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Best insoles you can get to increase your height

The Best Insoles You Can Get To Increase Your Height

While we may not be able to do much about the genetics we are given and are stuck at a given height, it is likely that you have noticed in the real world how much height is going to matter. Height will give you an edge to stand out among the crowd and can make you feel like you belong more than when you are shorter.

It is impossible to increase our height overnight and once you get to a certain age, you may find that your growing years are behind you. The best way for you to get a temporary adjustment to your height, without going through some extreme measures to get it done is to look at insoles that will help to increase your height.

These insoles are comfortable and can fit right in your shoe, which means that no one but you will know that you are wearing them.

You can even choose a pair that will have the right heel support and arches so that you can not only be taller, you can protect your foot. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best insoles you can use to increase your height.

Can Insoles Make Me Taller?

Best height increasing insoles

The first thing that we should look at when picking out insoles to increase our height is whether they are going to work. They will make you a little taller, but don’t think that you will be able to add on a ton of inches with these without looking silly or making your balance go off a bit. You will get a bit of extra height from them though.

Shoe insoles can make you a little taller, as long as you purchase ones that are specifically meant to increase your height. Standard insoles that you can choose that are just for support and cushioning will not be able to do that.

The ones that add height will have a wedge designed to lift up the heel to help you appear a bit taller when they are in your shoes. Some of these insoles are going to not just have the wedge to lift the heel, but also some extra attachments that you can add to the base height if you would like.

Keep in mind that the wedge is not going to be extremely large with these because the whole insole still needs to fit into your shoe comfortably for you to walk around.

Which Insoles Can Increase My Height

Insoles to increase your height

Now that we know that insoles can help increase your height, it is time to go shopping and see which ones will work. You need to be selective with these insoles, picking ones that have good reviews and not only will help improve your height, but will provide stability, support, and comfort when you walk around. Some of the insoles to consider include

ERGOFoot Height Increase Insole

This is a great insole that fits directly into your shoe without anyone else noticing. In fact, you can choose how much height you would like to add, including 3cm, 5cm, 7cm, and 9cm. You can be in control and decide how many layers to add to the insoles so that you can add in the exact amount of height to feel better.

In addition to some of the height features that you may look for, these insoles will come with air cushions that provide additional protection and comfort and the soft rubber material will keep the foot in place, despite the height, so that it does not slip. It is possible to customize this insole so that it will fit the size of your foot when you wear it.

Dr. Foot Orthopedic Heel Lifts Can Help You Build Up to the Height That You Want

These insoles are going to help you build up to the height that you want by adding more features to the heel. It is possible to comfortably add three layers to the insole and have it still fit into the shoe.

PU gel material will help the parts come together so you won’t have to worry about slipping and sliding. And it fits into any size of shoe that you would like to wear too.

While anyone is able to wear this insole, it has been designed to relieve some of the pain and correct length in leg discrepancies that patients may have from clinical conditions and amputation. It can also add on a little bit of height if that is a primary concern for you.

Klursy Air-Cushion Height Increase Insole

This is one of the best if you need to add a good number of inches to your feet compared to the others. It will allow you to add up to 3.5 inches to your height, though it is possible to get ones that are smaller as well. You can choose the amount of height that you would like to add to your shoes.

In addition to some of the impressive height options that you can choose, these insoles will come with a shock-absorbing cushioning system that will absorb some of the impacts when you walk, avoiding pains and strains in the muscles when you walk. It is adjustable and works for most shoe sizes for men and women, making it perfect for everyone.

Burlingham Shoe Lift Insoles for Adding Height

Next on the list for custom insoles for adding height is the Burlingham Shoe Lift. This one will allow you to get an additional 1.25 to 2 inches of height for you to enjoy.

It has a shock-proof cushion that is meant to mold to the feet, providing you with some of the comfort and protection that you are looking for while adding a few inches to your height.

This lift is going to be compatible with a few different types of shoes. This makes it a great choice compared to some of the others that seem more limited in this regard. If you have a smaller shoe than some of the size recommendations, then it is possible to cut it to fit well and give you the exact support that you need.

Skyfoot Height Increase Insole

When you want a height insole that is going to help you gain some of that additional height while providing medical-grade PU and Gel foam material that protects the foot and keeps it comfortable, then this is the right one for you. The top layer of the insole is going to be covered in a great fabric that keeps the foot in place and makes sure that it stays nice and cool.

There are three height options that customers are able to choose from when they pick this insole. You can do 0.6 inches, 1 inch, and 1.4 inches. They are also designed in a manner so that they will fit into all types of shoes that you want to wear, including boots, athletic shoes, and leather.

Magnisole Sky Risers Are One of the Best Available Height Increasing Insoles

These are a bit different than what we saw with the others in that they are just meant for the heel, rather than being a full insole. They are made out of a silicone gel material that is going to mold into every angle, shape, and size of your foot, providing a good deal of comfort, no matter how long you wear them. They fit in many shoe shapes for comfort as well.

There are a few different sizes that you can choose from, from ¼ inch all the way to 2 inches in height, and since they can hide well in your shoes, you will love all the extra length that you are able to provide to the body when you use them. The soft cushion in the heel will act as a shock absorber, which is good for the whole body too.

LEXEBY Orthotic Shoe Heel Lift Provides Extra Layers of Insoles to Increase Height

You can also choose to go with this one, which provides 4 layers of insoles based on the height that you want. The minimum height available with this one is 1.2 cm, so you need to make sure that you have some high-top shoes available to wear with them. You can choose heights between 3 to 9 cm based on what you would like the most.

The insoles are made out of a material that will not get deformed and is soft and full of cushioning in all the right places, providing a lot of comfort when you run and walk. The top layer is also designed out of a breathable material that allows air to circulate well, avoiding moisture build-up and keeping your feet happy.

Choosing the Correct Height Insoles Can Help You Gain Height

Custom insoles can increase the height

There are a lot of great options that you can go with when it is time to increase your height and feel like the right size to impress the world.

You will need to be careful about how much height because it can put you off-balance and make it more difficult to walk around. With the perfect insole, you can add a bit of height and feel more confident at the same time.


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