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Bilt Labs Inc.

11 Feb, 2024, 05:00 CST

Bilt Labs offers affordable, convenient, and effective at-home custom orthotics, disrupting the industry despite some doctor concerns, bringing pain relief to millions.


  • Bilt Labs offers simple at-home foot mold impression kit, skipping additional doctor visits & high costs.
  • Some doctors wary, while others partner with Bilt Labs but users love the convenience, affordability & effectiveness.
  • Bilt Labs Mission: Accessible, affordable foot care for everyone, reducing need for doctor multiple visits.
  • Bilt Labs disrupts the industry with tech & affordability, offering relief to millions with foot pain.

HOUSTON, Texas, Feb. 11, 2024/BiltLabsnewsfeed/ -- For millions of Americans, chronic foot pain is a daily reality, impacting everything from their careers to their ability to enjoy leisure activities. Traditionally, treatment involved expensive consultations with podiatrists and lengthy waits for custom orthotics. Enter Bilt Labs, a Texas based company disrupting the orthotic industry with an innovative at-home solution that's leaving some doctors feeling...well, a little sore.

Bilt Labs offers a revolutionary approach to custom orthotics. Their process starts with a simple at-home foot impression kit you can do in your living room. This mold captures intricate details of your foot's unique measurements, which are then used to 3D scanned, designed using orthotic software, built using professional CNC processing and then hand-finish for personalized insoles tailored to your specific needs. No more plaster molds, no more numerous and expensive appointments, —just pain relief delivered straight to your door.

"We saw a major gap in the market," explains Mitch Gainer, co-founder of Bilt Labs. "Traditional methods were inconvenient, expensive, and often inaccessible. Our mission is to make personalized medical foot care accessible and affordable for everyone." And effective it seems.

Early adopters rave about the difference Bilt Labs insoles have made in their lives. "It's like magic for your feet," says Sarah Johnson, a teacher who struggled with plantar fasciitis for years. "The Bilt Labs insoles are the first ones that actually fit perfectly and provide the support I need. And to be honest, it was way more affordable than what my doctor offered."

However, Bilt Labs' success hasn't gone unnoticed by some in the medical community. Some doctors worry that this at-home solution might mean less visits from their patients while other doctors support Bilt Labs and even partner with them supply orthotics for their patients.

"While we understand the concerns of some doctors," says Dr. Naughton, "we believe Bilt Labs complements existing healthcare, not replaces it. Our technology allows for early intervention and preventative care, potentially reducing the need for more expensive treatments down the line." Bilt Labs uses technology backed by extensive research and clinical trials, and they offer a money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction.

With its convenient, affordable, and effective approach, Bilt Labs is poised to disrupt the traditional orthotics industry. Whether this upsets doctors or not, one thing is clear: millions of people with foot pain are finally finding relief in the comfort of their own homes. This at-home solution is resonating with a growing number of foot pain sufferers, offering a glimmer of hope in the ongoing battle against this widespread epidemic.

About Bilt Labs

For over 25 years, Bilt Labs has been shaking up the orthotics industry, bringing innovative, custom-made comfort to millions of feet across the country. Their custom-made insoles that are anything but ordinary. While others offered one-size-fits-all solutions, they saw the need for personalized care, tailored to each individual's unique feet.

Their dedication to comfort and innovation has earned them recognition as a leading provider of custom orthotics. Acclaimed for their revolutionary at-home process and unwavering commitment to quality. For more information about Bilt Labs, visit their About Us page at or learn more about orthotics by checking out the blog at You can also stay up to date on all things orthotic related by following them on Instagram, Facebook and by subscribing to their YouTube channel. 

SOURCE Bilt Labs Inc.