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What are Heel Lifts? What Are The Benefits?

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Heel lifts address conditions like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and shin splints while improving posture and athletic performance. They can also relieve knee pain, reduce pressure on the spine, and improve balance.

Heel lifts are intended to offset misalignments and combat foot problems. Overall, heel lifts can be a simple and effective solution for various foot and leg conditions. They are easy to use, with customizable options to meet the needs of each individual.

What Are Heel Lifts?

Heel lifts are small, wedge-shaped devices that can be placed in the back of shoes to raise the heel. They are often used to treat pain and inflammation in the heel and foot, such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and Achilles tendinitis.

Heel lifts work by reducing the stress on the plantar fascia, the thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot. They also help to improve the alignment of the foot and ankle bones, which can help to reduce pain and inflammation.

Heel lifts are available in a variety of heights and materials, and can be purchased over-the-counter or from a podiatrist. It is important to choose heel lifts that are the right height for your feet and that are made from a comfortable material.

What are the Benefits of Heel Lifts?

Heel lifts are small inserts placed inside shoes to add height and change the foot angle. Heel lifts are specifically beneficial for plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, shin splints, and knee pain. They have several benefits, including:

  • Alleviating Pain

Heel lifts can help alleviate pain caused by conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and shin splints. They reduce pressure on the affected areas and redistribute weight evenly across the foot.

  • Improving Posture

By adding height, heel lifts can improve the alignment of the spine, hips, and knees. This can help prevent back pain and improve posture.

  •  Reducing Fatigue

Heel lifts can help reduce fatigue and stress on the feet, legs, and lower back, which can be particularly helpful for people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

  • Enhancing Performance

Heel lifts can help improve athletic performance by increasing the range of motion in the ankle joint and allowing for a more efficient transfer of energy from the foot to the body.

  • Relieving Knee Pain

Heel lifts can also help relieve knee pain by reducing the stress on the knee joint. This can be especially helpful for people with osteoarthritis or other knee conditions.

  • Improving Balance

By changing the foot angle, heel lifts can improve balance and stability, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

  • Reducing Pressure on the Spine

Heel lifts can also help reduce pressure on the spine, which can be especially helpful for people with conditions such as spinal stenosis or herniated discs.

  • Customizable

With companies like Bilt Labs, heel lifts can be custom-made to fit the specific needs of each individual, including the height, thickness, and shape of the lift. Also, the heel lift is built into a custom shoe insole so it is all together or not a separate piece added into your shoe. This is helpful in that it does not move around or slide around as again, it is a custom insert with a built-in heel lift.

  • Cost-effective 

Compared to other treatments for foot and leg conditions, heel lifts are relatively inexpensive and do not require special equipment or training.

It is also notable that while custom heel lifts can be a little more expensive, they are made from higher-quality materials and will last significantly longer than a store-bought alternative.

Heel Pain

Shoe Lift Inserts Leg Length Discrepancy

Heel lifts can help folks with a leg height discrepancy by:

  • Reducing the difference in leg length, which can improve balance and stability.
  • Improving alignment of the foot and ankle bones, which can reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Reducing stress on the joints and muscles, which can improve mobility and reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Making it easier to walk and run with a more natural gait.

How To Tell If You Need Heel Lifts?

Heel lifts, those small wedges inserted into shoes, might seem like a simple fix, but they can be a game-changer for people experiencing specific foot and leg issues. However, how do you know if heel lifts are the right solution for you? Here are some telltale signs that your feet might be calling out for a lift:

  • Uneven Hips or Pelvis: Stand in front of a mirror and observe your hip alignment. If one hip appears noticeably higher than the other, it could indicate a leg length discrepancy. Heel lifts in the shorter leg can help level the pelvis and improve overall posture.

  • Chronic Lower Back Pain: Misaligned hips and uneven leg length can put a strain on your lower back. If you experience persistent lower back pain that doesn't improve with rest or stretching, a podiatrist might recommend heel lifts to address the underlying cause.

  • Painful Gait: Do you experience pain in your knees, ankles, or feet when you walk or run? Heel lifts can help correct gait abnormalities by promoting proper alignment and reducing stress on these joints.

  • Achilles Tendonitis or Plantar Fasciitis: Heel lifts can be helpful in managing pain associated with these conditions by providing additional support and reducing strain on the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia.

Remember, these are just some indicators. If you're experiencing any persistent foot or leg pain, it's crucial to consult a podiatrist for a proper diagnosis. They can assess your specific situation and determine if heel lifts are the most suitable course of treatment. Don't hesitate to seek professional advice – a little lift in your heel could lead to a big improvement in your overall well-being.

Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics

Heel lifts offer a valuable tool for addressing various foot and ankle issues. But for maximum effectiveness and comfort, proper fit is paramount. This is where Bilt Labs custom orthotics come in. Unlike generic heel lifts that can slip or bunch uncomfortably, Bilt Labs orthotics are built specifically for your feet, ensuring the lift integrates seamlessly and provides targeted support.

Here's how Bilt Labs custom orthotics elevate the benefits of heel lifts:

  • Personalized Elevation: Bilt Labs takes the guesswork out of heel lift height. Through a meticulous fitting process, they determine the exact amount of lift needed for optimal alignment and pain relief. This precise tailoring ensures the lift addresses your specific needs, unlike one-size-fits-all options.

  • Enhanced Stability and Support: Custom orthotics from Bilt Labs go beyond the lift. They incorporate features like arch support and heel cradles, creating a stable and supportive foundation for your entire foot. This comprehensive approach not only maximizes the benefits of the lift but also improves overall balance and posture.

  • Long-Lasting Comfort: Generic heel lifts can often cause irritation or discomfort, especially when used for extended periods. Bilt Labs orthotics are crafted with high-quality, shock-absorbing materials. This, combined with the custom fit, ensures long-lasting comfort throughout the day, whether you're walking, running, or simply standing for long stretches.

If you've been prescribed heel lifts but struggle with discomfort or lack of optimal support, consider Bilt Labs custom orthotics. Their personalized approach can transform your experience with heel lifts, allowing you to reap the full benefits of improved alignment, pain relief, and overall foot health.

Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics


In conclusion, heel lifts are a versatile tool that can address a variety of foot and ankle concerns. From alleviating pain to improving gait and posture, they offer a simple yet effective way to enhance your overall foot health. Remember, consulting a podiatrist is crucial to determine if heel lifts are the right solution for you and to ensure you get the appropriate lift height. With proper guidance and a well-fitted heel lift, you can experience a world of difference in comfort and mobility.

For maximum benefit and a truly personalized experience, consider incorporating custom orthotics with integrated heel lifts. Podiatrists can design orthotics that seamlessly integrate the lift and provide additional support specific to your needs. This comprehensive approach can take your foot health to the next level, allowing you to move with confidence and pain-free ease. Take our free quiz today to find out which orthotic type is best for your feet.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is intended for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before making any decisions about your health. If you have any questions about your health or are experiencing any medical problems, please contact your doctor or other healthcare provider immediately. Do not delay seeking medical attention based on the information provided in this article.