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Get Custom Made Orthotics in 3 Simple Steps

For those who have taken the time to get a pair of custom orthotics, there are a lot of things to consider. You need to consider which doctor to visit if one is needed.

It is always helpful to know what health issues you may have when considering purchasing custom orthotics, as those details are thought about in the manufacturing process. While they take a bit of time to get, you will find that a pair of custom orthotics can be one of the best decisions you can make for your overall health.

If you need to get a great pair of custom orthotics, you may wonder what steps you will need to take in order to get the right pair that matches your feet. 3 simple steps that you can follow in order to get your custom orthotics include

3 Steps to Get Custom Made Orthotics

While you will need to start by setting up an appointment with your doctor or podiatrist, there will be a few steps that you can expect when you get to your appointment. These steps can take a bit of time, but the good news is that you will have a pair of orthotics that will last you a long time and can keep your feet comfortable and feeling great.

Get Your Exam and Gait Analysis for Your Customized Orthotics

The first thing that your doctor will do is work with you to do a comprehensive exam. You will need to come into the office and have them take a look at your feet.

They may ask a ton of questions about your medical history and what kind of pains you have been feeling throughout the years, taking notes that can be used as well. The doctor will also take a look at the actual foot.

This will allow them to see if there is anything unusual on the foot that they need to consider. They may poke a bit to see where the pain is and make sure they understand what is going on with your foot for the best diagnosis.

Once that exam is done, you will need to get a gait analysis. This is the time when your doctor will have a chance to walk around so they can look to see if there are any abnormalities.

This can help them check if you have a limp if you favor one side over another if there are some posture issues, and so much more. In the instance that you purchase from a custom orthotic company, you will be asked to fill out your medical information and provide it in-depth descriptions of where you have developed pain in your feet.

Make a Mold or 3d Scan for Better-fitting Orthotics

Once you are done with your medical exam and the gait analysis, it is time for the doctor to do the mold or a 3D scan of the foot. This is done to get a good impression of the foot that can be used to make the orthotic that you will be able to wear for a long time.

The method that is used will depend on the doctor or the company. At URthotics, a mold impression kit is sent directly to your doorstep, so there is no hassle of doctor’s visits.

With a mold, you would just step down into a material that will match up with your foot and can fit exactly the places you need from the heel cup, arch support, and the areas where you are going to need some additional support as well. The 3D scan can do something similar but is often going to use technology instead.

Your doctor, or the custom orthotic company, may ask you to step in the scan or the mold in a few different ways to ensure they get the full idea of your foot and will have an accurate impression to use later on. This can take some time but will help the orthotic be more effective.

Purchase Your Custom-made Orthotics

Now that you have the medical exam done and you have done the scan or mold, your doctor will be able to send all of the information into the lab to get the custom orthotic designed. This can take two to four weeks to accomplish but will provide you with a good medical device that will protect your feet for a long time.

Once the orthotic comes in, you will need to schedule another appointment with your doctor to try on the orthotic. They will ask you to put the device into your shoe and walk around a bit.

There is often another exam to ensure that the orthotic is able to fit into the shoe well and that there are no issues. If you choose to go with URthotics, the orthotics will be shipped for you to try on.

Depending on the issue and the material used on the orthotic, the doctor may be able to make some minor adjustments to the orthotic, such as trimming, while you are there. In both instances, if something major is wrong with the orthotic, then it may need to be sent back to the lab where a new one may be made, or the original will be altered.

How Long Can Custom Orthotics Be Used?

The amount of time that your custom orthotic will last can depend on a number of factors. Some will last for just a year if you are tough on them, while others that just solve a minor problem of the foot can last for five years or more.

Custom orthotics last much longer than you would find with some of the over-the-counter orthotics that you choose. For most patients, you will find that custom orthotics are going to last between 3 to 5 years.

This is long enough to give you some relief and keep your feet protected, but after that time, you will need to go through and purchase a new pair. Your doctor will be able to help you out when that time comes.

When Is It Time to Purchase a New Custom-made Orthotic?

As you go through the process of picking out new custom orthotics, you may want to know when it is time to replace your orthotics. The good news is that they can last for a number of years so you will not have to replace them all that often. And a quick visual check is often enough to help you get the work done.

As you take a look at the insole, if you see that there are tears and cracks in the orthotic, then it is time to get a new one. If you feel like the pain or the discomfort comes back while wearing the orthotic, this shows they are not effective any longer and you may need to get a new pair to keep your feet protected and happy.

Purchasing Custom Orthotics for Your Feet

Custom orthotics are going to be one of the best solutions for you to choose when it comes to the care of your feet. They can help fight off some of the conditions that can make your feet sore or put them in pain.

A good pair of custom orthotics will stop the problem, and although the process may seem intimidating, getting them can be simple with URthotics. Our team will be able to work with you and provide you with what is needed to heal your foot pain.

Take our free online analysis to see what treatment plan is best for you. We will help you complete the steps above and get you the best in custom orthotics if that is the right treatment for your feet.

With over 25 years of experience, you can trust our team to take good care of you and give you the relief that you need. Give us a call or leave your information to get started today!