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Life-Changing Custom Orthotics From Home

Made From The Molds Of Your Feet

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When you are dealing with issues of foot pain or trouble walking without discomfort, it is time to look for a solution and getting custom orthotics at home is easy. If you have done a search online, you may have come up with some drastic solutions to help you deal with the foot pain, and that can be enough to make you worry and make you choose to just deal with the pain.

No one wants to deal with surgery or other drastic measures to help with their foot pain, but they do want a solution. This is where custom orthotics can come into play. These orthotics are designed to fit your unique foot, no matter the size or the condition that you need treated, providing you with an effective way to handle foot pain while you walk around each day.

There are many great benefits of choosing orthotics for your feet and so many options for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at these custom orthotics and see how well they can work for solving your foot pain, no matter what type of foot you have.

What are Custom Orthotics?

The first thing that we need to look at to understand how custom orthotics will work for any foot shape is what these custom orthotics are. A custom orthotic is going to be a biomechanical medical appliance that will help to fix the arch of the foot, give more support, and force the muscles of the foot and leg to work the way that they should. Custom orthotics are known to reduce pain and help people get back to the daily activities they enjoy.

Many times a custom orthotic will be prescribed to a patient to help reduce some of the strain that occurs on the body if there is not the right amount of arch for the foot or when the feet are not aligned well. Since these are customized for the patient, they can even help to realign each foot by decreasing and diverting the motions that happen while the person is walking.

Patients can choose to go with a store-bought orthotic, but these are not going to be as effective. Those are mass-produced with the idea to fit as many people as possible. They can do some work, but if you have a special problem with the foot or want the most comfort and support possible, then a custom orthotic is a better choice.

Because a customized orthotic will become an exact imprint of the foot, no matter what the foot looks like, they will fit comfortably in your shoe and can really solve some of the feet problems that you have. Once they are done, you can just slip them into your shoes and enjoy all of the benefits each time that you walk around. It does not matter the shape of your foot, whether your feet are flat or have a big arch, or if you have thin or wide feet, these custom orthotics will get the work done for you, providing comfort and support to the whole foot each time you wear them.

Custom Orthotics

What Conditions and Foot Shapes Can Benefit From Getting Custom Orthotics At Home?

Choosing to purchase custom orthotics is a great way to fix a variety of foot, ankle, and leg pain that you have. There is a lot of versatility that comes with choosing a custom orthotic, and it is going to make sure that your foot and leg pain will go away in no time.

One of the biggest assets that come with choosing an orthotic is that these devices are very versatile. While these orthotics can be designed to specifically fit your foot to provide the most benefit, there are two main categories of custom orthotics that you can choose. These include:

  • Accommodative:
    • This type of orthotic is going to provide your foot with some additional support and cushioning. This is good for some of those pressure points that are causing you problems.
  • Functional:
    • These orthotics will be able to guide or restrict some of the abnormal motion that your feet are doing as you walk around.

Each individual is going to be unique in the shape of their foot and what is going to work the best for them. This is where custom orthotics will come in to help. The patient will get a mold done on the foot so that it fits the exact shape and medical condition that the foot has at that time and can help to heal it too.

But what can orthotics help with? Since they are made custom to the foot of the patient, they are able to help with many problems with the foot. The main issue that these orthotics can help with can be when the arch collapses. When this happens, it can put a lot of strain on the structures of the legs and the foot.

It is also possible for the arch to be too high in the foot. While this is less common and can often be caused by issues with the tendons being too tight or the individual wearing a store-bought orthotic that had too big of an arch. The collapsed arch is often the biggest issue that these orthotics will be able to help with.

Some of the problems that you will be able to help make better when you choose to go with custom orthotics include:

A custom orthotic is one of the most effective tools for treating these feet problems and they work for any foot shape or size. Since it is designed out of a custom mold of your foot, you can get an orthotic that is designed to help with your foot issue, making life more comfortable and solving your foot pain without surgery.

Are Custom Orthotics At Home the Same as Store-Bought Orthotics?

The ideas behind a custom orthotic and a store-bought orthotic are similar. They are meant to provide some support to the foot, helping to get it aligned or work on the arch support a bit more so you can solve foot pain and other problems that appear in the foot.

But there are some differences. A store-bought orthotic is not designed to help support the custom size and issues with your foot. These are mass-produced to fit as many feet as possible. While they can help you with some foot pain, they may not work on the specific foot condition that you need and may not be as comfortable as other options when walking around.

A custom orthotic is designed to fit your foot exactly. With the use of a casting mold, the medical professional will get an exact replica of what your foot looks like and can design the orthotic based on that. No matter where your pressure points are or what the foot condition is, the custom orthotic is designed to work with your foot.

This makes a custom orthotic more effective for your foot. If you have a wide foot, the orthotic can still be made to fit. If you have unique pressure points that need more support, the custom orthotic can be made to fit. No matter the shape of your foot, the custom orthotic is designed to work.

Store Bought vs Custom Orthotics

How are Custom Orthotics for Any Foot Shape Designed?

Custom orthotics are designed with your unique foot in mind. This is what makes them more effective than store-bought orthotics or other treatment methods you can choose. The steps that go into making a custom orthotic includes:

Casting or Foot Mold Impression Box:

  • The medical professional will cast your foot first. They will look where you put pressure, the arch of your foot, and more. Then plaster is put around the foot for about ten minutes to form the way that it needs. The other way is to have a foot mold impression box sent to your home. All that is needed it to step into it properly to get foot impression.

  • Manufacturing:
    • With the mold ready, the medical professional will send in the information for the orthotic to be produced for you.
  • Wear the orthotic:
    • The medical professional will get the orthotic back and schedule an appointment for you to pick them up. You may have to adjust to the orthotic because it may feel weird walking differently if the orthotic is helping with a misalignment, but you will adjust and quickly notice the difference in how the orthotics make you feel.

Do I Need Custom Orthotics?

Any patient who is dealing with foot or ankle pain should consider whether a custom orthotic is a right option for them. It is possible to go with a store-bought orthotic in some cases, but these will not provide the same benefits.

In addition, these custom orthotics will last for several years, while a store-bought orthotic will only last for a few months, making them a better investment. With a quick visit to your doctor, you can get the custom orthotic done in no time.

Another thing to consider is the arch of your foot. Many people will experience a good deal of pain when they have a flat arch because this tends to pull on the tendon of the foot, making it too tight and hard to walk on. A custom orthotic will help to naturally add an arch to the foot, alleviating some of the pain that you have at that time.

If you look at your foot and notice that the arch is too pronounced, this can be something that causes pain as well. It is hard for you to walk on this type of foot problem, especially if it is very pronounced. It is possible to make a custom orthotic to help fix this area.

So, if you look at your foot and the arch is too pronounced or the foot is almost flat, you need to consider going with a custom orthotic. And if you notice a lot of foot pain or trouble walking around, then it may be time to consider whether a custom orthotic will help you get better and relieve the discomfort and pain.

Choosing the Right Custom Orthotics At Home for Your Feet and Their Unique Shape

A custom orthotic is a great decision for many people. This type of orthotic will help solve many foot problems without the need for surgery and can make it easier for you to get mobility back in your foot in no time. Choosing the right custom orthotic will make a world of difference in how good you feel when you are on your feet.

Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics

At Bilt Labs, you will be able to get a custom orthotic that fits your foot. No matter what foot or ankle problem you are dealing with, our custom orthotics can take care of it and make you feel better, relieving pain and making it easier for you to get moving again. Check us out to see how our custom orthotics can help you! Take our free quiz today to find out which orthotic type is best for your feet.

Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics

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