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What Are The Best Exercises to Help Flat Feet?

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You can pick out a supportive pair of shoes to help out. And you can consider some great exercises that will protect the feet.

There are a number of different exercises that you can consider following to make sure that you strengthen the ligaments and muscles of the feet, keeping you protected and avoiding further problems from your flat feet later on. Picking a few of these to do each day will make a world of difference and help you to feel better overall.

Here Are Some of The Best Exercises to Help Flat Feet

We are going to start off our list with a few of the best in heel stretches. This will help you to increase the flexibility of the feet because it works out so many of the muscles that are there.

Some of the simple steps that you can follow to do the heel stretches include:

  • You will need to stand with your hands holding onto something. A chair or a wall can work well for this one.

  • Put one leg forward and the other so that it extends behind you.

  • Put some pressure on the heels and then press both heels so they are firmly on the ground.

  • Make sure that your back is straight, you will want to push so the front leg is going down, which will mean bending it and putting your body focus on the item ahead of you. this is great for stretching out the Achilles tendon.

  • Hold onto this position for 30 seconds. You can expand it and do it longer later on once you make the tendon lose and more comfortable.

  • Switch out legs and do another 30 seconds on that one. Repeat four more times on each leg.
Exercises to help with flat feet

Arch Lifts as an Exercise Can Cure Flat Feet

The second exercise that you can consider is the arch lift. This is a good one if you notice a lot of issues with the arches.

This is a simple option that will help strengthen the tendon overall, and you will not need any equipment to get it done. Some of the steps that you can utilize to work on this stretch include:

  • Stand up straight and have your feet hip-width apart. Make sure that when you do this one, the toes will touch the ground the entire time.

  • Lift up the feet from inwards and make sure that you add all of the weight toward the outer parts of the feet. Do not let the toes go off the ground while you do this one. Lift as much as you can here.

  • Then it is time to relax. Repeat this 10 to 15 times, the more you do the exercise, the stronger the arches will get. Over time, you will notice that the arches have more flexibility to them.

Flat Feet Can be Prevented by Doing Stair Arch Raises 

As you can gather from the name, you will need to find either some stairs or a hard supportive block to help you get this one done. It can be good for the feet and works on some of the balance that you need at the same time.

Some of the steps that you can use to help handle this exercise include:

  • Stand in front of the stair step or a hard block. Put the left foot on the first step, allowing the right foot to rest on the ground.

  • Stand and add pressure to the left foot while the right one is on the floor. Then put the right foot on the step with the heel hanging a bit lower than the rest of the foot.

  • Slowly start lifting the heel up as much as you can at this point. You will notice that the arch will get stronger.

  • Then stretch the heel so it goes down in the opposite direction. Bend the left knee as you stretch the right heel to get more of a stretch out of it.

  • Repeat the stretching at least 10 times, and then switch around and do it with the right foot.
Stair Foot Exercise to help with flat feet

To Help with Flat Feet, One Exercise to Do is Tennis Rolls

This is a good exercise for you to choose, no matter what is wrong with the bottom of your foot. It is a good massage for the foot, providing you with some of the relief you need when things get tight and tough.

You will need to pick a tennis ball or a golf ball to take care of your feet. When you are ready, you can use some of the steps below to help:

  • Take your golf ball or tennis ball and then put it on the ground.

  • Sit on a chair or use another type of support so that the feet can touch the ground.

  • Take the right foot and place it on the ball, while the other foot is on the floor.

  • Sitting up straight, you can roll the ball under your foot by focusing on the arch area, changing up the pressure a bit to get a good massage.

  • Roll the ball under that foot for two to three minutes and then switch to the other foot to give them both some relief.

Calf Raises Resolves Having Flat Feet

A calf raise is another good option that you can choose that will provide you with some of the support and help that you need. These are the same as doing the stair arch raise that we talked about before, but we are only going to focus on the heels when we do this one, rather than the rest of the foot.

The steps that you can use for this one include:

  • Stand on a block or a step of your stairs.
  • Put the feet straight onto the step with both of the heels so they are just a bit off the step.
  • While you are standing straight, you can stretch both heels up as much as possible. Hold this position for 5 seconds and then let the heels relax.
  • Repeat this for two to three minutes.
  • To Aid Flat Feet, One Must Do Short Foot Exercises

Another exercise that you can work on to help make your feet stronger and fight off some of the issues that come with flat feet is known as a short foot. This one will take a bit longer than some of the other options that you can choose, but you will see that it is effective and can make the arches and the rest of the foot so much stronger than before. To do this one:

  • Sit on a chair with your feet right on the floor. Make sure that the toes are pointed into a forward position.
  • Keep the toes in contact with the ground and then slide the foot back to the front foot to the heel.
  • Make sure that the toes are going to touch the floor the whole time.
  • You want to hold onto this short foot position for up to ten seconds. You can then relax the foot and repeat the whole process for the next two to three minutes.

These are just some of the different exercises that you can utilize in order to handle the issues you may have with flat feet. You will need to try out a few of them to get adjusted and to make sure that your feet are as strong as possible.

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Exercising to Make Your Flat Feet Happy

Following some of the exercises above will do wonders when it comes to your flat feet and how healthy and strong they will be. You can take a bit of time to adjust to them and make sure that your feet are going to be as happy as possible, which can fight off some of the issues with flat feet and give you the relief you need.

In addition to doing some of the exercises that we listed above, you may find that a pair of custom orthotics can be great for your feet as well. At Bilt Labs, we will be able to provide you with some of the best in custom orthotics for all of your needs.

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