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Custom Orthotics For Flat Feet and Pronation

If you have flat feet or pronation, you might be familiar with foot pain issues and be wondering ” Will Custom Orthotics for Flat Feet and Pronation Work for me?” Many people with flat feet have daily pain that they deal with. The pain can be felt even when they are just walking or standing. Flat feet are prone to a variety of problems that can require long-term management.

If you have flat feet and have just been trying to rest your feet to make them feel better, you might have realized that this does not always cause improvement in your pain. Some people with flat feet suffer from gait abnormalities like pronation, which might be causing your foot pain to be unmanageable.

If you have foot pain that does not improve when you rest your feet, you might want to consider custom orthotics to help you with your comfort.

What Are Custom Orthotics And Will They Be Good For Flat Feet And Pronation?

Custom orthotics are custom-made devices that are inserted into your shoes. They are designed to help balance your gait and alleviate pressure on your flat feet. These are not the same thing as pre made or off the shelf insoles that you can buy at the store. Custom orthotics are made with different layers of supportive materials that are customized to your unique needs for foot shape and gait support. Some companies offer custom orthotics made with medical grade materials.

When you get a set of custom orthotics, your shoes will fit better. You will be able to take a stride that is balanced and that does not create incorrect pressure on your foot. This can improve everything from standing, to walking, to running and jumping.

What is Pronation?

When you suffer from a condition that means that when you walk or run, your weight falls onto the inside of your foot. Over time, this can lead to injuries in your ankles and knees and might cause Plantar Fasciitis as well.

People with very flat feet might have trouble controlling the way that their feet land on the ground when they are moving around. This can be due to being born with flat feet, but if you have fallen arches or have sustained foot injuries that led to flattened arches, you might also suffer from pronation.

How Can Custom Orthotics Help For Flat Feet and Pronation?

When you have flat feet or are suffering from pronation that is causing pain in your shins, knees, and back, you will need better support for your feet than what regular shoes can offer. Custom orthotics are built with a supportive layer that is firm enough to prevent your foot from rolling inward when you are moving. The added supportive layers of the orthotic will cradle your heel and support the middle of your foot.

Custom orthotics can provide relief from plantar fasciitis pain as well as pain at the heel and the ball of the foot. All of these painful conditions can be caused by flat feet and pronation. Without custom orthotics, your shoes will be unlikely to fit correctly. You may even have trouble with increasing pain that can lead to discomfort even when you are sitting down or laying down. It is always better to prevent inflammation and injury and your custom orthotics can do just that.

Pronation can also lead to painful rubbing of your feet against the sides of your shoes which can cause corns. Bunions might also result from the changing pressure of your gait that causes your toes to bunch together inside the toe box of your shoe. Bunions can be alleviated early on by orthotics, but if they are not treated soon enough, they might require surgery to correct. Heel pain can also be a result of pronation.

Custom orthotics will allow your feet to land in each stride in a balanced way. This means that your heels, the balls of your feet and the ligaments and tendons that allow your mid-foot to flex will be supported correctly. This correct support will allow your foot to heal if you are already dealing with inflammation. It can also help prevent new injuries to your feet.

Pain in your feet can be hard to attend to without the use of the right devices. When your shoes do not fit correctly and the shape of your feet is leading to gait abnormalities, injury and inflammation are bound to ensue. Because custom shoes are not easy to order and are very expensive, getting orthotics that are made to match your feet is a much better long-term solution for your flat feet and your pronation issues.

How Do I Get Custom Orthotics For Flat Feet and Pronation?

When you are ready to order your custom orthotics, you will be sent a kit in the mail. The kit includes a questionnaire that you must fill out completely.  Make sure that you explain any pain that you are feeling and describe your daily routine as far as activity. Custom orthotics are made to support all of your daily needs, so you will want to be clear about your routine when you are filling out this information.

You will have a foot mold impression box in your kit that will be used to create an exact impression of your feet. Step into the box with even pressure and with your foot level. You will do this process for both of your feet. These molds will tell the person making your orthotics just what the size of your foot is and what the shape of your arches is.

Your custom orthotics will be made to fit your needs and the shape of your foot. They will then be shipped to your home address right away. You will be able to experience foot pain relief very quickly when you order your custom orthotics with this process.

Will My Orthotics Change the Shape of My Flat Feet?

Orthotics cannot change the shape of your feet or improve the shape of your arches. You will, however, be able to alleviate the pain that you are feeling when you use your orthotics every day. Supporting your feet and your gait correctly can help you to feel better and experience much less pain on a daily basis.

You will not be able to wear your orthotics in some kinds of shoes, but all closed-toed shoes will work with your orthotics. Always make sure that you have shoes that are the right size for your feet so that your orthotics are not curled or bent when they are placed inside your shoes. Even though your orthotics will not change the shape of your foot over time, they will allow you to heal your feet and be pain-free while you engage in your favorite activities.

Custom Orthotics For Flat Feet and Pronation Can Change Your Life!

If you have been dealing with foot pain due to flat feet and pronation, there is finally a solution to help you manage your discomfort. Getting custom orthotics will allow you to finally enjoy all of your favorite activities without pain. Being able to support your feet properly will also make sure that you do not suffer from knee and back pain or develop plantar fasciitis. Use our free analysis tool to find out which type of custom orthotic is best for you.

Ordering custom orthotics is easy and you will get your orthotics delivered right away once your kit has been received. Pain free days are not far away when you order yourself custom orthotics that will support your feet properly. We encourage you to give us a call or leave your information for any questions you may have.