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Custom Orthotics In & Near Washington, DC

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Custom Orthotics In & Near Washington, DC : Best Local Providers

1. Foot & Ankle Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic:

2. Dr. Andrew Carver DPM:

3. Foot & Ankle Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic:

4. Podiatry Associates of Washington, D.C.:

2. Capital Orthotic Laboratory:

6. Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics:

  • Address:¬†1722 14th St NW,¬†Suite 300,¬†Washington,¬†DC 20009
  • Website:¬†
  • Reviews:¬†4.6 stars on Google with 22 reviews

7. Orthotics & Prosthetic Assistance Fund:

8. Palmercare Chiropractic:

  • Address:¬†1701 14th St NW,¬†Suite 400,¬†Washington,¬†DC 20009
  • Website:¬†
  • Reviews:¬†4.8 stars on Google with 274 reviews

9. Washington Foot & Ankle Institute:

10. Expert Shoe & Luggage Repair:

Conquer Foot Pain in D.C.: Your Guide to Custom Orthotics

D.C., a vibrant city where history meets hustle, demands a lot from your feet. Whether you're exploring iconic landmarks, traversing bustling streets, or simply running errands, constant footwork can lead to pain, fatigue, and discomfort. But fear not, custom orthotics might be the answer you've been searching for.


Why Custom Orthotics?


Did you know you walk an average of 150,000 miles in your lifetime? That's immense pressure on your feet, and it's no wonder they need extra support. Unlike generic insoles offering basic cushioning, custom orthotics are personalized inserts molded to your unique foot structure. 


This provides superior support and alignment, addressing specific imbalances and alleviating pain caused by:


  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel spurs
  • Arch pain
  • Metatarsalgia

Benefits of Custom Orthotics:


  • Pain Relief:¬†Say goodbye to foot pain and enjoy improved mobility.
  • Enhanced Balance and Stability:¬†Reduce the risk of falls and injuries,¬†especially if you have arthritis or neuropathy.
  • Athletic Performance Boost:¬†Optimize your performance,¬†prevent overuse injuries,¬†and recover faster.
  • Better Posture and Alignment:¬†Improve overall posture,¬†reduce stress on your knees,¬†hips,¬†and back,¬†and achieve better pain management.

Finding the Right Provider:


Several options are available for custom orthotics in and near D.C.:

  • Podiatrists:¬†These foot specialists assess your feet,¬†recommend treatments,¬†and design custom orthotics for your specific needs.
  • Pedorthists:¬†These footwear specialists provide custom foot supports and solutions,¬†working closely with you to understand your needs and create personalized orthotics.
  • Orthotic Labs:¬†These labs specialize in creating custom orthotics based on prescriptions from podiatrists or other healthcare professionals.


Medical Websites:

1.MedStar Health: Foot and Ankle Center:

  • URL:¬†
  • Description:¬†Provides information on foot and ankle conditions treated at MedStar Health,¬†including custom orthotics.
  • Relevance:¬†Offers expert information on custom orthotics from a leading healthcare system in Washington,¬†DC.

2. George Washington University Hospital: Foot & Ankle Institute:

  • URL:¬†
  • Description:¬†Provides details on foot and ankle conditions treated at GW Hospital,¬†including information on custom orthotics.
  • Relevance:¬†Offers insights into custom orthotics from a renowned academic medical center in Washington,¬†DC.

Health Websites:


1. Washingtonian: Best Foot Doctors in Washington, DC:

  • URL:¬†
  • Description:¬†Lists top-rated podiatrists in Washington,¬†DC,¬†who offer custom orthotics.
  • Relevance:¬†Provides recommendations for finding a qualified provider for custom orthotics in the city.

2. DC Health Link: Foot and Ankle Care:

3. American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA):

  • URL:¬†
  • Description:¬†The national organization for podiatrists,¬†offering information on foot and ankle conditions,¬†including custom orthotics.
  • Relevance:¬†Provides reliable,¬†comprehensive information on custom orthotics from a trusted medical organization.

3. Bilt Labs: Custom Orthotics:

  • URL:¬†
  • Description:¬†A company offering convenient and affordable custom orthotics online,¬†with a focus on Washington,¬†DC residents doing so from the comfort of home.
  • Relevance:¬†Provides a direct link to alternative options for accessing custom orthotics in the city.

Bilt Labs: Your Convenient and Affordable Option:


Looking for a convenient and affordable alternative to local providers? Bilt Labs offers custom orthotics online, making the process simple and straightforward:


  1. Choose your orthotic type: Select from various orthotic types to suit your needs and activity levels.
  2. Take precise impressions: Capture accurate impressions of your feet at home with the provided materials.
  3. Send your impressions back: Use the pre-paid packaging to return your impressions to Bilt Labs.
  4. Receive your custom orthotics: Bilt Labs will build your personalized orthotics and they will arrive, ready to wear in your shoes in the mail.

Why Choose Bilt Labs?


  • Convenience:¬†Order your kit and complete the process from home.
  • Affordability:¬†Save money compared to traditional providers.
  • Quality:¬†Enjoy high-quality materials and advanced technology for effective and comfortable orthotics.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee:¬†Try Bilt Labs' orthotics risk-free with their money-back guarantee.

Bilt Labs - A Great Choice for D.C. Residents:


With their convenient online process, affordable pricing, and high-quality products, Bilt Labs provides a compelling alternative for D.C. residents seeking custom orthotics. Conquer foot pain and navigate the vibrant streets of the capital city with ease.


Ready to try Bilt Labs? Visit their website to learn more and choose the right orthotic type for your feet.

For Washington, DC residents looking for Custom Orthotics In & Near Washington, DC, Bilt Labs provides a compelling alternative to traditional providers. Their convenient online process, affordable pricing, and high-quality products help you conquer foot pain and navigate the vibrant streets of the capital city with ease.