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The Big Question...

Why does it take 21 Business Days?

Ever wondered what happens to your foot mold kit after you send it off to Bilt Labs? We hear you!

Transparency and understanding are key, so we're breaking down the customization process, step by step.

  • You'll see why our 21 business days lead to years of pain-free comfort.
  • Unlike generic insoles, we believe every foot deserves a unique solution.
  • That's why we take the time to craft custom orthotics, tailored specifically to your needs.

Kit Check-in

Arrival At The Lab

As soon as your kit arrives back at the lab, the 21 Business Days processing time starts. We begin by checking in your completed kit into our secure customer management system and sending you a confirmation email letting you know that you can relax; it's in good hands.

Kit Unpacked

Getting In Line

Next, we carefully unpack your kit and it gets in line to be processed. We review your documents to make sure nothing important is missing and then scan your paperwork and tracings into 2 secure management systems ensuring your information and documents are readily available for our entire team.

3D Scanning

Your Foot Mold Impression

Now it's time to scan your foot mold using TechMed 3D scanning technology to create a precise 3D model of your foot, capturing every unique detail from the heel, through the arch and to the toes. This model is then uploaded to our FitFoot360 orthotic software.


Your Design

Using orthotic software, our team of specialists, along with Dr. Naughton, our board certified podiatrist, analyzes your impression and documents, taking into account your activity level, pain points, specific needs.

This comprehensive analysis ensures your insoles address your unique requirements, providing targeted support and comfort.

Peace of Mind

Podiatrist Approved

For an extra layer of expertise, Dr. Naughton, our board-certified podiatrist, personally reviews and approves your final design. His expertise ensures we get the fit just right for optimal support for your specific foot anatomy. This level of care is what sets Bilt Labs apart!


The Build Set Up

Once approved, your final design is transferred to FitMill360, a 3D printing technology solution made for creating 3/4 length orthotics. This software calculates the build parameters, guaranteeing your insoles are crafted with precision and accuracy, matching your unique foot shape flawlessly.

Physical Creation

The Build

Now, it's time to bring your orthotic insoles to life! Nothing is pre-made or off-the-shelf. FitMill360 communicates with our Freedom Machine Tool and sends your 3D design to be milled, transforming your digital design into a physical reality. But they'll need some TLC in order to be comfortable under your feet.

The Shell

Hand-Finishing Details

Next, your orthotics undergo a clean up. These insoles aren't quite ready for your feet yet. Our skilled technicians carefully remove any excess material and smooth the edges of your insoles so that they easily slide into your shoes. Every detail counts!

Adding Comfort

Medical-Grade Materials

Time for the plush touch! To make your orthotics comfortable, we now add the medical-grade materials you selected for the top cover. But it doesn't stop there! We also add any needed modifications such as met pads or extra cushioning in targeted areas based on your personal needs.

Your Tracings

Extra Customization

Next, we use your tracings to shape the top cover materials so that will snuggly fit into your shoes. This is important because just like your feet, every shoe is different! That right, shoe brands and style types are different in length and shape. A size 8 Nike running shoe is not the same as a size 8 Cole Haan dress shoe.

Expert Craftsmanship

Hand-Finished Perfection

After we get the outline of your tracings, our experienced technicians get to work on meticulously sculpting the length and shape of your top covers, ensuring optimal support and comfort. We want your orthotics to seamlessly integrate with your footwear for a truly personalized feel.

Inspection Time

Quality Control

Every pair undergoes rigorous quality inspection to guarantee comfort and performance before heading your way. We ensure they meet our (and your) high standards. Only insoles that meet these expectations move forward.

Pack & Ship

Comfort Headed Your Way

Finally, the moment you've been waiting for! Our 21st business day processing ends as your custom-made insoles are packed with love and then shipped out via USPS to your home, ready to revolutionize your foot health and activity experience.

Get ready to experience unparalleled comfort, improved posture, pain relief, and a renewed sense of confidence in every step you take.

So, why 21 business days?

It's a testament to our commitment to quality and true customization.

By understanding each step, you can appreciate the dedication and expertise that goes into every pair of Bilt Labs insoles, and the incredible transformation that awaits your feet!

  • Quality takes time: We prioritize premium medical-grade materials and meticulous craftsmanship for long-lasting comfort and support.
  • Personalized attention: Each insole is treated like a unique work of art, not a mass-produced product.
  • Expert analysis: Our team pours their knowledge and experience into creating the perfect solution for YOUR feet.

The wait is worth it! Bilt Labs insoles are an investment in your long-term foot health and well-being.

Relax, knowing your comfort is in expert hands, and get ready to step into a world of pain-free possibilities!

Explore our website to learn more and get started!

P.S. Curious about those "business" days? Think of it like this: we work Monday-Friday (excluding holidays). We're human and enjoy weekends and holidays, just like you!