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Best exercises to help metatarsalgia pain

Best Exercises To Help Metatarsalgia Pain

We rely on our feet to carry us through life and help us to see the best results possible. We need them for work, to get from one location to another, and even to exercise on occasion.

The more we use our feet, the more that they can develop some different problems along the way and we need to find some of the best treatments to take care of the problem. Metatarsalgia is one of the conditions that you may need to deal with when it comes to the foot.

It can result in a lot of pain and discomfort when you are walking around and it could mean that you need to stop participating in some activities that include a lot of jumping and running. Let’s take a closer look at this condition and then find the best exercises to help with metatarsalgia pain.

What is Metatarsalgia Pain?

Which exercises are best for metatarsalgia pain?

Metatarsalgia is going to be a condition where the ball of the foot will become inflamed and painful. You could find that it develops if you participate in activities that require you to jump and run.

There are some other things that can cause it as well, including deformities in the foot or wearing shoes that are too loose or too tight. Although this condition is not generally seen as serious, it can be enough to sideline you.

The good news is that there are some at-home treatments that you can choose, like rest and ice, that will do wonders when it comes to relieving the issues. Wearing the right shoes, especially ones that can absorb the shock when you walk and good arch supports can be good.

There are a few symptoms that you can look out for when it comes to handling the metatarsalgia and they include

  • A sharp, aching, or burning pain in the ball of the foot. This is most noticeable on the sole just behind the toes.
  • Pain that will worsen when you try to stand, flex your foot, run, or walk. This is most pronounced when you are walking barefoot on a hard surface. It can get better when you rest.
  • Sharp or shooting pain, tingling in the toes, and general numbness as well.
  • A feeling like you have a pebble in your shoe

If the pain gets too unbearable that you are not able to do some of your normal daily activities, it is a good idea for you to talk to your doctor and see what they recommend for helping give you some relief.

Exercises to Help Metatarsalgia Pain

Now that we know a bit more about this condition, it is time for us to look at some of the exercises that you can do to make sure that your foot is happy and healthy and the pain does not get too bad. Some of the best exercises that you can try out for this condition include:

Stretching the Calf is one of the Best Exercises for Metatarsalgia

When you take the time to stretch out the tendons of the calf, you may find that it will alleviate some of the discomforts that come from this condition. To start this one, you will want to stand so that you are arms-length from the wall and then lean in, stepping one of your feet in front of the other and having your hands on the wall.

Make sure that the back heel stays on the floor and your knee straight and then feel the stretch over to the calf muscle. Hold the stretch for 30 to 60 seconds and then switch the legs around. Try to do this two times a day to alleviate some of the discomforts that you may have with metatarsalgia.

To Prevent Metatarsalgia, One Can Do Achilles Tendon Stretch

You need to make sure that your Achilles tendon is loose and flexible as much as possible in order to make sure that the metatarsalgia is not going to get too tight either. This is a good one to help get that done.

You can start by standing on a curb or a stair with your heels a little bit off the edge, making sure that you are able to maintain your balance. Now slowly lower the heels and hold the position for a few seconds while you stretch out the Achilles tendon.

Rise onto the toes to help flex the calf and then hold onto that for a few seconds and repeat. Do three sets of 12 of these a day to get the best results.

Doing Ankle Extension Can Possibly Help with Metatarsalgia

It is possible for the ankles to get stiff with some of the daily movements that you do, especially if you are being athletic. This ankle extension is going to help with that while preventing the issue at hand.

Sit in a chair to start this one, cross the bad foot over your knee, and then grab the ankle with your hand on the same side. You can hold onto the toes with the opposite hand and then pull them to you until the feet start to feel some pain, but not so that it is unbearable at the time.

You can hold onto this for five to ten seconds, and then relax it for ten seconds. You can do three sets of eight each day and do on both sides if it is necessary.

Ankle Flexion Prevents Getting Your Ankles from Experiencing Metatarsalgia

Here is another good one that is going to help your ankles get loose and feel better. Sit down again as you did with the ankle extension, with the foot that is in pain crossed over the other leg.

Grab the ankle with the opposite hand this time, and the toes with the same side hand. When you are ready, you can pull your toes into the lower leg until you feel a little bit of pain.

Ease off a little here and then hold the stretch for five to ten seconds. You may find that you will need to build up to doing longer without aggravating the foot and making the ankle tired. But any little bit will help take care of the problem too.

In Order to Get Your Ankles Strong and Prevent Metatarsalgia, One Can Do Toe Pulling

This one is going to focus a bit more on the toes to make it a bit stronger as well. The toe pull exercise is going to feel and look a bit unusual when you first get started, but you may find that it provides you a bit of relief and it is going to be easy for you to complete as well.

You will need to stand so that you are barefoot and the feet are around hips-width apart. Curl in the toes of one foot, then the other, just like you are trying to grab something with them.

Now attempt to pull yourself along the floor between three to six feet with the toes. You will try to do 25 reps for each foot, working up to more so that the feet and toes can get stronger and you can fight off the issue as well.

Taking Care of Your Feet

Best exercises for pain relief from metatarsalgia?

When you suffer from metatarsalgia, you may worry that you are going to end up with the pain forever. But many of the exercises we recommend above will help you to deal with the pain and discomfort that this condition causes and will provide you with some of the relief that you need.

Try to spend a few minutes a day on the exercise to help them feel better. At URthotics, we are here to work with you to take the best care of your feet possible. We understand that each foot is unique and you need to work with the best products to take care of them and feel better.

Our team will work with you to find the custom orthotic that provides comfort and support in all the right places. Trust us for all of your custom orthotic needs.


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