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If you are an athlete who is struggling with foot pain, you might have tried everything that you can think of, from new shoes to different training techniques, icing and rest. It may be time to consider orthotics for athletes. There are some foot pain conditions that cannot be supported correctly by shoes that are made to fit many people or with rest and recovery between training sessions. However, you could find that custom orthotics for athletes can be very helpful.

For those dealing with heel pain or pain at the ball of the foot or for people with Plantar Fasciitis, daily pain in the feet can be a reality. If you are a runner or you play sports, the pain in your feet can be very distracting and hard to grapple with. Thankfully, you can resolve your foot pain issues with custom orthotics for athletes. Here, you can learn more about how custom insoles can help athletes to train without discomfort or pain.

What Are Custom Orthotics?

You might have thought immediately of the little gel insoles that you can buy at the grocery store. These are simple and thin little inserts that will only offer a small amount of cushioning inside your shoes and cannot improve your foot pain or help you to contend with conditions like Plantar Fasciitis.

Custom insoles, on the other hand, are made to fit your feet perfectly and can help you to correct gait issues and deal with painful conditions that have been caused by injuries. Custom insoles are made on a sturdy and supportive base and then wrapped in protective layers that will keep your feet from being injured while you are training or competing.

Custom Orthotics for Flat Feet Foot Pain

What Kinds of Sport-Related Problems Can Custom Insoles for Athletes Improve?

Athletes are familiar with injuries. This is something that goes hand-in-hand with competition and hard training practice. Injuries to your feet can be very hard to heal if you need to keep up with your training schedule, and certain foot shapes or natural gait styles can lead to long-term problems without proper support for your feet.

  • Custom orthotics for athletes can help manage and support these conditions:

    • Gait Abnormalities

      • Whether your gait issues are due to an injury or are caused by the shape of your feet, you will be able to trust that a custom insole can alleviate your gait problems that are causing injuries and pain. Custom insoles are made to prevent pronation or supination that can lead to pain in your knees and back as well as damage to the tendons and ligaments in your feet. If you have very flat feet or very high arches, custom insoles might be the only way to ensure proper shoe fit for comfortable training.
      • Custom insoles allow your feet to travel through each stride in a level and correct orientation, and they prevent heel strike injuries and Plantar Fasciitis. While gait training can make some improvements to your overall comfort when you are training, the shape of your feet will not change due to this kind of work. Custom insoles can make it possible to train without injury and can help you to compete and work out in comfort for maybe the first time.
      • Gait issues can lead to long-term injuries and pain that cannot be managed without correct support inside your shoes. If you have a unique foot shape, or you struggle with pronation or supination when you are running or walking, you will need custom insoles to make sure that your feet are able to support the weight of your body as you are ambulating.

    • Incorrect Support

      • When you are an athlete, training every day is just part of your life. You need to be sure that your feet and your knees, and your back can withstand the demands of your training regimen. When you have issues with shoe fit due to your unique foot shape, or you have problems with arthritis or prior injuries to your feet, you will need better support than what most shoes will provide.
      • Custom insoles will cradle your foot and provide the proper padding at the heels and balls of the foot to prevent damage to soft tissue and bone structures. Your insoles will also allow your feet to be comfortable when you are standing or jumping. Having the correct base of support for your feet can allow your toes and the structures in the sole of your foot to spread correctly to support your body weight without issues. This can be the biggest benefit to athletes who are dealing with daily foot pain, and you will not be able to ensure this kind of comfort with any other product.

    • Ongoing Injuries

      • If you have injured the soft tissue in your feet or your ankles due to incorrect gait or the use of the wrong shoes when training, custom insoles can correct the balance of your feet and allow them to heal. There is no other solution on the market that can protect your feet from injury and also offer supportive care to existing injuries.
      • Custom insoles can help care for Plantar Fasciitis, PTTD, and other conditions that are often related to an injury. This is one of the biggest benefits of custom orthotics for athletes. Many people who thought that their painful foot condition would never heal have experienced pain-free training for the first time after getting custom orthotics.

    • Back and Knee Pain

      • If you have been experiencing issues with your feet, you probably also have started to notice pain in your knees and back. Your feet are the base of support for every stride that you take. When you are struggling with gait issues or pain, you might be impacting the use of other parts of your body as well. Incorrect body posture when running or jumping can lead directly to knee and back pain.
      • If you want your knees and back to feel better, custom insoles can make a big difference toward this goal. Alleviating incorrect foot position when running or walking can take pressure off your back and your knees which can make them feel better right away. Back and knee pain that has not responded to treatment might actually be linked to issues with your feet that can be resolved with custom insoles.

Relief From Custom Orthotics for Athletes

How Do I Get Custom Orthotics For Athletes?

Ordering custom insoles for running or other sports is very easy. You will simply order your kit, which will come with foot molds and a questionnaire. You will want to fill out the questionnaire completely and be sure to explain what kinds of sports and activities you engage in on a regular basis. The technician who builds your orthotics will need to know what kinds of demands you are placing on your feet to be sure that your orthotics are built with the right flexibility and support.

To get an exact impression of your feet, you will step into the foot molds with your foot completely flat and level. This will make sure that the shape of your foot is perfectly captured by the mold. The custom insoles that are made for you will use this mold of your feet to generate a perfect fit and design for your needs.

When you have filled out the questionnaire and have captured molds of your feet, you will send the entire package back and wait for your insoles to be made. They will ship promptly when they have been created, and you will be able to start using your orthotics right away!

How Do I Care For My Custom Insoles?

These are simple items to care for and you will not have to struggle to keep them in good condition. Make sure that you take them out of your shoes to allow them to dry out if your feet get wet. You will also want to be sure that you never store them wet. If you have pebbles or hard objects in your shoes, you will want to remove them before you continue training.

If your insoles get dirty, you will just wipe them off with a moist towel and then allow them to dry. Make sure that you are using your insoles with closed-toe shoes that lace up. These items are not meant to be used with heels or sandals of any kind.

If you are not sure if the shoes that you are wearing fit you correctly, you will want to get your feet sized by a professional. Having the right size shoes is important because shoes that are too small might bend your orthotics and damage them. You will likely also have fit issues if you are using your orthotics with shoes that are too large and allow them to slide around.

Making sure that you are wearing the proper shoes for your needs is a very important part of caring for your orthotics and being comfortable while you are training. You will have a much easier time caring for your orthotics if you are using them with correctly sized shoes for your needs.

Caring/ Breaking in New Insoles

What If My Orthotics Make My Feet Tired at First?

It is normal to feel a little bit sore or tired when you are not used to wearing orthotics. You will want to use your custom insoles for a few hours at a time in the beginning and take breaks in between these sessions. Your feet will adjust to your new orthotics quickly, and you will start to feel much better almost right away!

Using your orthotics sparingly for the first few days is usually all that is needed to make sure that your feet get used to them. The adjustment period is usually just a few days before your custom insoles will start to feel like a comfortable glove that you are slipping on.

Custom Orthotics For Athletes Can Make Athletic Training Easy And Pain- Free

If you have been struggling with foot pain or you have had injuries that are not wanting to heal, you need to consider getting custom insoles for running or other activities to fit your needs. Training on a daily basis is critical to your success as an athlete, and being in pain during each training session is not an acceptable compromise. For those with flat feet or gait abnormalities, taking care of your feet with custom insoles can make all the difference in your comfort while you are competing or working out.

There is no reason to struggle with foot pain on a daily basis for even one moment longer! Order your custom orthotics and start caring for your feet properly right away! Getting your feet back on track can be simple with the right custom insoles on your side! Take our free quiz today to find out which orthotics type is best for your feet.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is intended for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before making any decisions about your health. If you have any questions about your health or are experiencing any medical problems, please contact your doctor or other healthcare provider immediately. Do not delay seeking medical attention based on the information provided in this article.