong arch will allow you to minimize the amount of wear and tear that occurs to the feet and the rest of the leg. The energy that the arches can store will shift as you walk around. 

This works to transfer the weight, gives you more balance, and will help provide that boost you need when moving forwards. When you are suffering from a flat foot condition, you may have little to no arches in the foot at all. Without good arch support in place, all of the soft tissues, bones, and muscles of the foot will need to take on some of the work. It could also cause you to overpronate when you walk, which is when the foot starts to roll inwards when you walk. The arch of the foot, when it is doing its job well, is supposed to pronate so this isn’t healthy for the foot at all.

Arch Support

How Can Custom Orthotics Help With Flat Feet?

Flat feet can often contribute to the pain that you are feeling. As the condition gets worse, the soreness and discomfort will lead to a lower quality of life and can make it more challenging to move around and get things done the way that you would like. Many people suffer from the condition, but one of the most effective solutions to use is custom orthotics.

Many patients are going to choose custom orthotics because they are so effective at providing relief from some of the foot pain that you suffer from. They provide the support that the arches will need, getting them back into alignment, which is often exactly what the body needs to feel better and reduce the pain. Custom orthotics not only help with relieving pain though. They can be used to help handle many other conditions of the foot as well. There are a lot of other great benefits that you can enjoy when utilizing these custom orthotics including:

  • Provide some additional cushioning to keep the foot happy and reduce pain.
  • Absorbs some of the shocks that happen when you walk around so the feet have less wear and tear.
  • Take some of the pressure off the foot to give some relief. When there is too much pressure on the wrong areas of the foot, it can lead to a lot of pain and inflammation along the way.
  • Are great at preventing injuries that are common when you play sports
  • Can alleviate the tension and stress that occurs in the knees.
  • Will make the ligaments, tendons, and muscles stronger than before
  • Offers an effective alternative to fighting off the pain in the feet compared to bad pain medications or surgery to the foot.
  • It will help to position the bones found in the feet and ankles correctly.
  • Helps you to maintain the right posture and balance.

When you decide to go with custom orthotics, you can work with your doctor to make a medical device that will work perfectly on your feet. Each custom orthotic is designed for the patient, utilizing their unique foot and some of the unique components of the foot, to make something that will work. 

Since the orthotic is designed specifically for the patient, it is going to be the most effective at helping whatever problems are present in the foot. This can provide some relief from the pain that comes from having a flat foot and ensures that you can feel better and complete daily activities, without all of the pain or having to resort to surgery to make it better.

Choosing The Right Pair of Orthotics For Your Flat Feet

When you are suffering from pain due to low to no arch support, getting the help you need is crucial. Our team at will be able to work with you to provide the right custom orthotic to make your foot comfortable and give you the resources to help the pain finally go away.

These custom orthotics are designed with you in mind, providing the exact amount of arch support needed, without harming the foot or causing other problems. Give us a call today or use our free online analysis tool to see whether custom orthotics are the right solution for you. Take our free quiz today to find out which orthotic type is best for your feet.

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