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How to Find the Best Insoles for Sneakers

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For those who would like to wear an insole to make sure their feet are feeling great, but who also tend to wear sneakers most of the time, it is a good idea to find an insole that will fit into your sneaker well. Doing so will give you a good deal of comfort and support when you walk around for the day.

There are so many great insoles that you are able to choose for your needs. Some are best for running while others may fit into a pair of work boots easier than others.

For those who want the comfort and support of insoles while wearing a pair of sneakers, it is best to know what you are looking for ahead of time. There are a few steps that you can take to make sure you find the best insoles for sneakers.

Tips To Help You Find The Best Insoles

Often you will start by looking at the type of foot pain you are dealing with and then compare that to the shoe you plan to place the insole inside.

This will help give you a good start on weeding through all of the options. To make the final selection, you will need to consider the material of the insole and the type of arch that your foot will need.

You may need to shop around a bit to find an insole that will fit into your sneaker and feels comfortable. With that in mind, some of the steps that you can consider when it is time to pick out the best insoles for your sneakers include:

Activity Of Choice

One of the first things that you should consider when picking out an insole to fit into your sneakers is the type of activity that you plan to do.

If you sit around the office and just move around on occasion, you will need to pick out a different type of insole compared to someone who stands and walks all day or someone who does a lot of physical activity.

Insoles for hiking and walking around, for example, could also be different than the ones that a soccer or a basketball player will wear. This is why you must consider the type of activity that you would like to do in the insole to ensure that you will work for your feet.

Compare and contrast the different insoles to make sure that you get one that can keep up with you.

Size Of The Insole

The size of the insole that you are able to work with is going to be important to make sure that they fit into the shoe the best. You need them to work well with your foot and the sneaker that you plan to wear the most. There are often several sizes that you can choose for an insole, often ranging the same as your shoe size, such as men’s 9 to 11.

The insoles will be sized in that manner because they are pre-trimmed so that they will fit your foot and the shoe size that you like to wear. If you already know the measurements of your foot, then this can make it easier to pick out the insole that you would like to wear. Pick one as close to your foot size as possible to get the best fit and size for healing your feet.

Placement Of The Insole

Many of the insoles that you choose to purchase at the store, especially the full-length ones, are designed so that you can take out the liner of the shoe and put this insole in its place. This helps give enough room for the insole and your foot at the same time.

The only exception to this is flat insoles, which you will be able to add to the shoe without having to remove the original insole that comes with your shoe. Insoles that are considered ¾ will be placed inside the shoe along with the liner that will come with the shoes.

Take a look at the type of insole that you would like to work with and see how it will fit into your shoe. You can then do some measurements and see whether it will work with the type of tennis shoe that you plan to wear.

Arch Type Of The Insole

Your arch is important when picking out an insole as well. You will need to pick a good insole that provides the foot with the exact arch support that it needs, helping to provide the foot with some relief at the same time. This is especially important if you feel like you are suffering from pain due to having flat feet.

There are several types of arches that you are able to choose from. Some customers will need high arches, some will need a low arch, and others will need a medium or a more neutral arch to help them stand well. You may want to try a few arches to see which one seems to give you the most comfort when you are walking around.

Best Insoles for Sneakers

The Footbed Type

When you pick out an insole that has some arch support to it, be aware that it will come in one of four different types. These are going to include:

  • Insoles that have a flat cushion and no arch support
  • Cushioned arch support
  • Semi-rigid orthotics
  • Rigid orthotics

You need to pick which of these insoles will be the right one for you. You first need to know which footbed type is the right one for you. For example, if you are struggling with flat foot, then you probably need to go with good arch support in the foot. But if you have a lot of foot pain throughout, more cushion may be perfect for you.

Comfort Custom Orthotics

The Materials Used in the Insole

Take a look at some of the materials that are used for your insoles as well. You want to go with something that is high-quality and made to last for a long time. If you go with substandard materials, it will not correct the issues of the foot and could make things even worse when you wear your sneakers.

You first need to determine how you will use the insole. If your goal is to have it keep the foot in place to correct an issue from misalignment, then you need to pick out materials that are firmer and more rigid. For more protection and cushioning, you would want to go with an insole that has a bit more padding on it.

Either way, you can often look at the insole and determine the quality of the materials that you are dealing with. You want it to feel like it is durable and will last quite a while. You plan to put it under your foot and run around on it quite a bit, so pick an insole that seems like it is up to the task.

Choosing the Best Insoles for Sneakers

While the first step to protecting your feet is to make sure that you choose a comfortable shoe that provides adequate support, you can also add some insoles into the shoe to provide additional support to fight off foot injury and pain as much as possible. Getting an insole that fits into your sneaker means relief for those with foot conditions.

Our team is here to help you with all of your potential foot issues. We understand that many things can go wrong with your feet and you need them to be in the best shape possible to ensure that nothing goes wrong and you will be able to walk around and complete daily activities.

Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics

When it comes to maximizing your comfort and performance in sneakers, standard insoles often fall short. They lack the personalized touch needed to truly address your foot's unique needs. Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics bridge this gap, offering a game-changing solution for your favorite pair of kicks.

Here's why Bilt Labs custom orthotics reign supreme over generic insoles for sneakers:

  • Unmatched Comfort and Support: Unlike one-size-fits-all insoles, Bilt Labs orthotics are custom-crafted to the exact contours of your feet. This personalized fit provides unparalleled comfort and targeted arch support, reducing fatigue and aches during extended wear. Whether you're pounding the pavement or hitting the gym, your feet will feel secure and supported throughout your workout or activity.

  • Enhanced Performance and Injury Prevention: Generic insoles often lack the stability and structure needed for optimal athletic performance. Bilt Labs custom orthotics, with their tailored design, promote proper foot alignment and biomechanics. This translates to increased stability, improved balance, and a more efficient transfer of energy during movement. Additionally, the reduced stress on your joints and muscles can help prevent common overuse injuries associated with sports and high-impact activities.

By investing in Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics, you're not just upgrading your sneakers – you're investing in a personalized performance and injury prevention system that elevates your footwear experience to a whole new level. Take our free quiz today to find out which orthotic type is best for your feet.

Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics

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