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Custom Orthotics for Runners with Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a very painful foot condition that can be debilitating if you are a runner so you may wonder if custom orthotics for runners with plantar fasciitis is a good solution. This condition might have shown up because you have flat feet, or maybe you got running shoes that were not the correct size and shape for your feet. No matter the reason that you are struggling with plantar fasciitis, the pain of this condition can lead to discomfort at all hours of the day, whether you are standing or lying down.


For runners that are plagued with plantar fasciitis, running is one of the most painful parts of their day. This can be very upsetting if you are training for a race or event and you might think that your running days are over.

Thankfully custom orthotics can provide a solution for your discomfort and they can help you to manage your current plantar fasciitis pain as well as support your feet properly so that you do not have to deal with this pain ever again.

If you are ready to learn more about custom orthotics and how they can help runners with plantar fasciitis, you need to read on!

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

This painful foot condition is caused by inflammation in the band of tissue that runs from the heel of the foot to the toes. This condition is seen most often in those with very flat feet and it can be related to the difficulties in finding shoes that are made for your unique foot shape and gait needs. For runners, this can also be a condition that has been caused by overtraining in the wrong shoes that do not have the right supportive interior layers for flat feet.

Plantar fasciitis can be painful right from the start of your day. You might experience the discomfort of this condition when you first start walking in the morning, or it might be present all day long. The inflammation of plantar fasciitis is often cumulative, which makes this a tough condition to try to push through as you continue with your training plans. For those with plantar fasciitis that is related to the foot shape, simple treatment of the inflammation in their foot is often not enough to effectively treat their pain.

How Do I Know I Have Plantar Fasciitis?

It can be easy as a runner to dismiss foot pain as a bruised heel or as a sign that you have run over rough terrain for too many hours in the week. This is why runners often neglect their plantar fasciitis until it becomes quite acute. Runners are used to soreness and discomfort. They might think that their feet are just sore from their long run over the weekend and not due to an ongoing condition.

Plantar Fasciitis does have really recognizable symptoms if you are paying attention to them and this can help you to determine if your foot pain is related to this condition. You should always head to your doctor for diagnosis if you are not sure if you have plantar fasciitis. But these symptoms are common to this condition and can be a tip-off that you have this condition.

Common signs of Plantar Fasciitis:

  • Heel pain that is worst in the morning
  • Tightness and pain from the heel to the toes along the bottom of the foot
  • Instability in the foot and lack of flexibility of the foot
  • Pain that is constant even when sitting down or lying down
  • Stabbing pain that makes itself known in sharp bursts
  • Inability to stand or walk comfortably
  • Constant heel pain when running

These signs are often really recognizable when you start paying attention to them. You might have ignored the early stages of the pain that you were feeling, but once you start paying attention to your foot pain, you will see a common thread related to these symptoms.

Plantar Fasciitis can show up seemingly out of the blue for those who are runners, and they might want to deny that this is the root cause of their pain because they have run for years without issue. The reason that active people sometimes end up with plantar fasciitis abruptly can be related to training plan changes. This can cause the foot to become inflamed. It can also be caused by new shoes that do not support the foot correctly.

Runners might also have dealt with some level of foot pain for years without realizing that it was not normal pain related to training for their races or events. Plantar fasciitis can be a one-time experience for some people. However, for many with flat feet, the risk for plantar fasciitis is always present without proper support for your feet.

How Can Custom Orthotics Help Runners with Plantar Fasciitis?

Custom orthotics are made to match your feet exactly. This means that they will support your feet correctly from the heel to the toes. This can alleviate the pressure on the soles of your feet and allow tired feet the support they need to rest.

Orthotics will also make sure that your foot is landing level in each part of your running stride and that the weight of your body is distributed evenly when you are standing. This can make a big difference in the mechanics of the way that your foot moves when you are running or even just walking around. This takes the pressure off the tissue at the bottom of your foot that stabilizes it and keeps your feet from flexing too much or too little in response to actions that you are taking.

For many people who are athletes, the pressures that are caused inside the foot by flat feet or by incorrect shoe fit can lead to long-term injury. This often could have been prevented with custom orthotics. Unless you happen to be one of the lucky people who fit into regular running shoe sizing without issue, you are much more likely to have foot pain and plantar fasciitis when you are a runner who trains on a regular basis.

Orthotics can cradle the foot inside your shoes and can alleviate the pain that you are feeling almost immediately. In advanced cases, the pain might take a while to get completely under control. But you should still see an immediate improvement in your comfort by using your orthotics each day. Orthotics help balance the foot and keep it from being stressed or strained and this can make a big impact on the improvement of your Plantar Fasciitis pain.

How Can I Get Custom Orthotics For Runners With Plantar Fasciitis?

If you have decided that you would like to get access to the benefits of this kind of support for your feet as a runner, you might go to the doctor and get fitted for orthotics by a podiatrist. This can be expensive if your insurance does not cover these items and you might have to wait a long time for a medical equipment company to make you your set of orthotics.

The other option is to measure your own feet and order your own custom orthotics. This can save you money overall and you will get access to a great set of custom orthotics that will match up with your feet perfectly and help get your Plantar Fasciitis pain under control right away. For many people, this is the best option. Insurance companies rarely cover these devices and you will have to wait a very long time to get in to see a podiatrist in most cases.

The process of ordering your own custom orthotics is actually very easy and you will be so glad that you invested in your foot health in this way. Being able to get back to training and walking and standing without pain is well worth the investment in these devices for your unique foot shape and gait requirements.

How Do I Get Measured for Custom Orthotics?

The best part about ordering your custom orthotics is that you can measure yourself for them at home. You will take the kit that you have been sent and step into the molds for each foot. This will create a replica of your feet that will be used to make your custom orthotic inserts. You will also need to fill out a questionnaire that asks you for some details about your foot health and your activities.

These two items are then sent back to the company and your orthotics will be made to fit your needs perfectly. When you get them back in the mail, you can get right to caring for your feet each day with your custom orthotics. You will still need to be sure to do any physical therapy that your doctor has recommended and you will want to ice and support your feet after training, but your orthotics will help your feet to stay comfortable and pain-free throughout the day.

This is a simple process that will allow you the ability to protect your feet from injuries and ongoing inflammatory processes and you will be so glad that you took the time to invest in your foot health this way. Being comfortable in the morning when you get up, or when you are out running is a huge benefit to taking care of your feet. Preventing long-term damage to the interior structures of your feet is very important as well.

How Can I Get Custom Orthotics?

If you have been experiencing pain when running that is related to Plantar Fasciitis, you are likely eager for a solution to this pain. Custom orthotics can provide this solution with ease. This is because the orthotic will make sure that the heel pressure of each of your strides is relieved and that your foot is stable enough to offer a full range of motion throughout the stride that you are taking.

Your orthotics will also take pressure off the balls of your feet in some cases. They can also provide side-to-side support that can help with Plantar Fasciitis related to your foot twisting to the side mid-stride. There are many reasons that your feet might be hurting as you are running but often Plantar Fasciitis is related to flat feet or feet that are excessively flexible.

Orthotics stabilize the foot and help to maintain gait regularity and balance in your stride. This can greatly improve the pressures that have been exerted on the sole of your foot in the past. Your orthotics can also help prevent additional problems like bone bruises and fat pad breakdown in the balls of the feet or near the heel. The protective and stabilizing nature of the orthotics will help you to run in more comfort. They will help stave off additional sources of injuries and pain that could happen due to a lack of stability in your feet. Orthotics can take care of your total foot health, not just treat your Plantar Fasciitis.

How Will Custom Orthotics Improve My Plantar Fasciitis Pain During Running?

When you have Plantar Fasciitis, you are likely in pain all day long at some level. This alone would be frustrating. But being unable to train for races or run for enjoyment can also be a big drawback to trying to heal this condition without the right tools at your disposal. For many people with Plantar Fasciitis, the pain of this condition can be nagging and can ruin even the simplest activities, let alone intense physical efforts like training for a race or a run of some other kind.

Custom orthotics can help to resolve the issues that might be leading to your foot pain and can stabilize your feet so that they will be comfortable no matter what activities you are engaged in. Being able to train without fear of injury and being comfortable all day long if you are standing or walking can be a big benefit of custom orthotics for your foot pain needs. You can worry less about long-term injury if you invest in the right tools to treat your Plantar Fasciitis as a runner.