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Why Do Doctors Always Recommend Orthotics?

Foot pain is a common ailment that a lot of people are dealing with on a regular basis. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, it is estimated that more than half of the people in America have had to miss a day of work because their feet hurt too much to move around.

It is common that your feet are going to start running into a lot of pain and you may have a number of foot conditions that show up. This is why doctors always recommend orthotics.

Your feet are supposed to support you and all of your weight as you stand, walk, and run. This means that they go through a ton of work to help keep you active and doing well.

Depending on the type of foot pain that you have, your podiatrist could do an assessment of it and figure out whether a pair of orthotics is going to provide you with some of the relief that you need. But many patients wonder why their doctor is always recommending these orthotics and whether there is a better option.

What are Orthotics?

Why Do Doctors Always Recommend Orthotics?

Before we dive in too much, we need to take a closer look at orthotics and what they are all about.

Orthotics are shoe inserts that are designed to support and align the foot. They are used to treat a variety of foot conditions, such as flat feet, high arches, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints. Orthotics can also be used to improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Based on where your pressure points are and what conditions of the foot are bothering you, the orthotic will provide relief right where you need it most. There are a number of things that orthotics will be able to do to help you out.

They may add extra cushion to the shoes, reduce the pressure and stress that you add to your feet, and can make some of the pain go away. All that cushion and support can do wonders for making your feet feel amazing.

In some cases, the right orthotic is going to ease pain in all areas of the body, restore your balance, and make sure that your feet are aligned together well. Even though they are at the bottom of the body and don’t seem all that important, your feet can be so important to the health of all the other components as well.

Reasons Why Doctors Always Recommend Orthotics

Customized orthotics will be a shoe insert that can be designed to fit in with the unique shape and design of your feet. There are two main types of orthotics: custom-made and over-the-counter. Custom-made orthotics are created from a mold of your foot, so they fit perfectly and provide the support you need exactly where you need it. Over-the-counter orthotics come in standard sizes and shapes, so they may not fit your feet perfectly.

Orthotics work by supporting the arches of the foot, controlling overpronation, and redistributing weight more evenly across the foot. This can help to reduce pain, improve foot function, and prevent future injuries.

There are a lot of different reasons why you should consider a pair of custom orthotics for your feet to provide some of the support and comfort that your body is looking for. While you could choose a pair of over-the-counter insoles, they will not be as effective either.


Some of the benefits of custom orthotics and reasons why your doctor will recommend them include:

Orthotics Take Pressure Off the Joints

The more you move around during the day, the harder you can be on your joints. We can look just at the motion of walking or running.

When you do this action, there will be several body parts that work together to help get it done. A good pair of orthotics will help your feet be aligned so they can properly carry all of the weight.

One thing in particular that your orthotics can do is take some of the pressure off the joints of your hips, knees, and ankles. This means that the body is in better alignment, your movements will be healthier, and you will have less pain overall.

Orthotics Can Reduce The Back Pain

Why Do Doctors Always Recommend Orthotics?

Have you begun to notice that back pain is now your new friend? If this is the case for you, then it may be time to take a look at a pair of custom orthotics. When your feet are not carrying your weight in the proper manner while you walk, the pressure will move over to the other parts of the body.

This results in a chain reaction that will shift everything out of alignment and can make you feel a lot of pain. This unsteady posture as a result is bad news and can harm the lower back. Getting a pair of custom orthotics will help you get to the source of the back issues and provide you with some of the support the feet need.

Orthotics Helps Prevent Injuries

Custom orthotics are going to be a great option for you to choose if you would like to prevent some common injuries to the body. Foot injuries can be an issue for many patients, including diabetics who may have some severe nerve damage, and for athletes as well.

Custom orthotics will work so well because they provide a good deal of support for the feet, which will reduce your risk of rolling an ankle or sustaining more injuries to the foot. If you have recently suffered from an injury, orthotics will provide some good support so that you will not make the issue worse.

The Proper Alignment of Your Body Is Facilitated by Orthotics

A good pair of orthotics will be critical when you need to align your feet and ankles, which can solve a lot of pain and discomfort and will help you walk better than before. Orthotics can help with current foot problems while also being used as a way to prevent more issues in the feet in the future.

Many patients are going to push through some issues of the feet like misalignment in the ankles and falling arches, which is just going to make the situation so much worse. Your podiatrist or doctor may notice that there are several issues that you need to fix in the foot and will recommend you get custom orthotics to protect the feet and keep them functioning well.

Orthotics Can Alleviate Painful Foot Conditions

One of the main reasons that patients are going to choose to get a pair of custom orthotics is that they believe it can make moving and walking more comfortable while providing support that helps their feet feel better than before. When you get a device that is custom-made for your foot, absorbs the shock of walking and running, and provides cushioning, the pain can go away.

If you do deal with a ton of pain when moving around, you will find that your doctor will recommend custom orthotics to help. You can get one made to work with your unique foot type, ensuring that they are comfortable and provide the support right where you need it all the time, reducing your pain.

Choosing Custom Orthotics on the Doctor’s Advice

While it may seem like your doctor is just using a gimmick to sell you custom orthotics for your feet, there are actually a ton of benefits to choosing one of these insoles to provide protection and support to the whole body. When you suffer from a major foot condition, a pair of custom orthotics will provide you with all of the relief that you need.

If you have decided that a pair of custom orthotics makes the most sense for your feet, take our free online quiz to help determine what type of orthotics will be best for you.