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Flat Feet Correction | What Are Custom Orthotics?

What options are available for flat feet correction? Many adults have flat feet and although this is not a major medical concern or anything life-threatening, it can be painful so you may want to know if flat feet correction is possible. You may have ankle pain and in severe cases, you may have trouble walking or balancing, but most adults can live without correcting flat feet for most of their lives.

In some cases, however, living with flat feet hinders your daily routine more than you’d like.

Whether you experience daily pain or you find yourself tripping more than usual, you may make the decision to correct your flat feet. Correcting flat feet isn’t that difficult, fortunately, and can be done with the use of custom orthotics.

If you have flat feet and want to learn how to easily correct them, you can find all the information you need below.

What are Flat Feet?

Although the term seems so simple, “flat feet” is an official medical diagnosis that many adults and children have. Can flat feet be corrected at a young age? Typically, children will grow out of flat feet and develop an arch around the age of six but in some cases, they may continue into adulthood without having developed an arch.

Having flat feet likely won’t prevent you from walking or participating in the athletic activities you want, but it can cause pain. Some people with flat feet may have trouble balancing or walking. Some people experience regular pain around the ankle and where your arch should be.

Can flat feet be corrected in adults? Flat feet are not a major medical concern, but in some severe cases, they can lead to knee pain and changes to the alignment of your legs. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the pain and prevent your flat feet from causing further medical problems such as using custom orthotics. Studies have shown that orthotics can significantly improve arch development, posture, and reduce pain substantially.

Flat Feet

How Do I Know If I Have Flat Feet?

If you’re wondering how to tell if you have flat feet or just a low arch, there are a few ways to find out. You can consult a doctor, or you can do it at home with a friend nearby to help you out. Simply stand as you normally would and have someone look at how your foot falls on the ground.

If both the inside and the outside part of your foot touch the ground as you stand, you have flat feet. If the inside of your foot does not fully touch the ground, however, you do not have flat feet. You may simply have a very short arch.

To get an official diagnosis, you can always speak with your doctor. They’ll be able to determine if you have flat feet and if you choose to correct it, they can give you advice and guide you in the right direction for treatment.

If you wish to speak with a doctor about the possibility of having flat feet, you can easily make an appointment. During your appointment, your doctor will ask questions about the pain you’re experiencing and past foot and ankle injuries. They may also ask about the type of shoes you wear regularly and if you currently use any arch support.

After your appointment, your doctor will prescribe a treatment plan of how to fix flat feet at home. Treatment plans often involve painkillers, flat feet exercises, and perhaps a suggestion of custom orthotics.

What Are Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are specially made for your feet. They can be used for many different foot and leg deformities, but are also used to help treat flat feet. In the case of flat feet, custom orthotics take the shape of arch support, or insoles, to correct your feet and help you develop an arch.

Wearing custom orthotics will help reduce pain as they can be comfortably worn all throughout the day.

Why Should I Get Custom Orthotics for Flat Feet Online?

After your doctor diagnoses you with flat feet, they may recommend you look into custom orthotics to correct your flat feet and relieve pain. For many people, however, the thought of ordering custom medical devices can be daunting. What’s more, your insurance may not cover the costs of being fitted by a podiatrist and medical companies may have long delays.

Ordering your own custom orthotics online saves you the hassle of scheduling an appointment with a podiatrist and is oftentimes much quicker. You won’t have to wait for your podiatrist to send your measurements to a medical company and wait while they create your orthotics along with hundreds of others.

When you order custom orthotics, you save both time and money. You won’t need a podiatrist appointment and you’ll receive your custom order in a much more timely manner.

Although you order online, custom orthotics are all built by certified specialists and are not factory-made or mass-produced. You get high-quality orthotics built uniquely for you using the same professional, industry-grade materials to ensure your device is long-lasting.

With advancements in technology, creating a perfectly custom orthotics device is possible even online. Thanks to 3D imaging and processing software, custom orthotics are created to fit the exact replica of your feet.

Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics

How Do I Order Custom Orthotics for Flat Feet Correction?

Interested in ordering your own custom orthotics? Great! With a simple measuring and ordering system, ordering your own custom orthotics has never been easier with

Determine What Type of Orthotics is Best For You.

  • This can be done easily with a free, quick online assessment that provides you with the answer based on your daily activity level, foot pain, and previous diagnoses.
  • There are three types of orthotics that you can choose from: everyday, athletic, or comfort.
  • Everyday orthotics are designed to be worn during your regular, everyday activity, whether that means at work, at home, or on an evening walk around the block. Athletic orthotics, also called active orthotics, are designed for those with an active lifestyle. They’re best for sports, hiking, running, or other physical activity. The last type of orthotics is comfort orthotics. These are designed for people with sensitive feet that need a little extra help in relieving pain.

Take Your Measurements

  • Ordering custom orthotics means that you get to take advantage of easy at-home measuring kits. Every kit is equipped with a mold for each of your feet. This mold provides an exact and perfect replica of your feet that will be used to build your custom orthotics.
  • Within your kit, you’ll have a questionnaire to fill out and return with the mold. Don’t worry: there’s prepaid packaging in every kit so you won’t have to pay extra!

When Your Kit is Returned, Your Custom Orthotics Will Be Started

  • It will take a few days to build and perfect them, but usually, you will receive your custom device within 14 business days.

When you receive your custom orthotics in the mail, you have six months to try them out with a money-back guarantee. Use your new orthotics during your everyday activity or during sports to decide if they’re right for you.

How Do Custom Orthotics Provide Flat Feet Correction?

Having flat feet means that the center of your foot has no arch to support it. With orthotics, your feet have a way to get the support they need and you can get rid of foot pain.

While you can purchase generic orthotics for flat feet, you won’t get the same support as you would from custom orthotics. Generic orthotics are designed to meet a generic purpose and while they can help when you have no other option, they won’t be ideal. Custom orthotics, on the other hand, provide the support that is catered to meet your unique needs as opposed to a generic foot problem.

Custom orthotics aren’t just made to fit your feet. They’re designed with the best methods to support your individual foot structure and provide comfort and care all day. If you mainly experience pain on the ball of your foot, your custom devices will be built to counteract that specific problem.

Where generic shelf brand orthotics will meet the basic need of arch support, custom orthotics are built with a focus around you. Wherever in your foot you need the most support or pain relief, a custom device will be able to help.

Custom orthotics devices will not permanently fix flat feet as they are only effective while you’re wearing shoes, but they help alleviate daily pain and reduce the stress that is put on your feet.

Orthotics for Flat Feet
Custom Orthotics for Flat Feet Correction

You may be wondering how to rebuild arches in flat feet. Correcting flat feet issues can be done without surgery or invasive procedures thanks to custom orthotics. For those who wish to reduce their pain but don’t want to undergo surgery, custom orthotics are the best way to go. When used in combination with pain relievers and stretching techniques, they can help you live a pain-free lifestyle.

Supporting flat feet is vital for ensuring that your pain does not worsen or lead to future complications in your knees or legs. Unlike shelf brand orthotics, custom orthotics are built for your lifestyle and support you in all your daily activities. With targeted treatment and professional-grade technology, custom orthotic devices are one of the best ways to correct flat feet. Take our free quiz today to find out which orthotic type is best for your feet.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is intended for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before making any decisions about your health. If you have any questions about your health or are experiencing any medical problems, please contact your doctor or other healthcare provider immediately. Do not delay seeking medical attention based on the information provided in this article.