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What Are the Best Custom Orthotics for Bunions?

When you take good care of your feet, you are able to avoid a lot of the most common problems that come with your feet. You will be able to stand and walk around most of the day and not have to worry about any pain or discomfort forming overtime at all.

When we ignore our feet, which is way too easy to do, we may find that foot conditions occur. One of the conditions that can develop on your feet is a bunion.

These can often be uncomfortable and may make walking and running more difficult than before. Finding the proper treatment for bunions, including a pair of custom orthotics, can be the best way to reduce the pain and make yourself feel better. Let’s see how this can work.

What are Bunions?

The first thing that we need to consider is what a bunion is. A bunion is simply a bony and painful bump that will be found at the bottom of the big toe.

It often appears when the big toe leans a bit into the other toes. The longer you let this go on, the more the big toe base will push against the first metatarsal bone right by it.

A bunion is going to form right at the joint, which means that it is going to bend when you walk. But when you have a bunion, you will find that the weight of the body will rest on it every time that you take a step. This can make it painful when you walk and your shoe could also rub against it, causing a callus to form against it as well.

Symptoms of a Bunion

Symptoms of a Bunion

Take a look at the foot and check out the area where the bottom of the big toe will connect to the foot. If you see a bony bump in that area right where the big toe connects, then you may have a bunion.

Some of the symptoms that you may notice when it comes to a bunion include:

  • Calluses and corns
  • Limited movement in the toe or at that joint
  • Pain that is either going to be constant or can come and go
  • Tenderness when you touch that area
  • Redness
  • Swelling

In some cases, you may notice that the bunion is going to feel warm when you try to touch it and can become shiny as well.

Risk Factors for Bunions

A foot problem like a bunion can often happen in early adulthood. As you get older, your feet are going to spread and the problems will get worse.

This is true when you have any type of foot condition and a bunion is one example of this. Some of the factors that can contribute to you developing a bunion include:

  • The shoes you wear: If you pick out shoes that are too tight or you choose heels, you may find that bunions are more likely. This is why women will suffer from the condition more than men.
  • Arthritis: There are several types of arthritis in the feet that can make it more likely you will have a bunion. Rheumatoid arthritis is the most common one that leads to bunions.
  • Leg length: If you have one of your legs longer than the others, you could develop a bunion on the leg that is longer.
  • Foot structure: If you have a weak structure of the foot, it is going to lead to bunions.
  • Genetics: It is possible for bunions to run in the family.

One of the treatments that you can choose to help deal with your bunion without having to deal with the pain or going through surgery is custom orthotics. They will provide you with the help your feet are looking for.

Some of the ways that a pair of custom orthotics will be able to help with your bunions include

To Treat Bunions, Custom Orthotics Alter the Angle of the Big Toe

When you choose a pair of custom orthotics, you will find that they can change the angle of the big toe, making it rub against the shoe or other toes less than normal. A custom orthotic will help to restore the stability and movement of the foot, which can reduce the amount of swelling that is present due to the bunion.

Your doctor will be able to take a look at the issue of your bunion and then design a custom orthotic that is able to meet your needs and put the foot in the right position so the bunion doesn’t rub or cause as many problems as before.

Custom Orthotics Reduces Pressure During Bunions Treatment

A pair of custom orthotics are designed to fit your foot and its shape perfectly. When it is there to help out with issues of a bunion, you will also get a mold that is known as the metatarsal dome, which will be installed on the long bones of your foot to provide some additional support and protect issues with the foot.

Once you install this metatarsal dome, it is going to reduce the pressure that is placed on that area of the foot, which will allow the bunion time to heal while reducing the pain that you feel. To help with bunions, you need to reduce the pressure on this area as much as possible, and a custom orthotic will be able to provide that support as well.

Custom Orthotics Helps Before and After Bunions Surgery

Wearing a pair of custom orthotics will be able to prepare the foot for surgery and give you a chance to properly recover after as well. In fact, you may notice that before and after surgery, the front of the foot can be more stressed when you do normal movements, which can aggravate it and cause a bunion more than before.

A good pair of orthotics will help to compensate a bit to provide you with some of the relief that you need. This will improve your gait while helping to increase your chances for the best recovery, both before and after bunion surgery. You can wear a different orthotic when you are done with surgery to make sure your feet get the best support.

Custom Orthotics Provides Arch Support to Treat Bunions

how to treat bunions

Your foot needs unique types of support to make sure that they are able to stay safe and will not get damaged in the process. When you have a bunion, you may find that a pair of arch supports in your custom orthotics will help relieve some of the pressure that your feet feel, reducing the bunion and making the pain go away.

Your doctor will be able to go through and do an analysis of your foot to decide whether some good arch supports are going to provide you with some of the support that you need. They can add the right amount of arch support to get some relief and give the bunion some of the time it needs to heal.

It is Easy to Treat Bunions With Custom Orthotics

When you have a struggle with bunions, you need to work with the right professionals to help handle the issue. A pair of custom orthotics could be a good solution that will take care of the problem and re-adjust the foot so that there is more room for the foot without so much pressure and pain put on that area of the foot.

If you think a custom orthotic is going to be one of the best options for your foot pain due to bunions, then it is time to take our free online quiz to find out which custom orthotic insoles will be best for you.