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Orthotics Near Me In Denver, CO.

Bilt Labs - Custom Orthotics Online

  • Website:
  • Phone Number: (888) 506-7846
  • Reviews:
  • While not a physical location, Bilt Labs offers a convenient alternative with custom orthotic insoles ordered online.  Each pair is made from the molds of your feet & you receive the same medical grade process & materials given to doctors nationwide for their patients. 

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Designed for an active lifestyle.

best custom orthotic insoles inserts orthotics


Designed for normal day-to-day use.

Orthotics Near Me In Denver, CO. - Best Local Providers


1. The Foot Mechanic:


  • Address: 878 S Lipan St Suite A-1, Denver, CO 80209
  • Website:
  • Google Rating: 4.9 with 64 reviews
  • Review: "Dr. Johnson is amazing! Took the time to explain everything and was very thorough. My custom orthotics have made a huge difference in my pain." - Sarah K.

2. Creative Custom Foot Orthotics:


  • Address: 5500 E Yale Ave #110, Denver, CO 80222
  • Website:
  • Google Rating: 5.0 with 12 reviews
  • Review: "From the initial consultation to the final fitting, the experience was amazing. My orthotics are incredibly comfortable and have relieved my foot pain." - John M.

3. The Dynamic Foot Orthotics:


  • Address: 2157 S Lincoln St, Denver, CO 80210
  • Website:
  • Google Rating: 4.6 with 62 reviews
  • Review: "The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. My orthotics have helped me improve my running performance." - Jane A.

4. Colorado Clinics for the Foot and Ankle:


  • Address: 9137 Ridgeline Blvd Suite 140, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 & 2373 Central Park Boulevard Suite 201, Denver, CO 80238
  • Website:
  • Google Rating: 4.8 with 44 reviews
  • Review: "Dr. Ouderkirk is the best! He is very patient and listened to all my concerns. My new orthotics are a game-changer." - Michael R.

5. Front Range Podiatry:


  • Address: 8232 S Santa Fe Dr #106, Littleton, CO 80120
  • Website:
  • Google Rating: 4.9 with 46 reviews
  • Review: "I had a great experience with Front Range Podiatry. They were very professional and made sure I was comfortable throughout the process." - Sarah T.

6. Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists:


  • Address: 3800 E Colfax Ave Suite 300, Denver, CO 80206
  • Website:
  • Google Rating: 4.8 with 146 reviews
  • Review: "Dr. Smith is highly skilled and took the time to explain my condition in detail. My orthotics have helped me manage my plantar fasciitis." - John B.

7. Colorado Foot & Ankle Center:


  • Address: 7585 E Hampden Ave Suite 200, Denver, CO 80231
  • Website:
  • Google Rating: 4.5 with 142 reviews
  • Review: "The staff at Colorado Foot & Ankle Center is very friendly and accommodating. My custom orthotics have made a significant difference in my foot pain." - Jane K.

8. Mile High Foot & Ankle:


  • Address: 1255 Broadway Suite 820, Denver, CO 80203 & 6370 S Holly St Suite 100, Centennial, CO 80121
  • Website:
  • Google Rating: 4.7 with 87 reviews
  • Review: "Dr. Lee is very knowledgeable and provided me with several treatment options. My orthotics have been a lifesaver!" - Michael L.

9. Cherry Creek Foot Clinic:


  • Address: 300 E Speer Blvd Suite 1100, Denver, CO 80209
  • Website:
  • Google Rating: 4.5 with 146 reviews
  • Review: "I highly recommend Cherry Creek Foot Clinic. The staff is very friendly

Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics

No doctor visit needed! Bilt Labs provides custom orthotics made just for you, using the same medical-grade materials and process as doctors nationwide.

custom orthotic insoles inserts orthotics


Designed for an active lifestyle.

best custom orthotic insoles inserts orthotics


Designed for normal day-to-day use.

Conquering the Mile High City Without a Hitch: Your Guide to Orthotics Near Me in Denver, CO

Denver, the vibrant Mile High City, beckons with its majestic mountains, buzzing downtown streets, and endless outdoor adventures. But for many residents, these urban expeditions can morph into painful treks for tired, achy feet. Enter the world of Orthotics Near Me in Denver, CO, your gateway to pain-free exploration and rediscovering the joy of every step.


Why Go Custom For Your Denver Experience?:


Forget the one-size-fits-all approach! Orthotics Near Me in Denver, CO are about bespoke solutions for your unique feet. No more generic insoles offering lukewarm comfort. With a custom fit, you'll experience:


  • Targeted Pain Relief: Whether it's plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or arch discomfort, custom orthotics address your specific pain points, providing relief that lasts, letting you conquer those Denver sidewalks without wincing.

  • Improved Posture and Gait: Orthotics can correct misalignments, preventing future problems and ensuring your walk is smooth and pain-free, allowing you to navigate the vibrant LoDo district with confidence.

  • Enhanced Performance: For athletes, runners, and fitness enthusiasts, orthotics can optimize your biomechanics, improving stability, balance, and even boosting your athletic performance on the Cherry Creek bike path.

  • Increased Comfort: Say goodbye to tired, achy feet after a day of exploring the Denver Botanic Gardens! Orthotics provide cushioning and support, turning every Denver stroll into a pleasure, ensuring you soak in the city's delights without foot fatigue.

Finding the Perfect Fit: Orthotics Near Me in Denver, CO:


The search for Orthotics Near Me in Denver, CO starts with a thorough assessment. Podiatrists and specialized clinics utilize innovative scanning technologies and gait analysis to understand your unique needs. Whether you have flat feet, high arches, or anything in between, these experts will craft the perfect orthotics to match your foot's blueprint.

But navigating the vast Denver landscape of providers can be overwhelming. Worry not, intrepid explorer! Here's a curated list of top-notch options, conveniently categorized by neighborhood:


Downtown & Capitol Hill:


  • Mile High Foot & Ankle: Located in the heart of Downtown, this center boasts experienced podiatrists and advanced gait analysis technology to craft precision orthotics for tackling the 16th Street Mall.

  • Colorado Foot & Ankle Center: Nestled near the Colorado State Capitol, this clinic prides itself on personalized care and cutting-edge technology, ensuring your Denver explorations happen pain-free.

RiNo & Highlands:


  • Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists: Step into this RiNo-based clinic and experience their comprehensive podiatry services, including the creation of custom orthotics tailored to your unique Denver adventures, be it brewery hopping or exploring art galleries.

  • Creative Custom Foot Orthotics: Situated in the charming Highlands neighborhood, this clinic crafts orthotics with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every step you take in Denver is one of comfort and support.

South Denver & Cherry Creek:


  • The Foot Mechanic: Whether you're tackling Cherry Creek trails or shopping at upscale boutiques, this clinic's advanced biomechanical analysis and custom orthotics will propel you through South Denver with ease.

  • Front Range Podiatry: Located in Littleton, this clinic offers convenient access to experienced podiatrists who specialize in crafting custom orthotics to combat any Denver foot pain you might encounter.

Remember, the magic words: Orthotics Near Me in Denver, CO! Use them like a mantra, a guiding light leading you to a world of pain-free exploration.


Beyond the City Limits:


No matter where your Denver adventures take you, there's an Orthotics Near Me in Denver, CO waiting to equip you. Whether you're venturing to Golden, Boulder, or beyond, a quick online search can connect you with qualified providers in your vicinity.


Investing in Your Feet, Investing in Yourself:

Yes, custom orthotics are an investment. But consider it an investment in your well-being, in your ability to truly conquer Denver's vibrant streets and breathtaking landscapes. Think of the memories you'll create, the neighborhoods you'll explore, all without foot pain holding you back.


The Benefits Go Beyond Your Feet:


Choosing Orthotics Near Me in Denver, CO isn't just about pain relief; it's about empowering yourself to experience the best of Denver. Improved mobility means:


  • Enhanced Confidence: Say goodbye to limping or wincing – walk with confidence and conquer any Denver challenge with orthotics supporting your every step.

Colorado Resources for Understanding and Addressing Foot Issues:

  1. Centura Health - Foot and Ankle Center: - This comprehensive resource from Centura Health, a leading Colorado healthcare provider, offers in-depth information on various foot problems like plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bunions, and more. It also explains how custom orthotics and insoles can help manage these conditions and improve overall foot health.

  1. Colorado Podiatric Medical Association: - The official site of the Colorado Podiatric Medical Association provides valuable patient education materials on diverse foot issues prevalent in the state. You'll find sections on foot biomechanics, common foot pain causes like high arches and flat feet, and how custom orthotics can address these concerns, helping you navigate Colorado's unique terrain with ease.

  1. University of Colorado - Foot and Ankle Surgery: - Renowned for its expertise and research, UCHealth's Foot and Ankle Surgery department shares informative patient education materials online. Learn about common foot concerns like overpronation, supination, and the benefits of custom orthotics in correcting these imbalances and enhancing gait stability for your Colorado adventures.

  1. Foot Levelers - Foot Health Resources: - While not based in Colorado, Foot Levelers is a widely respected American company specializing in custom orthotics. Their blog is a treasure trove of articles on various foot issues, including pain relief strategies, choosing the right insoles, and understanding how orthotics can help manage conditions like high arches and flat feet, offering valuable insights applicable to residents throughout Colorado.

  1. American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA): - The official website of the APMA provides a wealth of resources for the public, including a dedicated section on "Patient Education." Here you'll find information on common foot conditions experienced by many Coloradans, like Achilles tendonitis, bunions, and hammertoes, along with explanations of how custom orthotics and specific support options can provide relief and improve foot function.