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​​What causes burning feet?

What Causes Burning Feet? A New Perspective

There are a lot of different issues that can show up with the health of your feet. They can hurt a little bit from standing on them too long during the day. They may have issues like plantar fasciitis that can make it hard to walk around and do much at all. But in some situations, you may notice that you have an issue with burning feet.

Many things can cause your feet to start burning. One of the most common reasons for this is that there is some nerve damage to the feet due to diabetes, but you may notice some other causes as well. The pain that you get from burning feet will sometimes be constant or intermittent and may be severe or mild.

Everyone is going to experience issues with their feet that are different when they say that the feet are burning. You may even notice that the pain is worse at night. The treatment for the feet burning will depend on the underlying cause of the feet. Some of the main causes of burning feet include:

Diabetes Neuropathy Can Lead to Burning Feet

Burning feet causes

If you do not take care of your high blood sugar for a long time, it can cause a lot of damage to the nerves and blood vessels around the home. Having high blood sugar is going to reduce the signals that go between the nerves, which can affect the sensation that you feel in different parts of the body, including the feet. It is possible for this damage to happen all throughout the body.

The longer that you have this high blood sugar, the more likely it is that you are going to have issues with burning feet. Looking into a healthy diet and monitoring your blood sugar levels can make a big difference in the health of your body and how great you will feel. It may even help reverse some of the burnings that you notice. It is important to note that neither rigid nor semi-rigid orthotics are not suggested for those with diabetes, due to nerve-damage and the possible resulting injury of wearing them.

Alcohol Usage Can Cause Foot Burning

When you are dealing with burning feet that will not stop, it may be time for you to limit your amount of alcohol use. Those who consume a lot of alcohol may notice that they could have some damage to the nerves known as alcoholic neuropathy. When left untreated, it is going to cause weakness, tingling, and pain in the feet.

You may notice a few other symptoms of this as well including:

  • Weakness of the muscles
  • Burning pain
  • Higher sensitivity to pain
  • Problems with your gait

Treatment will include stopping the use of alcohol and following a diet that has the necessary nutrients the whole time, especially the B vitamins. These will help you to prevent worsening symptoms and could even work to help out with some of the damage done to the nerves in the first place.

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Can Result in Burning Feet

Causes of burning feet

CMT is going to be a nerve disease that is inherited. It is going to affect the nerves that will control the muscles and it will be a progressive disease. This means that the symptoms will get worse over time.

One of the early symptoms of this condition is either weakness or paralysis in the hands and feet. The person could have some trouble when it is time to lift their foot or develop a high-stepped gait. Over time, there can be issues with muscle atrophy, when the muscles will start to lose some mass.

You will need to work with a doctor to help come up with the best treatment plan to help with this one. It can be progressive and may be hard to stop, but there are a few options that will help slow it down and make it better.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Can Cause Burning Sensations in the Foot

Another condition that could make the feet feel bad is known as complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS. This will occur in the limbs, but it is most common when you have surgery or an injury. It can involve some nerve damage that may affect how well the signals can go from the spine to the brain.

There are a few symptoms that you may notice when you start to suffer from CRPS. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Changes in the color or the texture of your skin
  • Swelling in the feet
  • Hypersensitivity to pain as a trigger
  • Tingling
  • Burning pain

With this condition, over 90% of the cases will happen after there is some trauma or injury to the nerves. However, you will find that some people develop this condition without any type of injury at all. Some believe that this is all about genetics as well.

Nutritional Deficiencies Can Cause Burning Feet

Burning feet

For some people, a lack of some of the important B vitamins will be enough to cause a bit of burning in the feet. This is a form of malnutrition that can be hard to diagnose, but you may want to take a few B vitamins and see whether they will make you feel a bit better as well.

You will need to focus on some of the major B vitamins to see the results. These can include vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and vitamin B9. Without them, you may notice that there is burning in the feet and issues with muscle coordination. You may also have issues with anemia, which will be a deficiency in healthy red blood cells and a vitamin B deficiency.

In Some Cases, Hypothyroidism Causes Burning Feet

In some cases, the issue could be an underactive thyroid. When this happens, it will change the balance of hormones inside the body. The symptoms that you will have depend on yourself, but some will have nerve damage. There can be other issues when you are suffering from hypothyroidism, so it is a good idea to try and catch it as soon as possible.

According to one study done in 2016, peripheral neuropathy could be an easy sign that you are dealing with hypothyroidism. It is a good idea to get both of these fixed and handled in order to give you the best health possible.

Infections Can Cause Burning Feet

For some people, the issue could be an infection in the feet. Nerve involvement will sometimes occur with different types of infections, which can then lead to a problem with burning pain in the feet. These may include conditions like shingles, syphilis, HIV, and Lyme disease. If you think there is an infection to deal with, then you should have your doctor check it out.

When Suffering From Athlete’s Foot, Some People Experience Burning Feet

Some patients are going to notice that they have burning feet when they suffer from athlete’s foot. This can be a contagious fungal infection that is going to affect the hands, toenails, and feet. A common symptom you will notice is that there is some itching between the toes or on the soles of the feet. Some other symptoms will include:

  • Blisters that show up on the feet cause some burning and itching
  • Peeling and cracking skin that shows up between the soles of the feet and the toes.
  • Dry skin that is on the sides of the feet or the soles.
  • Toenails that are starting to pull from the nail bed or seem to be crumbly and discolored.

You will need to work with your doctor to come up with the best treatment plan to ensure that you can get rid of the athlete’s foot and feel amazing once again. They will be able to provide you with some of the best treatment options that will ensure you are able to get rid of the athlete’s foot and will not notice the burning sensation in the feet again.

People Suffering From Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome May Have Burning Feet

Another condition that you are able to look into when it comes to burning feet, is known as tarsal tunnel syndrome. This is going to be a condition where the nerve that will run from the ankle down to the foot will feel squeezed a bit because of injury or swelling. This could lead to radiating, shooting, or sharp pain in the foot that goes up the leg.

Many experts are uncertain what is going to cause this condition, but it is estimated that 43% of those with this tarsal tunnel syndrome are going to have experienced some form of trauma or injury in the past, such as an ankle sprain. Early treatment is going to be the best option to help improve symptoms.

Taking Proper Care of Your Feet

It can be very uncomfortable when you feel your feet burning, even if it only happens for a few minutes. You need to recognize the signs of this in order to find the right treatment to keep your feet as safe as possible. When you are suffering from burning feet, it can seem like there is no hope at all, but our team is here to help.

We will be able to take a look at your feet and figure out what the underlying condition is that makes the feet feel like they are burning. We can then provide you with the best treatment and custom orthotics to keep your feet as happy as possible.


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