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Custom Orthotics In & Near Long Beach, CA

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Custom Orthotics In & Near Long Beach, CA : Best Local Providers

1. Advanced Foot & Ankle Center:


  • Address: 2840 Long Beach Blvd Suite 205, Long Beach, CA 90806
  • Website:
  • Reviews: Google 4.6 with 210 reviews


2. A Step Above Foot Care:



3. Kim Holistic Foot & Ankle Center:


  • Address: 701 E 28th St #111, Long Beach, CA 90806
  • Website:
  • Reviews: Google 5.0 with 97 reviews


4. Dr. Michael Fishman, DPM, MS:



5. Human Designs Prosthetics And Orthotics:


  • Address: 1430 E Long Beach Blvd Suite 300, Long Beach, CA 90813
  • Website:
  • Reviews: Google 4.7 with 16 reviews


6. Prosthetic & Orthotic Group:


  • Address: 1330 E Pacific Coast Hwy Suite 300, Long Beach, CA 90806
  • Website:
  • Reviews: Google 5.0 with 15 reviews


7. Dr. Jeffrey Tseng, DPM:



8. Dr. Richard Graves, DPM:



9. Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center:



10. Family Foot & Ankle Center:


Conquering the Cali Coast Pain-Free: A Guide to Custom Orthotics in Long Beach, CA

Long Beach, CA, pulsates with vibrant energy, from the sun-kissed shores to the bustling downtown. But for those battling foot pain, this dynamic city can turn into a frustrating obstacle course. Fear not, fellow Long Beachians! Custom Orthotics In & Near Long Beach, CA, are here to be your invisible partners, enabling you to conquer the city's diverse terrain pain-free.


Your Feet: The Foundation of Your Adventures


Imagine your feet as intricate architectural marvels, each containing 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. They're your silent partners, supporting your every step and propelling you through Long Beach's diverse landscapes. 


But factors like genetics, overuse, and improper footwear can wreak havoc on these important structures, leading to pain and impacting your ability to explore the city's hidden gems.


Common Foot Foes and Their Impact:


  • Plantar fasciitis: Inflammation of the tissue connecting your heel to your toes, causing pain in the heel and arch. Goodbye, beach walks!
  • Heel pain: Discomfort in the heel area, often caused by plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or nerve entrapment. Farewell, Disneyland adventures!
  • Flat feet: Absence or low arch, leading to pain, discomfort, and fatigue in the feet and legs. Hiking the scenic trails? Not so much.
  • High arches: Abnormally high arch, causing stress on the ball of the foot and leading to pain and calluses. Cruising around the city on your scooter? Think again.
  • Overpronation: Excessive inward rolling of the foot, causing pain in the arch, ankle, and knee. Bidding farewell to the vibrant nightlife? Not if your feet have a say.
  • Supination: Insufficient inward rolling of the foot, leading to ankle instability and pain on the outside of the foot. Dancing the night away at The Pike? Not without foot support.

These are just some examples, and the specific impacts of foot pain can vary depending on the individual and the severity of the condition.


Custom Orthotics In & Near Long Beach, CA: Your Secret Weapon Against Foot Foes


Custom Orthotics In & Near Long Beach, CA, are personalized inserts designed specifically for your unique foot structure and needs. Unlike generic insoles found in stores, these tailor-made marvels provide targeted support and alleviate pain, allowing you to reclaim your active lifestyle. Think of them as invisible partners, enhancing your comfort and performance in various activities.


Here's why custom orthotics are your secret weapon against foot woes:


  • Reduced pain and enhanced comfort: Say goodbye to that nagging discomfort! Custom orthotics significantly reduce pain and discomfort in your feet, ankles, and knees, allowing you to conquer Long Beach's hills and explore its hidden alleyways with ease.
  • Improved balance and stability: Forget wobbly ankles and uneven strides! By correcting imbalances and supporting your arches, custom orthotics enhance your balance and stability, reducing the risk of slips and falls, especially valuable when navigating uneven sidewalks or the beach boardwalk.
  • Elevated performance: Whether you're chasing waves at Belmont Shore or conquering the Queen Mary stairs, custom orthotics optimize your foot mechanics and reduce fatigue, allowing you to perform at your best, whether it's on the volleyball court or the dance floor.
  • Improved posture and alignment: Custom orthotics can help improve your overall posture and alignment, reducing stress on your joints and enhancing your long-term health. Posture that's ready to conquer the city, one step at a time!
  • Preventative care: Investing in Custom Orthotics In & Long Beach, CA, today can help prevent the development of more serious foot problems in the future, allowing you to enjoy the city's endless possibilities for years to come.

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Custom Orthotic Providers in Long Beach


Long Beach offers a diverse range of options for finding the perfect Custom Orthotics In & Near Long Beach, CA:


  • Podiatrists: These foot specialists diagnose and treat foot conditions and can recommend the right orthotic option, designing custom inserts tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Pedorthists: Focusing on footwear solutions and custom foot supports, pedorthists work with you to understand your needs and design orthotics to address your unique concerns.
  • Orthotic Labs: These labs specialize in crafting custom orthotics based on prescriptions from podiatrists or other healthcare professionals.

5 Links to California Medical Websites on Custom Orthotics:

1. Stanford Health: "Foot Pain and Ankle Pain"


2. Cedars-Sinai: "Plantar Fasciitis"


3. UCSF Health: "Tips for Preventing Foot and Ankle Injuries"


4. Scripps Health: "What Are Common Foot Problems Caused by Ill-Fitting Shoes?"


5. Kaiser Permanente: "Plantar Fasciitis: Care Instructions"

Bilt Labs: A Convenient and Affordable Alternative


For Long Beachians seeking a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional providers, Bilt Labs' custom orthotics online offer an exceptional solution. Their custom orthotics are designed by experts and use high-quality materials to ensure optimal comfort and support.


  • Skip the Hassle, Embrace Comfort:


    Forget the wait times and inconvenient appointments. Bilt Labs empowers you to get the relief you need from the comfort of your own home. Their simple process lets you order your kit online, take your impressions, and send them back for custom-crafted orthotics. No stuffy waiting rooms, just sunshine and smiles.


  • Save Time and Money:

    Traditional orthotics often come with hefty price tags and require multiple appointments. Bilt Labs cuts through the hassle, offering top-quality, custom orthotics at a fraction of the cost and without the time commitment. More beach days, less foot-related bills – that's the Bilt Labs way.


  • Your Feet, Your Needs: 

    Bilt Labs doesn't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. They take your unique foot structure, needs, and activities into account, crafting inserts that provide targeted support and optimal comfort, whether you're conquering the Queen Mary stairs or strolling through the Pike. No more generic insoles leaving you feeling flat – Bilt Labs celebrates your unique feet!


  • Convenience at Your Fingertips:

    No need to juggle schedules or worry about limited office hours. Bilt Labs makes the entire process accessible and flexible, allowing you to get the relief you need on your own terms. More time for exploring Long Beach's hidden gems, less time waiting in line – that's the Bilt Labs advantage.


  • Uncompromising Quality:

    Bilt Labs uses only the highest-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure your orthotics are durable, comfortable, and effective in alleviating pain and improving your overall foot health. No more flimsy inserts falling apart – Bilt Labs builds orthotics that last, just like your Long Beach adventures.


Ready to ditch the foot fatigue and embrace the Long Beach lifestyle? Bilt Labs' custom orthotic insoles are your ticket to pain-free adventures. Take our free quiz today to find out which orthotic type is best for your feet.