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Custom Orthotics In & Near Columbus, OH

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Custom Orthotics In & Near Columbus, OH : Best Local Providers

1. ABC Podiatry:

2. Columbus Podiatry & Surgery:

  • Address: 528 S 3rd St Suite 210, Columbus, OH 43215
  • Website:
  • Reviews: 4.2 stars on Google with 124 reviews

3. Orthopedic ONE:

4. Foot & Ankle Surgeons of Central Ohio:

5. Ohio State Sports Medicine:

6. Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists (multiple locations):

  • Address: 6891 E Broad St, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068 (one of several locations)
  • Website:
  • Reviews: 4.9 stars on Google with 242 reviews

7. Mid-Ohio Foot & Ankle Care:

8. Buckeye Podiatry:

9. Foot and Ankle Specialists of Ohio (multiple locations):

  • Address: 6855 E Broad St #200, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068 (one of several locations)
  • Website:
  • Reviews: 4.8 stars on Google with 220 reviews

10. Urban Podiatry:

Foot Pain Got You Down? Exploring Custom Orthotics In & Near Columbus, OH

Are foot aches and pains putting a damper on your daily life? Whether you're an athlete pushing your limits or simply someone who wants to walk pain-free, finding relief can feel like a distant dream. But before you resign yourself to a life of discomfort, consider exploring the world of custom orthotics.


What are Custom Orthotics?


Custom orthotics are specialized inserts designed to fit the unique contours of your feet. Unlike store-bought insoles, which are mass-produced and offer generic support, custom orthotics are crafted to address your specific needs and imbalances. This ensures optimal support and alignment, leading to pain relief and improved foot health.


How can Custom Orthotics Help?


Custom Orthotics In & Near Columbus, OH can offer a range of benefits, including:


  • Pain Relief: They can effectively alleviate pain caused by various foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arch pain, and metatarsalgia.
  • Improved Balance and Stability: Custom orthotics can help improve your balance and stability, reducing the risk of falls and injuries. This is especially beneficial for individuals with conditions like arthritis or neuropathy that affect their foot function.
  • Enhanced Performance: For athletes, custom orthotics can optimize their performance by improving their foot mechanics and reducing fatigue. They can also help prevent overuse injuries and promote faster recovery times.
  • Better Posture and Alignment: Custom orthotics can positively impact your posture and overall body alignment. By supporting your arches and correcting imbalances, they can help reduce stress on your knees, hips, and back, leading to improved pain management and better posture.

Finding the Right Custom Orthotic Provider:


Choosing the right custom orthotic provider is crucial. In Columbus, OH, and the surrounding areas, several options are available, including:

  • Podiatrists: These are foot specialists trained in diagnosing and treating foot conditions. They can assess your feet, recommend appropriate treatment options, and design custom orthotics for you.
  • Pedorthists: These are footwear specialists who focus on providing custom-made foot supports and footwear solutions. They can work closely with you to understand your needs and create orthotics that address your specific concerns.
  • Orthotic labs: Some orthotic labs specialize in creating custom orthotics based on prescriptions from podiatrists or other healthcare professionals.

Foot Health and Custom Orthotics Resources in Ohio:

1. The Ohio Podiatric Medical Association (OPMA):

  • URL:
  • Description: OPMA provides valuable resources for patients seeking information about foot health, including custom orthotics. Their website features a section on podiatric conditions and treatments, including information on the benefits of custom orthotics for various foot problems.
  • Relevance: Provides a comprehensive overview of foot health and custom orthotics in Ohio from a reputable medical association.

2. Columbus Podiatry Center:

  • URL:
  • Description: This website offers informative content on custom orthotics, including their benefits, types, and how they can address foot pain, gait issues, and various conditions.
  • Relevance: Specific to Columbus, providing information on custom orthotics from a local podiatry practice.

3. Foot & Ankle Surgeons of Central Ohio:

  • URL:
  • Description: This website provides information on custom orthotics, including how they can improve athletic performance and prevent overuse injuries. They also offer patient testimonials and FAQs about the process of getting custom orthotics.
  • Relevance: Provides information on custom orthotics specifically relevant to athletes and sports injuries, prevalent in Ohio.

4. The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center:

  • URL:
  • Description: This website offers a wealth of information about foot and ankle health, including a section on custom orthotics. They provide details on how custom orthotics can be used to treat various conditions and improve foot function.
  • Relevance: Provides a credible resource from a leading medical institution in Ohio, offering information on custom orthotics from a medical perspective.

Bilt Labs: A Convenient and Affordable Alternative:


For folks looking for a convenient and affordable alternative to local orthotic providers, Bilt Labs custom orthotics online is a fantastic option. Bilt Labs offers a straightforward process for getting custom orthotics made remotely.


Here's how it works:


  1. Order your kit: Choose the Bilt Labs custom orthotics type that best suits your needs and then a kit will be mailed out.
  2. Take precise impressions of your feet: The kit includes everything you need to capture accurate impressions of your feet at home.
  3. Send your impressions back to Bilt Labs: Once you've taken your impressions, mail them back to Bilt Labs in the pre-paid packaging provided.
  4. Receive your custom orthotics: Within a few weeks, you'll receive your custom-made orthotics ready to wear in your shoes.


Benefits of Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics:


  • Convenience: Order your kit and complete the entire process from the comfort of your own home.
  • Affordability: Bilt Labs offers custom orthotics at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional providers.
  • Quality: Bilt Labs uses high-quality materials and advanced technology to create orthotics that are both effective and comfortable.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Bilt Labs offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can try their orthotics risk-free.

Bilt Labs vs. Local Providers:


While local providers offer face-to-face interaction and personalized consultations, Bilt Labs provides a convenient and cost-effective solution. Bilt Labs' online process is simple and efficient, allowing you to get custom orthotics quickly and affordably.


Here's a quick comparison:


Feature Local Providers Bilt Labs
Convenience Requires in-person appointments Entire process completed at home
Cost Generally more expensive More affordable
Personalization Offers personalized consultations Offers online customization options
Turnaround Time Typically takes weeks Orthotics arrive within 2-3 weeks

Choosing the Right Option:


Ultimately, the best option for you depends on your individual needs and preferences. If convenience and affordability are top priorities, Bilt Labs offers a compelling alternative to local providers. However, if you value personalized consultations