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Advantages of Arch Supports for Feet and Ankles

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When you are stuck walking on your feet all day long, it is normal for them to start to feel a little tired and worn out. Your ankles and feet endure a lot of pressure, no matter how much you walk around.

However, walking improperly can add more stress than necessary to your feet and ankles and leave you in agony. Fortunately, there are treatment options available.

Rather than dealing with all of that pain and pressure, consider whether a pair of orthotics with good arch support will be the right choice for you. Here are some of the benefits of wearing arch supports for your feet and ankles.

What are the Specific Advantages of Arch Supports for Feet and Ankles?

There are many benefits of choosing to wear a pair of arch supports to help your feet. You can pick out the right type of support to ensure they are getting the comfort and support you need. Some of the benefits of wearing a pair of orthotics that have arch supports for your ankles and feet include the following:

Distribute Pressure

  • Since proper arch support is more contorted to the foot, you can eliminate the primary pressure points in the ball of the foot and the heel. With a good pair of orthotics and adequate arch support, you can take some of the pressure off the pain points in your feet.

  • This will be a great thing when you would like to alleviate some of the pain in the foot. Rather than having all that pressure in the heel and ball of the foot, the arch support will redistribute some of the pressure to the arches. This makes more pressure on the foot and allows it to function better than before.

Provides Additional Support

  • Most people may avoid arch supports because they feel that it is not worth the time and some are concerned they are not worth the money. The neat thing here is that when you get a good pair of arch supports in your shoes, you will find that the arch supports will provide you with the foundation and strength you need.

  • Your feet are the foundation of the whole body. If you lack support in the foundation, it may cause aches and pains throughout the whole body. This is why arch supports can help with other issues of the body, especially with the alignment of the back, hips, and knees.

Prevent or Lessen the Pain You Feel

  • Pain prevention is one of the main reasons people choose to get an insole for their feet and work on arch support. This is one of the best treatments to use, one that is non-invasive and will help with a variety of foot ailments and pains without the need for surgery or other measures along the way.

  • Many common foot problems will be easy to solve with the right pair of shoes and added arch supports. This arch support will kick the pain away and will help relieve your back and knee pain as much as possible. If you are suffering from a lot of pain in your feet and ankles, you need to look at the level of support in each shoe.

Keep Your Arches Protected

  • While many people will start to wear arch support because they have issues with inflammation, trauma, or injury, it is possible to use arch support to ensure your arches are not going to end up with damage and trauma in the first place. Arch supports will help prevent many issues along the way.

  • Some of the issues you may be able to heal with arch supports include falling arches and plantar fasciitis. Even if they are not going to make the problem go away, they can be good enough to help fight off some of the pain and suffering you may have when you have these conditions.

Stability and Balance

  • When you take the time to fill in the gaps with your arches, you will provide your foot with a more stable surface to turn and move around. This will improve your balance and stability. You will see a significant improvement right away when you add arch support to your foot.

  • As we age, and at all times in our lives, we want to ensure we get the necessary support to keep us up and moving. Stability and support can decrease as we get older, but a good pair of arch supports can swoop in and provide you with all the help you need, keeping you upright and doing well for years to come.
Arch Support

Types of Arches

There are a few different types of arches you can choose for your feet. The type of arch you suffer from will help determine whether you are going to need a specific type of orthotic and arch support overall. Some of the most common types of arches you need to know include:

  • Normal arches: A normal arch can adequately support your foot. It will roll in a little bit when you run or walk. You do not need specialized support for the arch here but a neutral shoe will be sufficient.

  • Flat arch: This is an incomplete footprint type of arch. It has an excessive inward rolling in your foot and this can lead to pain in the hips, ankles, and knees. It could start in the feet though because you do not have a lot of arch support to help you. You need to go with an arch support that can handle this.

  • High arch: This type of arch will cause a lot of pain and tension up the body, and isn’t just felt in the feet. Your feet may struggle to absorb shock well, making you tired when you run or walk. You may need some extra padding in the arches you decide to go with when you have this kind of arch.

Choosing the right types of arches based on the feet you have will be very important. It will ensure you give the body the exact amount of cushion and support you need while you walk or run around. Choosing the wrong arch support will make the problem a lot worse if you are not careful.

The great thing about custom orthotics is, that either a podiatrist or a designer can especially mold a copy of your foot and have the orthotic made to fit your specific needs. There is no concern if you are getting the correct arch support and not worry you could do further damage to your feet.

Types of Arches

Why are Arch Supports So Important?

Arch supports are specialized insoles that go into your shoe and you can enjoy them while walking around. They provide additional support right to the arches of the foot.

This can be made in a wide variety of options based on what will work best for your feet. Some arch supports are made out of harder materials and others add some special cushion for the feet.

Support at the arches of our feet is important to our overall health. The human foot is not designed to walk on hard, flat surfaces all the time.

Some shoes can give some support, but many times the support is superficial and does not do everything you would like. Adding in arch supports will help add something extra to protect the foot and keep it safe.

There are a lot of different problems that can develop with your foot the more you walk around, but having a good pair of arch supports will help to alleviate some of the concerns while making you feel better. Whether you are already dealing with some foot pain and discomfort, or you would like to prevent it from happening, arch supports can provide support and alleviate the pressure you feel on your feet.

Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics

Foot pain can be a real drag, often stemming from improper arch support. Here's where Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics step in, offering a revolutionary approach to arch support that benefits not just your feet, but your ankles as well. Unlike generic insoles with a "one-size-fits-all" mentality, Bilt Labs are custom-crafted from molds of your feet, ensuring a perfect fit that addresses your unique needs. Imagine stepping into shoes that feel like personalized havens, cradling your arches exactly where they need it most.

Here's how Bilt Labs orthotics become the arch angels of your feet and ankles:

  • Personalized Arch Support: Generic insoles offer minimal arch support, often failing to address specific arch types. Bilt Labs tailors the arch shape and height to perfectly match your unique needs. For flat feet, they gently lift and realign fallen arches, promoting optimal alignment and reducing stress on your entire foot and ankle complex. Conversely, for high arches, they offer gentle support to prevent excessive strain and discomfort. This translates to pain relief, improved stability, and a more natural gait.

  • Targeted Pressure Relief: Improper arch support can lead to excessive pressure on specific areas of your foot, impacting your ankles as well. Bilt Labs incorporates strategic cushioning or padding in these pressure zones, like the heel and forefoot. This personalized approach absorbs shock and distributes pressure more evenly, minimizing discomfort in your feet and preventing strain on your ankles.

  • Enhanced Stability and Gait Correction: Weak or misaligned arches can lead to an unstable and inefficient walking pattern, putting extra stress on your ankles. Bilt Labs orthotics can incorporate features like medial posting and arch support to enhance stability and control your foot motion within your shoes. This helps correct your gait, promoting a smoother stride and reducing stress on your ankles with every step.

Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics go beyond just arch support. They act as a support system for your entire lower body, promoting proper biomechanics, preventing future injuries, and improving your overall foot and ankle health. With a perfect fit, targeted support, and premium materials, they become invisible partners, ensuring pain-free movement and confident strides with every step you take.

Bilt Labs Custom Orthotics

Choosing Orthotics with the Best Arch Support

For those who would like to have some more arch support in their feet, it is a good idea to find a medical device to help get this done. There are a lot of options, whether you go with insoles or a custom orthotic.

A custom orthotic is the best choice for customized arch support that will help keep you balanced and make the aches and pains go away. Our team is here to help you create the best in custom orthotics for all of your needs.

We can complete a scan of your foot to ensure you are getting a custom orthotic meant to last and will keep you stable for years to come. Contact us today and see how great custom orthotics can be for your feet. Take our free quiz today to find out which orthotic type is best for your feet.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is intended for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before making any decisions about your health. If you have any questions about your health or are experiencing any medical problems, please contact your doctor or other healthcare provider immediately. Do not delay seeking medical attention based on the information provided in this article.