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Why is Wearing Flip-Flops a Bad Idea? Causes and Solutions

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During the summer months, there are so many different pairs of shoes that you can choose to pick from. Some are more for style, some work with the occasion that you are heading out to, and some are just comfortable and easy to put on as you head out the door. One type of shoe that everyone likes to keep around is the summer flip-flop.

But is it such a good idea to wear a flip-flop instead of shoes with custom orthotics and could it be causing more damage to your foot than you realize? In many cases, it is a bad idea to wear flip-flops for more than just a few occasions during the summer. They don’t provide a lot of support and could harm your feet in the long term if you are not careful.

Why are Flip-Flops So Bad?

If you are a big fan of wearing flip-flops, then you may wonder why they are considered so bad. The biggest reason that you should avoid wearing this kind of sandal is that they do not offer the necessary support for your foot at all. The sole of these shoes will be so thin and made out of rubber, which will force your foot to be flat as well.

Wearing these too much during the summer can cause a good deal of heel and arch soreness. And as you continue to wear them more and more, they can cause excessive pressure and a lot of pain around the foot.

Another issue with these types of summer footwear is that they will not provide a lot of protection to the feet overall and the heel never gets any good cushioning when you walk around. Most flip-flops are going to have a thin rubber material as the sole of the shoe, which is often less than an inch of protection from the ground.

Overall, these are not the best types of sandals for you to wear. If you want to give your feet room to breathe and feel good when you walk around during the summer, then go with a pair that fits better, provides some cushion, and will have the support that helps you feel good all summer long. Leave the flip-flops at home.

Problems That Happen With Wearing Flip-Flops Too Often

You probably will not have any long-term issues with your feet and body if you decide to wear a pair of flip-flops on occasion. They can be a good tool for walking down to the beach because you won’t get sand everywhere. But if you insist on wearing them all summer long, then you may struggle with a couple of adverse symptoms.

Continuously wearing flip-flops will affect different parts of your body. Some of the most common issues you may have to face include:

Posture Problems Caused by Flip Flops

  • When you choose to wear flat shoes, it is going to have a negative effect on the way that you stand and walk, and this is not a good thing. As you walk around in these shoes, you may notice they are not able to bend and move around the same way that your foot does, which will change up the motion, structure, and function of your body over time.

  • These shoes are also going to mess with the alignment of your body over time. They may cause you to position yourself unnaturally in order to deal with the new hip pain, lower back pain, and knee pain that is plaguing you all the time. And without good arch support, you may have permanent damage to the alignment of your body.

Driving While Wearing Flip-Flops is Dangerous

  • In addition to causing some irritation throughout the body and making your alignment go out of balance, you may find that these shoes are going to cause some other issues, even when you are driving. Having unstable footwear is going to impair the control that you have over your vehicle, which will increase the risk of you getting in an accident.

  • It is even possible that this shoe will get stuck when you need to move the foot from one pedal over to the other one. This can slow down your reaction time and may cause an accident as well. It is best for you to choose a better pair of shoes to wear in the summer to keep you and your passengers safe.

Flip-Flops Cause Shooting Pain

  • No matter the type of arch you are dealing with right now, it is important for you to get the right amount of support to keep your feet strong. The problem with these flip-flops is that they will not have any type of arch support at all. Your joints will need to put in more time and effort with flat footwear, which causes the ligaments to wear out and get tired along the way.

  • The longer you allow this problem to happen, the worse the situation can get. Many times you may start to feel sharp pains from the heel strains, from nerves in your back that are pinched, and even aching that comes from the Achilles tendon.

  • One common issue that can happen when you wear flip-flops is plantar fasciitis. This condition will include shooting soreness and lots of irritation found in the tendon that connects the heel to the toes. You will often feel it around the heel. Picking a shoe that has good arch support in it can help treat and even prevent this problem in the first place.

Flip- Flops can Damage Your Toes

  • When you decide that flip-flops are the best shoes for your feet, you will find that the toes will have to put in more effort than they would with a good pair of shoes. If the toes end up having to go through a ton of bending to make sure the flip-flop will stay on, then a condition known as hammertoe will start to show up and cause some issues.

  • Hammertoe is a condition where the knuckles of the toe will bend permanently, which can cause a good deal of stiffness and pain that may need you to have some surgery to fix. You may also need to deal with torn nail beds, broken toes, and stubbed toes as well when you choose to make flip-flops part of your daily routine.
Foot Pain Due to Flip-Flops

Fungal, Bacterial, and Viral Infection and Caused by Flip-Flops

While you may find that these shoes can do well in the pool compared to just wearing nothing at all, they do put you at risk for an infection of the feet. It may be better than having bare feet, but it is still not that great. And if you are not careful, you could end up with a horrible infection of the feet that is difficult to make go away.

Wearing Flip- Flops May Cause Blisters

Many people who choose to wear flip-flops all the time may suffer from blisters. If you start to feel some pain on the top of the feet when you wear these shoes, it may be a sign that the straps are rubbing against the skin. This may happen if you pick the wrong size to wear or if you get an inexpensive pair that has cheap materials working with it.

If blisters form and then pop when you decide to not wear the right type of shoe, it is possible that you will also suffer from issues like viruses, bacteria, and infections. The blister itself can be uncomfortable and painful, no matter where they choose to form on the foot. It is best if you can find a more supportive pair of shoes to wear during the summer to avoid this problem.

Wearing Flip-Flops Increases Your Risk of Injury

If you choose to do a lot of running and jumping in a pair of shoes that will not provide a ton of support to the foot, you are putting yourself at a higher risk of injury as well. Many times you could deal with injuries to the ligaments, stress fractures, and sprained ankles if you decide to do some intense physical activity while wearing the sandal in the first place.

It is also a bad idea to wear this type of shoe when you need to get work done around the yard. It is going to increase the chances that you will trip over something and it provides no protection against the heavy machinery and the tools that you would need to use to get the yard work done. Add in the damage it causes to the heel, and it is best to avoid these shoes.

Choosing Better Summer Shoes Rather Than Flip-Flops

The good news is that there are a lot of other great footwear options that you can choose for those warm summer months. Whether you want to hit the beach or go out for a night on the town, choosing the right type of shoes to wear all summer long will make a big difference. Take a look at all the other options and go with something that provides more comfort and support. Bilt Labs can help you find the best orthotics for your summer shoe. Take our free quiz today to find out which orthotic type is best for your feet.

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