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Get Rid of Heel Pain with Custom Orthotics

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When you suffer from heel pain, it can be hard to move around and get daily tasks done. The pain can radiate down your foot and even cause issues with the ankle and the leg if you let it go on for too long. While occasional heel pain is not that big of a deal, it can quickly turn into an issue that can ruin your life.

No matter the reason for your heel pain, there are different approaches that you can use to help handle the condition. One of the most effective choices is to get custom orthotics. These can provide the support and cushion that you need to give the heel some rest, reducing the friction and tension and giving you a bit of relief.

While custom orthotics may not be the cure-all for everything that is wrong with your foot, they can certainly make a difference and are worth a shot before you spend time and money on painful surgery.

Let’s take a closer look at custom orthotics and why they may be one of the best choices to get rid of heel pain.

How Do Custom Orthotics work?

One of the benefits of choosing custom orthotics is that they will be able to address some of the heel pain you experience, including other foot issues, that are caused by abnormalities due to gait and foot structure. They are able to do this by providing you with the exact amount of support and cushioning to support and match all the needs of your feet.

Think about a wobbly table. One of the solutions to help it stop being so wobbly and to keep it straight is to put a napkin or another addition right under the shorter leg. This is kind of how the custom orthotic is going to work as well. Since it is designed to work with your foot though, you will find that it is very effective at helping relieve some of the pain.

Each custom orthotic that is made will be designed to work specifically for the pair of feet that will be using them. The doctor will need to take an exact scan or make a mold of the feet before the orthotics can be designed in the first place. This ensures that it matches up to what the patient needs and is not a one size fits all solution.

Since it will adjust for abnormalities in foot structure and gait, the right custom orthotic will help to move the weight across the different pressure points of the foot, taking all of that extra pressure away from some of the vulnerable areas that are under a lot of strain. This can help with Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

Custom Orthotics for Heel Pain

How Do Custom Orthotics help Get Rid of Heel Pain?

Now that we know how these orthotics are going to work, it is time to look at how they can specifically help out with heel pain. Custom orthotics can be put into play to provide cushion and support in order to help give you some of the relief that you are looking for. They may also add some good support that will assist you as well.

There are many issues that can make the heel start to hurt. Whether you are dealing with issues of the Achilles heel, arthritis, nerve damage, or another type of deformity or disease, using a custom orthotic in your shoe will make a world of difference and can help you get some relief from all of the pain that you feel.

How Custom Orthotics Help with Heel Pain?

Some of these include:

  • Extra cushioning: Sometimes your foot is taking on too much impact due to your gait or the way that you walk. When the orthotic is put into the shoe, you will be able to get some additional cushioning to relieve the pain. Since it is custom-made, you will have the cushioning in the place where it will have the most impact.

  • Improves posture: Orthotics are a great solution to help you to get some relief from pain due to bad posture. Add in the orthotics and see how everything moves around so that you can stand proud and tall without a ton of pressure on the foot.

  • Distributes weight: Once the orthotic is designed, it will be able to distribute some of the weight that you feel around the body. The heel can sometimes get overworked because you are placing too much weight on that part of the foot. The orthotic will help to redistribute the weight, giving the heel a bit of a break.

  • Gives additional arch support: Sometimes adding a bit of additional arch support to your shoes can make a difference in the amount of support that you will have along the way. Custom orthotics will add arch support to help with issues like a flat foot or plantar fasciitis, which can then relieve some of the heel pain as well.

While these seem like small improvements, they can make a big difference when it comes to the pain that comes to your heel. You should spend some time talking to your doctor to make sure that you are able to get the right custom orthotics to help make your feet, and the rest of your body, feel amazing.

Foot Support

Which Custom Orthotics Help with Heel Pain the Best? Custom orthotics can be designed to work with your foot

Some of the unique issues that may appear over time. All types can work well, but you and your doctor will decide which one will alleviate the pain the best and help you feel better. The two main types of custom orthotics you can choose include:

  • Accommodative: This is the type that will provide you with additional cushioning and support to any area of your foot that may need protection and pain from the pressure. They can be softer than other types to make sure that you get some of the comforts that you need.

  • Functional: This is an orthotic that will work to help control any of the abnormal motions that occur in the foot, like overpronation. They are going to be out of more rigid materials to control the foot movements more than others.

Your doctor and you will be able to discuss the two options to help determine which one is right for you. It is also possible to have elements of both come together to help protect your heels and get rid of some of the pain. The one that is chosen can depend on the root cause of your heel pain and what will provide the best relief.

Choosing to Get Custom Orthotics for Your Heel Pain

There is no reason to live your life with all of that heel pain. It hurts, it is uncomfortable, and it is only going to get worse. Custom orthotics are an awesome option to help take care of many causes of heel pain, giving you back some of your mobility. At Bilt Labs, our team is here to help you design the perfect custom orthotic for all your needs. Take our free quiz today to find out which orthotic type is best for your feet.

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