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Best Custom Orthotics For Flat Feet Foot Pain

If you are struggling with the issue of flat feet, it might be time to find the best custom orthotics for flat feet. You may have tried a lot of different options, including store-bought insoles, and yet you can’t feel the relief from any of these. The best custom orthotics for flat feet may be just what you need to ease the pain your feet feel.

The condition of flat feet can sometimes develop when the tendons that are in the arches of our feet start to weaken as time goes on.

In some cases, the condition is going to be caused by an injury or illness to the foot, leaving healthy people with arches that are flat and pulling on the foot. You may notice a good deal of pain when you need to stand for a long period of time.

This can make them fall more and more as we age. Again, you might be surprised to find that getting the best custom orthotics for flat feel will help ease your foot pain.

Ease Foot Pain With The Best Custom Orthotics For Flat Feet

It is even possible for some people that the arch just does not develop the way that it should. When this happens, the individual could struggle from flat feet starting at an early age. When you have flat feet, no matter what causes it, it means that the entire bottom of your foot will come in contact with the ground when you walk.

Why is this a bad thing? It is going to cause a lot of pain and many aches in all of the other parts of your body. You may start to notice them early in the knees, hips, and back. The longer that this problem goes on, the worse it is going to get. Some patients even need to consider surgery to help make this better.

Relief Foot Pain with Custom Orthotics

Easing Your Pain With The Best Custom Orthotics For Flat Feet

The good news is that there is a solution to try out. With the help of custom orthotics, you can naturally make the arch feel supported and can encourage the tendon to go back to normal. The best part is, you will be able to do this without having to worry about expensive and painful surgery of the foot.

Custom orthotics that are designed to fit the unique shape of your foot will provide an effective form of pain relief for those who have flat feet each day. You will be able to customize these orthotics so that they will fit the shape of your foot and even customize them in a way to work with how you walk and step down on the ground.

What are the Benefits of Custom Orthotics for Flat Feet?

Now that we have taken a look at some of the problems that can come with having flat feet, it is time to look at how the foot can benefit from wearing these custom orthotics. Do these orthotics really work, or are they just another medical device that is sold to you in the hopes of getting you to spend a lot of money?

Comfort of Custom Orthotics

How Do I Order Custom Orthotics?

To get the customized orthotic, you don’t even need to visit a medical professional known as a podiatrist. You can have a custom mold created of your foot from home, providing the exact amount of support and fit that you need. These molds will be used to custom make the orthotics that you need. While some customers want to choose a store-bought version of the orthotic, it is important to note that these are different from the custom orthotic. The store-bought device is nice, but it is designed to fit as many feet as possible. The custom orthotic is designed to fit your specific foot, making it more effective when it comes to reducing foot pain from flat arches. Custom insoles are the best insoles for flat feet while standing all day. Unsurprisingly, they are also the most supportive for running!

Types of Custom Foot Orthotics I Can Choose From

Patients may be surprised to find that there are several types of custom foot orthotics that they can choose to help them with some of the pain they have in their flat feet. Each of the available devices will fall under one of three categories. These include semi-rigid, rigid, or soft.

First, we can look at rigid orthotics.

  • These types are going to be designed with the use of plastic or another hard material. They are the best for controlling the movement of the feet when the patient walks, helping to correct the arch issue along with some of the alignment issues they may have too.

Then there are the soft orthotics.

  • These types of custom orthotics are meant to ease some of the discomforts of the foot. They can absorb shock as you walk, reduce some of the pressure you may feel all along the foot when you walk, and can even provide some more balance to the patient if it is necessary.

Finally, the patient can choose the semi-rigid orthotic device.

  • These are a mixture of the other two, providing a mixture of rigid and soft materials to help the patient control the movement of the foot more while improving balance. These are often saved for patients who struggle with pain from flat feet who also play sports.

The best way for the patient to pick the right type of custom orthotic is to talk with their orthotic expert and see which one would correct their foot problem the best.

In addition to the materials that the custom orthotic is made from, there are also some other choices that can be made, such as the type of orthotic and how much of the product you will use. Sometimes you will just need an insert into your current pair of shoes, for example, or you may need some specialized shoes to help solve the problem.

Types of Custom Orthotics

Common Types of Options That to Help Alleviate The Pain of Flat Feet

  • Shoe modifications:
    • These are going to help you to use your current pair of shoes and make them more supportive. This can ease some of the pressure you have on the bottom of each foot. You can take these into a professional to get them modified to be bigger for more cushioning, for example.
  • Custom molded shoes:
    • These shoes are going to be made specifically to address the foot problem, rather than making alterations to your current pair of shoes. These will be molded based on the foot and then customized to help reduce the soreness that you feel and to relieve some of the pressure.
Will the Best Custom Orthotics For Flat Feet Really Help to Relieve My Foot Pain?

It can seem like such a simple thing, a little insert or a special shoe, that is able to take away all of the pain that you feel when walking around with flat feet. After doing research and hearing about how you will need surgery to fix the issue, it can seem too good to be true that these custom orthotics are enough.

However, since the orthotics are designed to fit your specific and unique foot, they can help to reduce some of the pain. By adding comfort at key pressure points, enhancing the arch of the foot, and more, you can get some relief from your foot pain.

Those who struggle with foot pain because of a lack of support in their arches may find that a custom orthotic is one of the best choices. There are other medical procedures that can be done to correct the problem, but these can be painful and costly and may not do the work. A custom orthotic is all-natural and easy to utilize for any type of foot condition.

Patients will have a number of choices that they can make when it is time to pick out a custom orthotic that will reduce the pain they feel from flat feet. But when you want the very best, you can trust our team at We are here to provide you with a customized orthotic that will last while providing you the comfort you need. Contact us today to get started. Take our free quiz today to find out which orthotic type is best for your feet.

Best Custom Orthotics for Flat Feet

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